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  2. Midnightmom + cute little fuzzy baby chickies = killjoy. I had my lips all Chapsticked up and puckered just waiting for a big old honkin' rooster to walk by to lock lips/beak with. I'm crushed. Maybe I can still sneak a....wait for it...peck. I used to kiss my dog on her head. Okay once in awhile on the muzzle. But never on the mouth. Knowing where that mouth (hers, not mine) has been was bad enough. It's hard to tell what I didn't see. The little hussy.
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  4. Oh, and Mom’s internet is very sloooooowwwwww .... it’s taking several minutes to load a page & post anything.. I might use my Bluetooth & VPN next time. Great move to DirectTV for upgrading their system & selling out to AT&T...... NOT!!!! Mom’s land line is now 100% reliant on the internet box.... no power, no phone, no internet service, no phone...
  5. Gave my hens the last of their alfalfa, re-lining their nesting boxes, this morning. Had to separate one, (Curry. She’s about 6 years old, the first one born from the ones given to me.), from the other 5, because they were attacking her. She ate & drank constantly for 2 days, until she realized she wasn’t going to get attacked. Sigh. I didn’t realize it, at first, but, as soon as I noticed what was happening, the jig was up. She’s doing much better now and the contention in the coop is over. The other girls are beginning to lay again, after our summer heat. Spent the rest of the day driving to TX. Other than one crazy 18 wheeler almost running someone off the road, all went well. When I passed her, she was praying with a rosary, driving well under the speed limit. I would have done the same, had I’d been in the same situation, that truck was over 1/2 way in her lane, then, when I passed it, it started drifting into my lane. I layed on the horn, moved into the emergency lane, and gunned the gas, to get past him. Yikes! MIL is doing well. We have to be on the road at 9:30 to pick up several other Ladies for the Chamber of Commerce meeting in the morning.
  6. Lol. Yes, they eat strange stuff, poo and all. But, still, I wash my hands after ‘cuddling’ my girls. Mom always taught us, harped on us, about washing after taking care of all our animals. Good grief, I wash, after cuddling the dog too. Isn’t it common sense? They can handle gross stuff, we can’t. Nuff said. Thanks Midnightmom. A lot of people don’t think about that. And, yeah, I kiss my Hens, but, still even wash my face. They even give me hugs.
  7. Thanks for the compliment Jeepers...I have a couple of counter top paper towel holders that I keep my rings on (the ones I use all the time). I wash them, put them in a collander, scald them with hot water and let them dry...then onto the towel holder they go. Works for me. Don't care if they get dis-colored as long as it's not rust...I'll use them until they're no good and keep my new ones stores in the extended pantry.
  8. Been using up my metal canning lids and plan to switch to Tattler's. I'll keep a few metal ones for things I might give away etc. I checked online at their web site as well as Amazon and I can get them cheaper at two of our Mennonite stores...which we frequent any way. I'll try to snag a few bucks from hubby when he gets a check and add some more Tattler's to my stock. I think I still have several boxes in the extended pantry...but can't ever have enough lids and rings...one kind or another.
  9. Trying to catch up on laundry. The body is pretty strong but when I spend an afternoon canning and cleaning up after myself...as well as keeping meal and dishes for them done up, I'm pooped! I get a load into the washer and then hung up. Today it was towels so used the dryer...very judiciously...to make sure one of those durn fins don't catch a corner and scorch it! Towels folded and put away. Wash clothes in dryer and kitchen clothes in washer for tomorrow. Then I'll be caught up on that. THEN it's his work clothes and bed linens. Would really feel good to get caught up by next week and just start regular laundry!
  10. Got the beef, vegetable and noodles jarred up this afternoon. All the beef has now been preserved in one way or another. Had a little bit of siphoning so I guess I was just too energetic and tightened the rings too tight. Hope they all sealed...but if not...no worry. Into the frig until tomorrow night and we'll just have it for supper tomorrow night!
  11. It's a water soluble vitamin so you can't really over-dose. When your body has enough you'll experience hot flashes.
  12. For ginger...I keep candied ginger in my freezer and when I need it, I just grab a few out of the bag and give it a good chew!
  13. Yesterday
  14. I ......don't know whether to ....... or I mean yes, poultry.....birdbrains that they are....can be cute. Our 5 ducks will sometimes come waddling up the steep driveway in a single-file line to get us if we're "late" letting them into the duckhouse for the nite. Sometimes they follow me around the barnyard. We've all know each other since 2012....we're pals. But REALLLLY, PEOPLE? Have some space! Good one, Midnight! Never seen this before. MtRider ..... kissing my duckies?.......
  15. Nah, Nilla Wafers are just for taste.....when chocolate or ice cream is too much. OK...that RARELY happens but just sometimes.... MtRider
  16. The CDC is issuing another warning to backyard poultry owners as there have been more than 1,000 cases of Salmonella across 49 states - https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/14/health/cdc-salmonella-outbreak-kissing-chickens-trnd/
  17. We2, always elated to hear good news about you guys health! Keep up the good work. I hear you about the glasses. I went to the Dollar Tree and got some of the readers. I'm very near sighted so I don't need them but ya never know when you or someone else might need them. I think they had four different strengths. Try them on first though. Some of them are huge.They are wire frames and not too stylin' but who cares for a dollar each. Your stew is a thing of beauty. I layer mine like that too. Even your rings are pretty. They look like braids. I have Janie's recipe too. I think her channel name changed to Our Little Homestead. I could be wrong. I'm on the Kindle and can't look it up. I also have a recipe for chicken and rice soup. Just a pinch of rice floating in the jar and not packed down in there. I plan to make both when reunited with my canner. The experts DO NOT recommend canning with noodles or rice. Do so at your own risk and what's best for you. Had to put that in there. Ambergris, my vitamin B-12 level was good. My vitamin B-3 is way off. I do have some of the under tongue B-12 though and when I took it I think I did feel better. I'm going to start up again. I can't remember if I got it at my grocery store or Wal-Mart. It's Nature's Bounty and not too bad tasting. Cherry flavored. There is a Nature Valley brand that tastes pretty bad. If I could walk in and get a B-12 shot at the pharmacy like I did the tetanus shot I would. But doctor visits are so expensive. I have meds to pick today or tomorrow. I'll ask them. The problem with X is he has a bad case of the guilts. And he should. He wants to protect someone who doesn't need him any more. It's worse since we share a grandson and he lives across the country. He doesn't know where or how to fit in the new family dynamics. For me, in my heart/mind, I haven't necessarily moved on from the situation as much as I've moved away from it. I've known him for over 50 years and married to him just shy of 30 years. I was 15 when we started dating and he was 19. Lots of history there. I'm okay with him most of the time but sometimes I remember who I'm talking to and get p!ssy.
  18. I think the key might have been the hardness of the cookie. Both Lorna Doone and Nilla Wafers are small and hard. Those Ginger Snaps in a box are small and hard too. Keebler and Archway type cookies might be too soft. Here's a THOUGHT. Maybe make up a batch of cracker dough and add ginger. Roll out thin, cut, bake and let dry out and vacuum seal. Or buy a box of Ginger Snaps. I don't think Nilla Wafers are necessarily for upset stomach like ginger. Mostly for comfort food and something to hopefully keep on the stomach. Or to keep a 3 year old quiet.
  19. Yeah, a rake handle or broom handle flinger. Shudder. One year an elderly neighbor asked me how I felt about snakes. I told him. He asked if I'd help him kill one he had pinned down beside his house. His wife was too afraid. I said, "Sure". Gulp. False bravado. I held the snake down with the shovel while he chopped with the hoe. I didn't look. Don't know why he didn't just push down on the shovel and "half" the monster. Maybe he just wanted someone close by in case he fainted. He thanked me profusely. I came in and took a shower. If it hatched in your basement, you would find the shell. It was probably a full grown one but just a small variety. Hope you feel better soon with your allergies and all that goes along with them.
  20. Sending up prayers for both of you. You've been through enough.
  21. DH id'ed it. I forget the variety, but non poisonous. Glue traps in the basement so far are empty. There are 5 or 6 kinds in Pennsylvania that are poisonous. A few years back, they spent over $1 million reintroducing one kind because they said it was an endangered species. They're "protected". Due to another kind that's also "endangered" , some construction projects are required to be first checked for them to make sure nothing would disturb their habitat if they were in that location. We don't know how it could have gotten in. DH wonders if it could have fallen the crickets in. DH checked the foundation over the weekend (the basement crickets are loud and were annoying him) and didn't see anything. I'm still completely freaked out....if ONE got in.... Since it was a baby one, I asked DH if it could have been hatched in the basement. He said we'd have dozens of them. We're going through a rough patch as it is, so I don't know if he said it to be a jerk or.... It was bedtime. Not much sleep for me that night. I haven't been sleeping as it is due to allergies. I haven't gone down to the basement yet. I'm a chicken and I'm okay with that. We're still have temps in the 80s. I want some cold! Hard frosts will take care of some of this. Winter is my favorite season--no snakes, no bugs, no humidity, no pollen. I've had a rough allergy year. It's peaking the worst for me right now with all that goldenrod. For over a week, I know it's really bad because my body is getting super, super sensitive to everything else (like the tiniest bit of my skin getting a little too warm and I'm getting rashes and itchyness) and have completeley lost my appetitite and have trouble sleeping. Despite my limited diet, I'm a good eater, so not wanting a bite of anything at all is weird. Doc says it happens to me when my system gets too overwhelmed with allergic reactions.
  22. it works for him and life settles down for you. Please keep us updated on his progress. Degenerating discs are painful.....
  23. TheCG

    Lose weight

    I seriously detest the "calories in, calories out" model. People spout off about the laws of thermodynamics, but they forget one key phrase: "In a closed system". I don't know about you, but my system interacts with the environment and is not a closed system. It sounds like she might have better ideas.
  24. My favorite ginger snaps are the Back to Nature Triple Ginger.
  25. We2, that is a beautiful sight. I would purely love to commission some bottled stew like that. My official lifting restriction is one pound with the right arm now, but it's been in that range, practically speaking, pretty much all summer. Canning on my own is right out, and all my own stuff is long gone.
  26. Jeepers, you know you need the B-12 that dissolves under your tongue or that you get injected, right? It won't absorb well through the gut. There's also some discussion of sucking on a B-12 tablet until it dissolves in your mouth but that's apparently a problem for your mouth in other ways (I didn't catch how). Also, that man might have been your best friend and help mate for a long time, but he isn't giving you good feedback now. X for a reason. I am not a medical person, but I would think you need to be eating more proteins, less starch. Not just less fruit.
  27. Good luck on that. They were going to do two of my neck vertebrae, then do one and look at the other, then did one and stopped talking about the other, and I think I need the other. So if they talk about doing his in stages, make sure you advocate for him and push on any followup that needs to be done. Don't let years go by like I have.
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