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Being Proactive

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It's the first of the year, and many of us are setting goals, resolutions or just wanting to get more stuff done.  I saved many of my notes from years of working and getting sent to 'productivity classes' on many occasions.



Taking initiative, decision making and responsibilities are a few of the factors to consider.  One of the first steps is to ask yourself, what you could do to make the changes you want or accomplish your goals.


Take time to plan your activities, that will help you stay on tract.  Analyze and outline the information needed to complete the project(s).  If needed, contact someone who can help.  


Analyze your values, what's important to you, what you believe in, and how you see the world.  Analyze how you spend your time each day.  What's important or not important, urgent or not urgent.  Consider the necessity of each area and the time you spend on it.  Doing what's important and not urgent, will help you be more proactive throughout the day.  There will always be deadlines, pressing problems or some crises, but prioritizing your values and goals into a daily and weekly plan, will aid to give you structure and focus to accomplish your tasks.


Write it down, set a time frame, then, take the first step to achieve it.  Is it a specific task or is it flexible?  Take time to decide what you want to accomplish each week and plan your day accordingly, to be able to do it.  Consider what is most important to you, your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs, your role in each category and schedule time for yourself.  At the end of the day/week, analyze where you spent your time and what you did.   



Being realistic and prioritizing your tasks will aid in achieving the things you want to get done. 




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I have made a calendar with weeks only on it.  Unfortunately, too many of my hours (and evenings) seem to be spent "resting."

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I can surely relate to that, Ambergris.  I try to keep the kitchen/bathroom cleared and clean.  Kinda challenging with MICE in my kitchen again.  Found a BABY one wiggling on the glue board under the sink.  WORST CASE SCENARIO.....cuz it means they're multiplying....  :banghead:     


So the super need for RESTING is quite dibilitating as far as accomplishing vast goals like....clear living room/bedroom.  Yeah, RIGHT!  Not happening. 


MtRider   ....that and constant family health crisis for the past 10 months.....  :pray: 

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