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intro to me!



I live in the city and am a newbie survivalist. I live on a 35 by 107 lot. I have a garden, water bath and pressure can our food. I do alot of baking from scratch. We don't have any animals except for our dog. Due to city regulations we don't have enough property to have animals. We make due with what we have. Our goal eventually is to move to the country. One day that may happen. I'm married to a wonderfully supportive man and have three terrific children.


What do I consider a survivalist? Am I preparing for the *big one*? Not really. I am working toward being as self sufficient as possible. I am prepping for any disaster. Loosing power and being able to stay in our home, becoming unemployed, or whatever a disaster is deemed by my family.


The best thing about this blog is I can post my personal goals to help in my prepping. I am a goal oriented person and honestly have no other place I can write my goals so people will understand why I am doing this.


My goal for February is to pressure can enough soup and stews to last one year. And to purchase enough coffee to last a year.


Household goal is to get rid of my computer desk I don't use, replace with a table or counter that give me more room to work and to hide preps underneath it.


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Kathy, not everyone can be in the country. You're doing great with the things you do have. Keep on working toward your goals! :D

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Rabbits! you can raise Rabbits.. they are considered pets <grin> and their manure is great for the garden... don't need to age it, just put it right in or on it.


welcome! we do understand.

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