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    Hi Annarchy, They give free shipping to USA if one has large order. and i do not know why admin has removed my link. I am really sorry about that if it is not allowed.
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  4. Third wave? Crimony. Ohio is still dealing with the second wave. And not very well at that. We've had record numbers of new cases daily. D-ex was supposed to fly to Indiana from out west but had to cancel the trip due to the virus. He would have to land in Chicago and they were talking about a two week quarantine for anyone coming in. I don't know if that meant people flying in or not. Either way, Chicago is not a great place to be right now. He hasn't seen son and family all year. I know he wasn't there for Christmas so it was probably in July of 1999. At least they can video chat every Sunda
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  6. Zeta is now a cat 1 hurricane. Don't think it will go any higher. Also more fires in CA. Stay safe everyone. Seems the gulf stream has really had it bad for hurricanes this year. Not to mention the wild fires in CA, CO, and Wash. state. Though I haven't heard anymore about Washington, so thinking those are now out.
  7. I've never used chat box, so not sure what it is. But hope it will start working again so I can figure out how to use it.
  8. Wed. can't get here fast enough. My tooth is killing me. As much as I don't want a root canal done. I am looking forward to it if it takes the pain away. Took DH to phy. therapy this morning. So now we have exercises to do at home as well as going to therapy twice a week. It will be for at least 8 weeks. Today is DH's Birthday. He is now a young 83 years old. He wanted some of the barbeque I had canned for dinner tonight. So we had barbeque and I bought him an ice cream cake also. He was loving it. As soon as I feel like doing something again, I am
  9. Every day, I walked. Let's just get that out of the way. LOL Friday ran around town and did some eBay shopping at thrift shops. Saturday, I helped a friend most of the day. Yesterday was Church, wash dogs, wash dog blankets, wash rugs and swept the house. Then a new women's group at Church. Today have already PC'd 7 quarts of free chicken (the best kind)! Walked the dogs. Getting ready to inventory the inside pantry. That will be fun---not!
  10. Chainsaw Mary & I are working like crazy ladies to get our christmas lights up on all the high places. I complained to my doc about my left hip and yup it needs replacing - bone on bone - in November. OK, we can handle that, I guess. We also finally figured out what is the issue with our auusie, Jack. He is just super jealous of other dogs paying attention to me. I am HIS person. That explains a lot. And since I have changed my interactions with the other critters to less personal ones, Jack has calmed down and become his usual cheerful self. That and food aggressiveness, can both
  11. Grrrrrrrr May maleeictions pursue it to the uttermost depths of world slime!! So there.
  12. I'm so sorry you are going through this. Please don't let post-partum depression sneak up on you. That happened to me once and I didn't realize why I was so miserable emotionally and physically. Is there anyone you can ask to help you out or give you a break so you can get some extra sleep or time for yourself? I am praying for you.
  13. Everyone, I’m back home. Storm & Gunny greeted me with uncontrollable enthusiasm. At least this time, I didn’t have anything in my hands, and was able to return their “love”. DH said he felt the same, but, wouldn’t throng me like they did. MIL is doing very well. She said she’s learning to clean her house. It takes her 3 days. She has had maids all her life, so, this is a learning experience and it gives her activities to distract her loneliness. Which, after Medicare open enrollment, she wants to come here and live with us until mid-May. Time to re-arrange
  14. Both of us slept in this morning...8am! LOL Anyway I fixed a "Sunday" breakfast...biscuits (I just made some drop type) in my toaster oven, sausage gravy, hashbrowns, one egg each, 1/3 cup of granola with yogurt on top, a tablespoon of Elderberry juice in our Orange/Mango juice and then...I had my second cup of coffee. Went with hubby to the homestead so he could get the underlayment cut (which he did) because he has to cut outside and starting the wee hours, we're supposed to get some ice/snow. It won't accumulate I don't think because the temp won't be below 34...there may be some slick s
  15. Last week
  16. Glad those fires aren't close to Mt. Rider. Praying for all in those areas to stay safe. There is another hurricane heading to the gulf stream. Right now it is a tropical storm Zeta in NW Caribbean. Forecast to become a hurricane tomorrow. Don't know how much more that area can withstand. They have really been hit hard with hurricanes this year. Looks like from the projection we will get rain from it. As to how much remains to be seen. Though today has been much cooler and rain off and on all day.
  17. Praying for strength for Mt. Rider and for her mom to bet much stronger. Glad all is going well.
  18. WE2, those mask are to big for me as well. I bought some for children and they fit much better for me. And more comfortable. I never put my mask on till I get close to the building as long as I stay away from people in parking lot I think I would be ok to do that. Glad you didn't get hurt to bad when you fell. That can be much worse for us older people. Stay safe out there.
  19. Ann, Hope all went well at the eye doctor's. We all need our eyes to be in good shape. We have an appt.. coming up next month for our eye appt. I always try to get mine and DH's together so I can help him get in and out easier. He has a hard time getting into the chair. Today DH got up and went to the den and sat in his chair till I got up and just watched TV. He usually wakes me if I don't wake up before him. I must have been really tired as I slept in this morning till 11 am. That's not like me. I washed up, got dressed and went and fixed him some waffles for brunch. My too
  20. Yesterday, I ate soup that was basically beef (the failed eye of round roast), celery, onions, and broth for breakfast and lunch and skipped dinner. I'd cooked it with carrots, but fished them out to lower the carbs. Today, scrambled eggs with cream cheese and a bunless bacon cheeseburger, plus half a serving of lemon cheesecake fluff. Dinner will be cabbage & sausage baked in the oven, plus the other half of my fluff for dessert. Tomorrow: Leftover eggs for breakfast, leftover burger and some cucumber for lunch, and skillet pizza (ie, mozzarella melted & brow
  21. <--- Jeepers just heard some shocking news.
  22. Wanna know something shocking? If I don't eat things that try to kill me or absurd amounts of carbs, I feel better.
  23. This year, (wishing it was “post” Covid.), MIL wants to come live with us until sometime in the spring. So... if all goes as planned, sometime after Thanksgiving, we will bring her to AZ.
  24. Odds are, if we go anywhere for Thanksgiving, it'll either be Abilene (2 hours away) to visit some of hubby's relatives or Llano to visit my parents. For some reason, I doubt we'll go anywhere. This is the time of year I start going barmy - last year, I was able to run away for basically an entire week over Thanksgiving down to the beach by myself and stay in a condo, and that helped tremendously. This year, that definitely isn't going to happen. I will have the second weekend in November to myself, so might try to figure out something on a smaller scale that doesn't cost much
  25. I've got to get mine done this week. I might aim for Monday or Tuesday, since it's supposed to be cold out. Tends to make it where fewer people get out. I should go vote then, too...
  26. Sorry your eyes are giving you problems. I'm overdue for an eye exam. And dental, and hair cut and oil change and on and on. That reminds me, if you guys are due for an oil change for your car, now might be a good time to get it done. I wouldn't want to get stuck in a tiny bay at the oil change place if things go south next month. Just one more thing to get out of the way. I passed by the place I usually go to and they had a guy in a gorilla suit by the street trying to drum up business. That made me think of it. He had a sign but I couldn't read it.
  27. I'm sure Mt. Rider is exausted. Praying for her strength.
  28. We are doing just at home and I'm cooking as usual. My family lives 1200+ miles away and DH is mostly estranged from his family so it is just the angst ridden phone calls and cooking too much food. I said that I was skipping the big turkey this year for Thanksgiving and I've already got a turkey breast in the freezer to pull out. I usually make a big bird so we can do leftovers, but I'm tired of finding ways to use up the meat, so a small breast it is this year. Christmas we are ordering online which is usual for us since the girls are older and want mostly electronics and specific clothin
  29. Mt Rider's mom is home and is doing well...yayyyyy! Everyone is a little worn out so that You Lord for Your strength to help everyone get through this rough time. Her mom went to her regular doctor who said she is doing very well and is managing the stairs surprisingly well, which is amazing to the doc. God is always faithful
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