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A Lake Night Tale

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He wanted to go kayak fishing at a different lake. I went to sleep earlier than usual.  Around 11:30pm, I was gently woken up and sweetly told, I could continue sleeping if I didn’t want to go.  As he left the room he shut the door and I dozed off again.  About 15 minutes later, I woke with a start, remembering he had said he wanted to leave around 11. 


I got up, got a cup of strong coffee and found him outside sitting on the porch swing watching the stars.   We gathered the equipment and got on the road around 12:30 arriving at the lake 45 minutes later. 


The moon lit the sky beautifully, shimmering on the lake, silhouetting the mountains. 


We cast off from the ramp and slowly  maneuvered around the dock, as a gentle breeze moved us in the direction we wanted to go. About 50 yards away from the dock, he asked me if I had my line in the water. I hadn’t gotten my poles baited and said no. He asked again and told me he could see the shimmer of my line. 


I picked up my pole, and realized, I had placed it in the holder backwards, causing the line release button to depress. Immediately, I began to reel in the line, and reel, and reel, as my kayak began to turn back to the dock. I had caught the dock. I thought to myself, wow, the first catch of the day. Thankfully, a pause in my reeling, allowed the hook and weights to release and I was able to retrieve the rest of my line. 


After baiting my lines, we allowed the light gentle breeze to take us along.  It was so quiet, you could hear the wind in the owls wings, as they flew just above us, silhouetted by the moon. 


We got to the edge of a cove, as the breeze picked up a little. My line started to jiggle, the tip of my pole began to bounce, I quickly grabbed it and yanked. I had caught my first fish of the year. Excitedly, I reeled it in. A 6 inch black striped bass dangled over my kayak twisting in the air. I laughingly told him, I caught  bait, as I released the little guy back into the water.


We drifted the rest of the night, attempting to catch the bait stealers, watching the stars, bats and occasional owls flying around. 


Around dawn, we were near a strand of reeds and bushes, listening to the buzz of bugs near the water. What looked like large dragonflies darting back and forth, in the twilight, turned out to be dozens of little bats having breakfast. As the sky began to light up, I watched the bats fly up to some caves near the top of the hill/mtn.


That is about the time, vehicles started pouring in. The sun hadn’t crested the mountains before we saw the first water skier and jet skies. So, we let the breeze, which had changed directions, drift us back towards the boat ramp. 


My line took another dive, I had caught another 6 inch black striped bass, then, he caught one too. We released them and continued towards the dock, when my pole bent. I grabbed it and began reeling in, something with some weight. Anticipation sent my adrenaline rushing, for a moment, until I saw the lake grass. Sigh, as I lifted the hook and weed out of the water, a 6 inch crayfish had one claw clamped on my worm and the other claw firmly clamped on the weed. I laughed, more bait. I guess it realized it was out of the water and it let go of my hook and worm, plopping back in the water still firmly holding onto the weed. 


We left around 8am.  By the time we pulled out, the beaches around the launch were filled with boats and people. 


It was a very relaxing time. I think we will do it again soon. 




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That sounds so nice! I would think I knew a secret those others, that were just getting there, didn't know.

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So that's how AZ folks survive the heat?  Nocturnal living.  :lol:   Sounds like a lovely night.  I could almost hear the quiet as water laps against the kayak.  Occasionally ocean kayaking is that smooth.  Beautiful!


MtRider  ....wonder if I should inflate my lil' rubber raft and drift with the ducks on the pond. ....after sunset. 


PS....typed this several hours ago but had connection problems.  But.....it came back when I thot I'd have to retype it.  :)

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