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Stop your electronic devices ...

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Well.....as I am not a tech person, I have no way to know if these ideas are valid...or even a good idea.  I don't have a 'smart phone' so the issue does not apply.  But read and see if the ideas/data might be helpful. 


MtRider  :animal0017:

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....doesn't apply to me.....  :wacko: 


Spoke too soon.  I hadn't read all of them.  WIN10 Microsoft has a critter named 'Cortana' dwelling inside.  :behindsofa: ...it can be summoned verbally also.  :motz_6:  It does keep popping up and I ignore it.  Need to flush Cortana down the electronic toilet!  :tapfoot: 


   .....'they' are everywhere!  :runcirclsmiley2:'Nuff to give you a headache!   Hey, do you supposed that's what causing illness, even brain trauma in the U.S. folks in the Cuban embassy? 



MtRider  ....we used to take comfort in laughing at this sort of thing as "Science Fiction" ....until too much of it was proved true...   <_<


PS....just turned all 'Cortana' stuff to OFF   ....don't want electronic assistant  babysitter


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