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Monsoon Struck Again

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We’ve had unusual rain this year. I shared the pics of the flash flood river that flowed through our yard, with about 2 1/2 inches of rain. 


It hit again yesterday evening unexpectedly. Our neighbor, that has a weather station, said her gauge registered 78 mph winds, and when she looked out towards our house she said she saw a “rain tornado” swirling straight for us. We had another river running through the yard. 


I had a 25 lb dumbbell weight on the base of our porch swing and the wind picked it up and flung it and the swing, across the yard. 


While we were watching out the window, we saw our other neighbors shed get ripped off the cement foundation and sail across his yard into the brick wall and then collapsed. 


This morning, several news helicopters were hovering over head... here’s the news:



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Our monsoons have caused road closures with flooding and mud/rock slides....  But nothing like you're getting.  We're just very glad not to be in Stage 3 Fire Ban any more. 


The vid [which I can now watch....still a novelty to me!  LOL ]  says that it was a "down burst".  Yeah, we know about those!  Blasted the smoke from our major wildfire about 60 miles  ...VERY quickly.  Also was blamed another time for the neighbor's horse shed being scattered all across our horse pasture.  Strange weather phenomena! 


MtRider .....crashed a shed into a wall???? Stay safeHow'd the chickens do:o 

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The double wide house was about a mile away. 


The chickens got up in their roost, when the flash flood came thru. Their coop is up against our brick shed, for shade, so, it was semi-sheltered from the wind. 


Our porch swing survived, I will have to re-sew the material, not a biggie. However, our nice solar lighted porch umbrella got twisted into pieces. I am playing around with it, removed the cloth, which I can reuse after sewing a little tear and replacing the center top piece. I removed the solar light strips and its parts, and have a few ideas how to reuse it. Gonna get creative, lol, I may even connect it on our spare umbrella and add a misting system, it’s just a thought.  :scratchhead:


More clean up to do today.

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1 hour ago, TheCG said:


I wonder exactly how that one was anchored compared to the one next to it (and compared to ours!).


I have no idea. 

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I thot the news article mentioned that the nearby one, that wasn't so damaged, was anchored better.  Certainly does make you wonder, right?


MtRider  ....overcast and cool today.  Mebbe rain.  :happy0203:  Don't want torrential downpour....steep driveway already a mess.

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Oh my Annarchy! I'll bet you were so scared. I would have been.


I've learned two new weather words today and neither one of them are good. Firenado and Rainado.


On the car radio I heard that July was going to be the driest in recorded history and then it rained on July 31st. and became the wettest July on record. I think it was either a Michigan or a Canadian station.


Strange weather this year.

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