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That is AMAZING........AND TERRIFYING!  Who put that together???  It certainly does clarify where that monster has been and how it went. 


Soooo.....how far is that bottom going to curl around? 


MtRider  ....praying for RAIN and cooler temps :pray:

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This explains that pic of the pipe wrapped the tree!



REDDING, Calif. — According to the National Weather Service, preliminary reports indicate the large fire whirl that occurred on Thursday, July 26, during the Carr Fire reached speeds in excess of 143 mph.


Officials said the large fire whirl in Redding occurred between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m. and was equivalent to an EF-3 tornado on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.



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Yeah....it was a real tornado in fire form.  EF-3 is super powerful.  Sheesh.


MtRider  :pray:  for a BIG rain squall over the Pacific that makes it's way inland to y'all!

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On 7/27/2018 at 3:05 AM, Mt_Rider said:

Oh sheeeesh, Midnight!  I DO know how that feels.  Don't forget all the charging cables for phone, laptop, whatever.  It's harsh to be elsewhere without all communication devices.  Do you have animals...cat/dog?  Make sure to have their vet records and vet phone #s.  Also all your addresses/phone #'s ...if not kept in electronic devices.  It's different now than more than a decade ago when we did EVAC.  Sooo SCARY and upsetting.  I'll pray for safety and for your home.  And for your clarity while you prepare.


Take irreplaceable/precious things.  Take all sox/undies...no one has energy to go to laundry mat on EVAC.  Take more than enough for a week or more.  Most EVACs are less time ....like 2 or 3 days.  But ours was 3 wks.  Take ALL MEDS AND OTC meds!  Take any medical devices/braces/etc that you use or sometimes use.  Take energy/protein bars.  Being Evacuated is exhausting/upsetting.  You aren't able to get regular meals sometimes.  So bars when you're hungry are convenient.  And water bottles of course.   I hope you have N95 masks or something for the smoke!  If not, get some as soon as you're able.  Goggles might help your eyes...even swim goggles.  I know...it's AWFUL!  :hug3:




I'm so sorry to hear of this....  :pray:

MtRider  ....finally back on Internet just tonite! 


Do not NOT NOT wait  for official orders to leave.  Ask me how many times my mother has been through a hurricane (or tropical storm) on the road, in a traffic jam, with terrified pets emptying their digestive systems and--invisible behind the rain somewhere--tornadoes audible over the roar of the rain and wind hitting the car. But at least the world was not on fire.

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The news said it’s now 43% contained but we have been getting falling ash from it for the past two days....and we’re over a hundred miles from it. This a picture of my car which was under the carport. It’s really nasty stuff...the air has literally been brown for several days and there is ash coating all of our patio furniture. I’ve been having bad headaches if I’m out in too long.



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ICK!  That's some serious gunk in the air.  I think we were getting minuscule bits of soot/ash carried all the way from CA to CO last week.  Nothing else was blazing...that I know of... 


If you're getting headaches, Dogmom, you might want to try N95 masks when you're out in it.  I always recommend the ones with exhale valves.  They are more $$ but I can't breathe with the regular ones.  Surgical masks help some too....but don't catch as much as N95.  Depends on how much you need to stop.  That PPM [parts per million] bitty stuff gets to my bronchials! 


Glad they're making SOME progress.

MtRider  :pray:     ......no rain seems to be arriving  :(  

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Here is an update from a Pastor of a church in Redding, CA.  THIS is the further reality for those whole communities who were burned out by wildfire.  This fire was in a much higher population-density than the fire my community experienced.  Therefore, restoring these communities will be that many times more difficult and costly.  :(  Seems overwhelming for them.  But humans do rebuild...or move....



August 8, 2018
Pastor Mike

Dear all,
Just a note to thank you for all your prayers and concerns for us and the church here in Redding. This is my 43rd year here in Redding as the Pastor of the church and I have never seen anything like this.

It’s still very smoky in Redding, in fact, we have had to live with smoke ever since we got back from Bible Camp on June 23, but now it’s even worse. Even though they have contained over 40 % of the fire, and have pretty much got Redding protected from it; it has burned over 200 square miles, destroyed over 1,000 homes, plus hundreds of out buildings; it’s still burning and it’s heading NW to Lewiston and north on the west side of Lake Shasta. I think there are over 4,500 firefighters actively fighting the fire from all over the world, even Canada, New Zealand and Australia. There are countless numbers of trailers and tents all over the place by those giving aid and assistance, insurance adjusters, etc.; it’s like a war zone in some ways.

The problem is there are no places to live for those who lost their homes! I think that before the fire there were about 500 homes to rent or sell, plus the apartments, but they’re pretty much gone now. Redding had a very thin market for housing before the fire, but now it’s evaporating. Many in town are saying, “We will rebuild”, (they sound like the ancient Israelites who said the same thing), but no one is looking at the practical side of the matter. First PGE has to come in and check the power lines, including the main transmission lines and poles from the Dam, then replace what is necessary. Next all the water, gas and electric lines have to be “snubbed” off at the street. Then all the debris, including the underground pipes, the slabs and foundations have to be removed and dumped some where, then, and now they’re being told that a minimum of 6” of dirt has to be removed, and then the soil has to be checked for chemicals by the EPA, then new fill dirt has to be brought in and compacted, then new plans for houses have to be drawn up, then they have to be approved, then you have to find a contractor to do it, then new financing has to be in place because none of the houses had enough insurance on them to rebuild at today’s prices, plus the new codes that cost more money have been passed concerning house building, etc., etc... Even if someone had a job or career, where are they going to live while all this is going on? The fire is but one part of this; it’s the aftermath that is going to have disastrous impacts down the road.

Anyway, thank you all again for you prayers. In Christ, Mike Phillips.




... if conditions drastically change negatively:  Adapt, relocate, or die. 



MtRider   :pray:  for all STILL involved with this monster and all the other fires too...


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