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Thursdays news

Amishway Homesteaders


Today (Thursday) we have to be at the Amish Greenhouse by 7 am (up at 5:30 am)to start work for the day. There is a Amish Wedding in town and everyone will be going so we get to run the Greenhouse for the day. Have a shipment of plant plugs coming in the morning so that will keep us busy most of the day replanting them. Also need to get more Herbs going and more onions too seeing we will have a very busy year again like last year with everyone wanting to start a garden for the first time. With it still be so cold outside I will spend the day keeping the wood stoves going in all the Greenhouses. But I tell you - nothing bets having to drive there in the cold and snowy winter and then getting to go inside to work with the warmth of the greenhouse and the sweet smell of promix in the air.

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Hi you two!! I see that your comment section is working! :D


I am hoping you'll keep blogging about your Amish experiences and interactions. I find it fascinating!

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