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A Time & Time To Ponder

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It’s not been the best year, emotionally. February brought 4 phone calls, on one day, of friends & relatives passing...2 ferrets passing and this month, we lost our last ferret. I’ll quit whining, I am just venting. 


We rescued ferrets, since the early ‘80’s. Almost, 20 of them, total.  Vets, stores, people, and animal control, would call, asking if we could take another. Every one, was given a forever home with us. The joy of watching their personality blossom, play like there was no tomorrow, dance & “ooooppp” with each other, then, snuggle up in a fur ball with each other, was worth the stress of vet bills, surgeries, medicines & daily cleanup. 


Our house was ferret proofed, now, I need to un- ferret proof it. Remove cardboard barriers under furniture, closet barricades, etc... I’ll be able to put things on the floor and put my chair under my desk again.  And, wear my shoes in the house?!?  Never wanted to chance accidentally crushing their tiny feet. 


I kinda wish I’d kept the chalk painting that had been investigated by a ferret.  Nose prints, whiskers whisks, and foot prints all over it. :0327:I had to start that pastel over. 


They were always showing me the error of my ways, I’d think it was ferret proofed, and low & behold, one would find a way around. Like, climbing up the clothes hanging in the closet, to get to the top shelf, and making a nest, hidden food, stolen socks, and shinny things. If there’s a will, a ferret will find a way. 


We will (do) miss their fuzzy faces, but, it’s time to pass the torch. Yesterday, we were blessed to find someone with ferrets & involved in ferret rescue, to give all our supplies and cages to. 


Lol, I need to get accustomed to not having to step over the doorway plexiglass barricade in their room (my office).





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You did a world of good for those ferrets!  I know you'll miss them.

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