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TV isn’t a priority for me.  I rarely watch it. But DH likes to have it on for “white noise”.  He was raised with it, I didn’t even see a TV until the moon landing, and then, my eyes wouldn’t adjust to see the picture. It looked like a bunch of jumbled greys. 🙄


We all know how much the providers charge every month. DH got the Amazon FireStick. One time payment and that’s it.  ($50-60). We used it for a while, sometimes it would freeze up during a movie, buffering.  Then, after the Net Nutrality vote, several of the apps quit. He got a DragonBox, better, but would freeze occasionally.  We watch the local news on it, without commercials, it just goes blank during commercial breaks.  Then, he found an app that has almost all the new and old movies and shows on it. 


It streams off the internet, no TV provider needed. 



I found a ‘hack’ for the FireStick, that allowed me to install it on it. I can now take the stick with me and play almost anything Mom might want to see. 


If you have an Android, it’s called MegaBoxHD. To install it on the stick, you can find the info at hackmykodi . com



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THANK YOU!  My son and DIL canceled their cable TV and got a Fire Stick last month. I haven't heard them say if theirs freezes up or not but I'll pass along the info just incase or for future reference.


I'm going to get one when I move. I've seen them on sale on Amazon for as little as $29.99. I think that's without the Alexa voice remote add on though. I'm going to go ahead and pick one up then. Target and Best Buy also sells them.

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