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The Shed



It is raining and I have separated 3 does that are pregnant from the rest of the flock. I needed to build them a quick shed so off to the Shed I go.


I have a tote filled with tarps... as best as I can, I buy brown, green, camo when available. I don't need blue or red brightly flashing... "Hey look here!!!"


I do have silver tarps for reflecting the heat but that is another story... so I have a tote(s) filled with tarps of all sizes.


I have several ways of securing these tarps. One is the ties from the bales of hay I have... oops, need to cover my hay too!


I also have bungie cords and my most favorite... double snap clips!




I love these and use them for everything!!! from locking a chain together to secure gates, tying hog panels together, to attaching a tarp to the chain link fence or .... using rope through the holes, and then using the double clips at the end of the rope to hook on to something.


the point is.... these can be invaluable!


I prefer the brass ones, though they are a few cents more, they do not rust up like the silver ones do.





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