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  2. Eewwww, TheCG. I can imagine that mess! Our house is chill enough, I can't ever get honey to pour. It crystallizes. I try to keep it on the pellet stove, for petes sake! We keep a stick of butter in cupboard on a butter tray. Early morning, we have to sliver pieces. Daytime it's just soft. MtRider
  3. FINALLY! This morning we began today checking on status of the cough syrup......AND it's still stuck in stasis. So.....FINE! We called up and got another doc appt. It's been a week tomorrow. The triage RN ran me thru some questions...make sure I wasn't turning blue with no air. Like last week. Will meet with doc tomorrow in afternoon. SHE will make sure we get action the the 'script she wanted me taking already! Hmph! ...... ........... ................. Not sure what else happened today from their side, but about 5pm I got a call from the doc office staff. Friendly gal says: "I don't know WHAT the hold-up was.....but the 'script has now been transferred to the pharmacy that HAS the product!! " An hour later, recording from new pharmacy: Your script is ready. I am so very wiped out. I'm coughing non-stop except when I have Halls. MY TONGUE IS PICKLED in cherry Halls lozenges! Sore! My diaphragm muscles are so SORE! My back aches a bit too. I haven't been outside since....Thurs, Jan 9th to walk dog or ANYTHING. Except the doc appt last week. I'm now about to start Week 3 of this SIEGE. Praying codeine cough syrup will act fast to knock out WHATEVER this thing is in throat. It's never been a "sore throat" tho. Thankfully, I haven't had other symptoms since the first couple days of fever chills. Test for pertussis came back negative. DH really only turned the corner on his version of this yesterday at work. He began to feel more normal. He's working today but his shift tomorrow is canceled. Restaurant closed for a minor renovation. Which is why I don't have to wait till Wed to see doc. How 'bout THAT provision? We'll stop by pharmacy BEFORE the doc tomorrow. I'll begin taking dose! I'm not counting anything til it's in my hand! Wonder if she'll add anything else? I just want to stop coughing and GO OUTSIDE FOR WALK WITH DOG! Gonna be baby steps again when I finally get to walk tho.... MtRider .....quite a restricted world for me this past 2 wks. Sheeeesh!
  4. I made the mistake of trying to roll out sugar cookies on top of the dishwasher after it had ran once. Didn't work out so well.
  5. WE2, glad you were able to get back home safe. It was really cold here today. Wind chill was 23. Temp got up to 39 but felt way colder than that. I am ready for spring.
  6. Firm...but I keep all my other butter in the freezer so I need to keep a stick or two in the frig and one on my dishwasher top...it stays soft there.
  7. Needed to get out to go pay insurance bills on the Roost and this place (we have to pay it monthly for the time being), and it was snowing. Big, wet flakes and slicker than you know what! Almost got stranded at an intersection that has an incline...but hubby was able to maneuver the passenger side tires over onto new snow, and was able to inch our way forward until we could "get a grip" and go on. Everybody saw our situation and patiently waited for us...even though they had the lights. Prayed a blessing over every one of them peoples! Sure felt good to get home! We ended up with about 2 inches or so, but the city didn't plow anything. The state did the major thoroughfares and that's what we thought would be the safest. Well...everybody else was thinking just like us! That made the roads extremely slick, especially at the intersections. So...it was a hunker down day.
  8. Yesterday
  9. You can quickly soften stick butter (we use only unsalted sticks) by filling a glass with hot water and letting it set a minute, then emptying it and setting it over the stick of butter for a minute or two. I do this all the time.
  10. We2, when it comes from the fridge, does it stay firm like stick butter or is it spreadable like tub butter? My MIL used to only use stick butter and it was so hard you couldn't butter bread with it. It would tear up the bread before it would spread. Worked well with hot toast though.
  11. It finally got cold here. In the teens. It was brutally cold here last night because the wind was blowing so hard. We also got enough snow to plow. I was starting to wonder. I paid the snow plow guy for the season instead of for each time and we haven't had any snow at all.
  12. We2 that sounds like what I've been doing this past year. I've been eating out of my pantry a lot to get it cleared out so I don't have to move it all. I've missed canning though. But it will be nice to get a fresh start with all new food up to date. Good by 2011 hello 2020. I'm going to replace some of my dehydrated food supply too. I'm not happy with some of the food I bought. The celery and leeks especially. The leeks have too much green and not enough white and the celery has too many dark spots like the air discolored them. The spinach is like powder. Maybe it's all normal but since I have a good dehydrator, I might as well do it like I want it. I want to do my own kale leaves for soups too. And grind some up to sneak in some food like Kappy does.
  13. Didn’t do much today, read a bit, started re-packing my suitcase and waited for updates on the dog. for everyone’s health.
  14. I’m glad you’re staying warm, WE2. I’ve been watching that storm move across the states. It got up to 65* here in TX today. Supposed to have some clouds moving in tonight.
  15. Storm is at the hotel where I will pick him up in the morning and head back home to AZ. I’m waiting to find out what time to meet. They were watching the end of the game....
  16. It's COLD here! We dodged a bullet both times those storms moved through, but we didn't on the cold. With the high humidity it just chills you to the bone...and does it very quickly. Our city has a couple of warming shelters that have been keeping open for several days. All the snow and ice melted off right away because we didn't get much, but that was only a day's worth of above freezing and sunshine. But...our winter's are usually in late Dec, Jan and Feb. Sometimes in March.
  17. We've been eating out of our freezers and pantries for 3 months now, and buying VERY little. Hubby's been off soda pop for Dec and Jan...and has lost about 2 inches from his waist...even though it was diet...it was still carbonation. He has been really surprised. We have bought his tortilla chips. He loves them! Been popping a lot of popcorn for evening snacks though! We are truly whittling down our freezers and pantries, getting ready to re-arrange them in the homestead's kitchen and don't want all that food in them. Probably won't do any canning until we get moved, other than doing some chili beans. We love them and eat a lot of them.
  18. I use unsalted. I put a stick in a half pint canning jar, stick it in the micro wave on "defrost" for a few seconds, mash it down, put a canning lid on it and into my frig it goes. Keeps it ready to go. I just pull a jar out, put it on my "place" for butter and it really does last a long time. I also do some long term butter storage...rebel canning...and have about 5 cases in my extended pantry. I don't do Ghee...just don't like the texture.
  19. I love my air fryer! I use it for fries, breaded fish or other meats, and have even baked a little cake in mine. You just can't cover the tops on mine, it sucks it up...ask me how I know! Anyway...it's nice to slice up some potatoes and dump them in, set the setting for ??? and walk away.
  20. I call them "eye brows" ... when I get that look from Abby-girl. He's gorgeous! I imagine he's looking at you and saying "Are you going to drive me somewhere and dump me off too?" Glad he's finding his forever home where someone will love him!
  21. Mullein is excellent to help relieve mucus and congestion. It can be drank in a tea (dried of course) or crushed and put in an ash tray and burned. Some even just use it in a pipe. It absolutely does NOT choke you like nicotine would. We both have pipes...just in case. Have never needed it, but we have what we need. Gave a friend of mine some fresh mullein leaves (I grow it) and she dried it and used it. Was very pleased with it's affects. Just sayin...
  22. Said again today that none of it was "operable"...only thing I can see is chemo or ???
  23. Haven't read all of these post yet. But on one I saw where someone didn't have the break down of the long term freezedried/dehydrated foods. I have a chart somewhere that I have been looking to see where I put it. But if my memory serves me right, I think about 3/4 cup of a freezedried or dehydrated food will feed about 1 or 2 people. Water will vary. I will post it when I can find my chart. It's not where I thought it was.
  24. LOL ....I think we're all besotted with this fine fellow! MtRider
  25. Ambergris, I don't think I would replace my stove with it. But it does do baking. So far the only things I have used it for is to make toast, did a rotisary chicken in it and air fried some fries for grandson. Haven't tried baking in it yet. But the chicken really came out great and I love the way it does toast. Much better than a reg. toaster. Haven't tried the slow cooker part yet either. I am going to in the next week try making a pizza to cook in it.
  26. I agree, unsalted is the way we go. I do have a butter crock. But haven't used it in a long while. If I remember right, it will keep butter for about 2 or 3 days without refridgeration.
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