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Pantry Diving



Dream Whip!


Dream Whip is a whipped topping like Whipped Cream or Cool Whip. Mixed with cold water.... use your solar cooker at night to make cold water, ice even! or wet burlap and cover a frame and put water in it to keep it cold on the north side of the house.


Two tablespoons has 10 calories, comes in a box and stores almost forever as long as the package isn't opened. I would say it stores forever but forever is a very long time.


"Dream Whip can be also used as an ingredient in recipes. Some recipes will want you to make up the Dream Whip first, others will call for the envelope's contents to be added dry as they are.


Some people swear by adding Dream Whip to cake mixes; they say it makes cakes really moist.


The proportions to adding it to a cake are:

1 box dry cake mix (just the powder itself)

4 large eggs

1 cup water

1 package dream whip


You omit any oil or fat called for by the directions for the cake mix, but bake the cake as directed on the cake mix package. Some say that while the cake is lighter and fluffier, that they miss the oil or fat in it, and will add 2 tablespoons of oil."

a snippet from http://www.practicallyedible.com


Dream Whip makes a nice cool whip substitute, it makes pudding, frosting, as above reduces the amount of oil needed in a recipe or eliminates it all together.


A little search on any search engine will yield hundreds of recipes if you are interested.





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Thanks Westie, I've never tried this before.


I hope you'll do more Pantry Diving, I bet you've got some interesting things in there that would help my creativity.



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I've always heard about subbing applesauce in recipes for the oil content, but never Dream Whip...Hmm...might have to find some and store it.

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I think that people think Dream Whip is from their 'grandma's kitchen'....well I have to day that MANY good things came from my grandma's kitchen! Thanks for the reminder! I'm now looking for dream whip in the grocery.

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I didn't know you could even buy the boxes of dream whip anymore. Had forgotten all about them! Mom used to keep it all the time in her cupboard. Will look for it next time at grocery.

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