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Happy New Year, my friends!

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Time marches on, and I have less time to come here and just play.  :hi:


But you are in my thoughts and my prayers,  and  I hope that you are in a place where you are safe, where you have "enough", and where you are loved.  :hug3:


May this coming year bring you the things that money can't buy, the things that fill your heart with  joy and with peace.


God bless you and your loved ones.   :grouphug: 


You are loved.   :cloud9:  

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I really do mean it.  :wub:

Events of the past few years in my "real life" have shown me just how much this forum and all of it's people have filled my life in far too many lonely places.

Before FaceBook, this place was a place to connect, even when it's with people I may never meet in "real life".  FaceBook now helps me by connecting old classmates and extended family  in sweet ways that help me to feel like I have "real life" friends, too.   

I hadn't realized how lonely I really was, in my day-to-day life.  I can talk easily to strangers, but people I know 'up close" are more difficult.  Even church (a pushy female youth leader) hurt our youngest daughter, so we backed away from that church and tried to find another, but couldn't find one we  seemed to fit into. 

Now DH and I  have returned to that church, and it is better for us now. I'm struggling to fit in, as I always do, but it is better.


Each of you, whether we "connect" much or not, are important to not only me, but to many others here.  Don't ever discount that.




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