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  2. Prepping for us, is having enough squirreled away, in case of any circumstances. Traveling is out of the question, DH doesn’t want to go anywhere, at all. He traveled a lot, all his life and then for work.
  3. Age in place....I like that. That describes exactly what my goals are. We were taught in grade school that the basics in life were food, clothing and shelter. Our teacher drummed that into us for some reason. So if I have those three, the rest is gravy. And I like gravy. I'm assuming that water went in the food category. And heat went in the shelter category. Our textbooks were written pre 1950 ish. We must have been studying about the cavemen.
  4. I can my chili too. I make mine with macaroni but I leave it out when canning. I cook it and pour the canned chili over the macaroni. Kind of like chili mac. Or sometimes I eat it the way W2 does. Lot of people pour it over cornbread. I keep forgetting to try that. I fry hamburger and onions til done. Then add beans and diced tomatoes and chili powder. Then my secret ingredient...ketchup. It gives it a little bit of a tangy tomato flavor. If I'm not canning it, I add cooked macaroni. It really stretches it. Or you could freeze it with the mac added. Process the way you do any meat product. If my mouth wasn't such a delicate little flower I'd add chili's to the mix. Mild chili powder is the best I can do. I like Mexene when I can find it. Rotel tomatoes would work nicely too. I like spicy but not hot Forgot to add, I usually use Brooks chili beans. I really should start canning my own chili beans.
  5. Forgot, I've canned ham and potatoes togather. They did just fine. The ham didn't turn dark. It was pre packaged so I don't know if that made a difference of not. We talked about this a few years ago and thought it might be the way ham is cured or smoked is why it made it turn dark. I don't know the answer but I wouldn't mind the color. I'd just drain off the juice if it bothered me. Maybe the maple, sugar or smoke caramelizes it?
  6. I have a cloak made from wool military blankets and lined with fleece. Nice and toasty warm.
  7. Jarred up some ham chunks a bit ago, and yes, the meat did change color. That doesn't matter to us. If we want ham salad it's right there at our fingertips. Also have used it in some of my soups. As for left overs? Unless I am deliberately going to jar up something I've become quite good at cooking for 2, so there's not much left overs and if there is, we eat it the next day for lunch.
  8. Surely not a survivalist. As for prepping? We just enjoy knowing we don't have to leave our shelter if we don't need to. I'm not sure we're even "preppers" ... we're probably more like what homesteader's used to be. Proverbs 31 tells me what I should be doing for my household. As an elder woman Titus also tells me what I should be doing. I spent 40+ years serving in the church body....now it's time to rest and enjoy the work of my hands. My ancestors were farmers and I spent a lot of my younger years in a farming environment, and running to town every few days was not the lifestyle. We look for bargains/sales and take advantage of them now while we have the dollars. Like Jeepers said, preparing to age in place.
  9. Just like I would if we were going to eat it right then and there. I use my big roaster to make it in. I make it in quarts so it's a "dump and heat" meal...putting it over Fritos if we have them, otherwise crackers.
  10. We also got about an inch. A lot of it is melting off. Good thing I had swept the steps and sidewalk off (leaves) at the homestead, so hubby just dusted them with ice melt. Don't need the mail main slipping and sliding! Didn't even get out the first day. It couldn't make up it's mind if it wanted to rain, sleet or snow...so it did a little of all of it. Lots of traffic. People getting out because they also were hunkered down and it's also Thanksgiving time. Hubby's home church (at the Roost) is having a free Thanksgiving dinner so we're thinking about driving there and then having our own Turkey and trimmings for Christmas.
  11. Picked up some additional beef and 3 trimmed pork loins yesterday. Got four nice sized roast cuts (I cut them myself) for just the two of us, cut some small chunks for beef and noodles etc. and butterfly cut the loins for pork chops. Fixed a pot of beef noodle soup yesterday...SO good! Today went to Sav-A-Lot and picked up a small bag of sweet onions, a small bag of apples and some sweet potatoes...all on sale. I jarred up all my sweet potatoes and onions so needed some fresh. Also picked up a bagged veggie salad and a couple of tomatoes. I needed a salad fix! The weather has been extremely cold, but even though today was cold it was sunny so it did melt off some of the snow. Took another load of laundry to the homestead and let my dryer there do the work while we did the shopping. Also stopped at Staples and picked up another black cartridge for our printer. Oh...ladies...Harbor Freight is now carrying twin sized wool blankets (60x80?). Hubby picked up a couple last week but they were out of them today. We'll keep checking to see when they get more in. We want to buy at least two more. People who are handy with a sewing machine can make really warm poncho's etc. out of them...or just sew them together to make a sleeping-type bag or ??? One can also make house boots. Just a lot of warm things. So...we've spent our dollars for the month but that's okay. We're ready for old man winter.
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  13. I'm rather convinced that exemplifying the seven deadly sins, or at least a very skewed moral compass, might be required for the presidency.
  14. If you can't find a decent source, Kappy, watch for indecent sources. With the White House occupied by someone who exemplifies and exalts each of the seven deadly sins, all manner of terrible things are possible.
  15. Kappy, I'm sorry about your health stuff. It was down to 10 degrees here this morning. I am very thankful for flannel sheets! No worries of slitheries today.
  16. While I don't do fish stuff, I did find many articles on the Alaska site interesting. I bookmarked it to read when I have more time. Thanks for the link Kappy.
  17. i get quite a tax deduction from the mileage myself. As Mary & I often joke...our dance cards are full of doctors....
  18. Littlesister, canning fish works with any kind of fish....I have canned carp, sucker, perch, bluegills & bullheads. They all come out the texture of tuna. Only the catfish cooked to a mushier texture (like potted meat, kinda-sorta) and the Alaskan extension service says ling cod gets mushy too. But they do add that most taste-testers thought it was fine for sandwich spread or in a dip. So next time I can catfish I'll do smaller jars & try the mock smoked seasonings with it (though barbecue sauce is pretty tasty). I have also canned smelt (sardine size fish) and they came out like sardines from a can in the store. I especially like the Alaskan cooperative extension for their good canning info on the internet. Since so many up there live closer to nature and with variable electricity availability, they do LOTS more canning than most. I particularly like their publication on "add variety to home-canned fish"...the mock smoked fish recipe in it is amazing! Here is a link to their pubs. If I ever find a walrus, or caribou, now I know how to can those, too, LOL! Cooperative Extension Service Food Preservation Publications Link to Extension publications about Food, Nutrition, & Health: http://www.uaf.edu/ces/pubs/catalog/detail/index.xml?subtopic=Food, Nutrition and Health. Representative Food Preservation Publications FNH-00124 Canning Walrus in Pint Jars FNH-00128 Canning the Catch FNH-00224 Add Variety to Home-Canned Fish FNH-00226 Canning Moose and Caribou FNH-00222 Home Freezing of Fish FNH-00264 Home Freezing of Vegetables FNH-00169 Alaskan Grown Cabbage – More Than Just Sauerkraut (for sale) FNH-00228 Fruit Leather FNH-00262 Making Jerky
  19. Harvested over 5 lbs. of tomatillos and a pound of jalapeños. They are still producing, so we might get a few more pounds. Beets, carrots, radishes and cabbage have sprouted. I’m hoping one of the cantaloupes will be ripe enough for Thanksgiving.
  20. So sorry for all your medical issues, Kappy. We're supposed to be enjoying retirement. DH and usually get lots of vacation miles on the truck ... enroute to the doctors.
  21. Canned a big turkey yesterday. It was from the Spring sale. Had to move it so the new Aldi one would fit in the freezer. I generally do a few in pints, but got about 18 half-pints this time. I use them for turkey salad sandwiches. Use it like tuna sandwiches. I get a cup of meat instead of the 5 oz tuna cans.
  22. Very good article and I agree. I'm a prepper not a survivalist. I prep for the times I can't leave my home. Health, sickness, snow storm, power outage, no money etc. To make myself comfortable. I can't control what other people do but I can control what I can do. I'm prepping for my old age and if I become housebound. On the other hand, some people really enjoy prepping. It makes them happy and they enjoy it. There was a debate not long ago over whether or not prepping was a hobby. NO IT ISN'T most people shouted. Well, I think it can be for some people. Pffft, live your joy.
  23. I've never canned just ham alone but I've canned it in bean soup and ham and veggie soup and it did just fine. It was chopped up small though. Ham and veggie soup was okay but not my favorite. I'll can it again though just to have a variety.
  24. Covered our garden for the first time tonight....temps down into the 20s for a couple nights, then back into 60s. Almost ready to start picking fresh greens - mustard, collards & kale - and we do not want to risk them now, LOL....
  25. yep we are having a hard freeze tonite, so the winter garden is all covered with tarps to snooze thru the cold. In 2 days we will have 60 degrees again. Tthe garden is looking wonderful, and our transplants are growing like crazy. Soon we will be making our first pickings, much to the delight of those we share with....Littleister, can you use haybox or thermal cooking? Bring food to a boil then remove from heat, wrap and leave until it is cooked. I tried it, and liked it. It helps keep telltale cooking smells from attracting various varmints because you boil it such a short time. Plus you can wrap/haybox/thernal cook/wonderbox several things at one time. And it adapts to any slow cooker recipe, without the electricity..... If you want a pretty thermal wrap, a company called "wonderbagworld.com" will sell you a very pretty single pot size one for $39 for a 2 qt size, and large (up to 12 qt size pot) for $59 - much cheaper than Amazon ($104 - YIKES). They look like puffy drawstring purses. thegrommet.com used to carry them but no longer, though they have a nice crank butter churn ($39) and quite a few 'green' and non-electric gadgets like butter keepers, single serving coffee presses and fermentation kits at good prices. Christmas is a coming....I already sent Santa my wish list, lol.
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