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Airplane Humor

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An American 777 wide-body jetliner was lumbering along at 500 mph and 33,000 feet, when an F-16 fighter jet flashed by at Mach 2.

The cocky F-16 pilot decided to show off. On his state-of-the art radio, that is part of his state-of-the art 3D, million dollar headset, the F-16 youngster said to the 777 pilot, "Hey Captain, watch this!"

He promptly went into a barrel roll, followed by a heart-pounding, vertical climb. He then finished with a sonic boom, breaking the sound barrier, as the F-16 screamed down at impossible G's, before leveling out at almost sea level.

The F-16 pilot asked the 777 pilot what he thought of that ?

The 777 pilot said, "That was truly impressive, but watch this!"

The 777 chugged along for about 5 minutes at a steady 500 mph, when the 777 pilot came back on and said, "What did you think of that ?"

Puzzled, the cocky F-16 pilot asked, "What the heck did you do ?"

The 777 pilot chuckled and said, "I stood up, stretched my legs, walked to the back, used the toilet, got a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll, and secured a date for the next 3 nights in a five-star hotel paid for by the company."

Moral (Is there one...?):

When you're young, speed and flash may seem like a good thing. When you get older and wiser, comfort and dullness don't seem so bad.

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