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MtRider's Short Straw....edited, longer 11/2017

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Okay....to simplify posting this in a newly edited and ....a bit longer version than in 2013-14, I'm just making a whole new thread.  This is the newest version as of 11/2017. 


This was originated of course, by one of my hypothetical UNreality challenges in Are You Really Ready forum.  Mine became a long project and the culmination of that is here.  Other member's story line or just their Need lists are found here:  http://www.mrssurvival.com/topic/47729-with-some-warning-short-straw/?page=1


1  )  Remember that the original intent was to produce ideas for what each of us would need to take or buy if we suddenly were forced into a mandatory relocation.  And you aren't coming back and you'll be in an isolated, pre-tech region as our world falls apart.  We all had some delightfully creative ways of getting around the available money problem.  :thumbs:


2)  I'd like to say also that I'm basing some of my characters loosely on my family and friends.  Some are complete fabrication in my imagination.  However, the CHARACTERS in this story are not even a good attempt to portray any IRL people accurately.  I use real folks as a 'template' only.  I need my characters to act and speak in ways that drive forward my intention for the story line.  Those who I used as a 'template' might not recognize themselves.  Of course not.  MtR is far more physically capable than real me.  I'd be flattened  :0327:  long before the character of MtR had to take a ONE day break.   :grinning-smiley-044:   

......actually this is a disclaimer.....in case my family ever reads this.  :laughkick:  Don't want them rolling their eyes and saying "WHAT?  I'd never say that!" 

And of course, all names are changed to protect those who don't even know I "borrowed" them.  :grouphug:



=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-   ___________________=-=-=-=-=-=-=-______________________  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-




April 2, 2014 First rewrite/edit/extended


Dec 2014 Second rewrite/edit

Nov 2017 Third rewrite/edit/extended



A Without Warning Scenario

by MtRider.....Feb - Aug 2013



having trouble transferring from my word processing.... drat!

Edited by Mt_Rider

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