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Time Flies



It has been a long time since I posted on my blog. 


Computer crashes caused me to loose many of the pictures I had saved.  One thing I learned, the hard way, do NOT put a magnet near a memory stick.  The Apple computer has a magnetized plug port, and of course, I put my memory stick too close to it. 


I have been collecting pictures ever since, but it won't bring back the pictures of my family members who have passed. 


So, today, while reading kathy003's blog, I remembered, I too, had started one and let it fade away into the mist of every day's activities.


 Here's a picture of the desert in our area.  Nice and dry, with spiny things everywhere.


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Oh, I'm so sorry you lost the pictures on your computer :(  There is something to be said about old fashioned pictures you get developed.  Last year my laptop battery caught on fire, I thought I lost all my pictures, thankfully my hard drive was saved and that didn't happen. But, I know how tense I was during that period when I didn't know if anything could be saved. 


Nice picture, I don't think I have ever been to the desert. 

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