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  2. Has anybody noticed the recruitment efforts for government hired or contracted "contact tracers" underway? I thought about it BUT then I thought about all that data and just who would be accessing it and how it could get mis-used. No way I am party to that. I understand that already the military is considering having had covid, even though cured, as a denial factor for those who want to join the military. What happens if covid exposure becomes a "pre-existing condition" for insurance denial purposes? I see all kinds of ways for unintended consequences (as they like to call them) arising from having/being in close contact with a covid person. NoNoNo....hope my cynical side is wrong, but Im not getting in that boat! There are already those who are pushing for 'mandatory' vaccinations and microchipping for treatment & tracking. Holy Brave New World, Batman! So I have stepped up my training program to get as healthy and strong as I can just in case I have to barter work/hunting/physical labor if they get crazy enough to tie my social security and/or pension to mandatory vaccinations. Now I sound like a candidate for a tinfoil hat and a net...so keeping my misgiving to myself, and NOT participating in this "contact tracing".
  3. I am grateful to be where I am (georgia) the governor is lifting restrictions as fast as he can. I am also convinced I got out of the nursing home just in time to avoid being a hostage to covid. As frustrating as it is to deal with coginitive issues, it is far better than isolation, which ALWAYS makes it worse. Hang in there ladies....God always sends just the right amout of grace to strengthen you just when you think all is lost. My prayers always include you and your families. I am heartened by the reaction of our little kitten. Scruffy (with the itchy face....vet said we would have to put down if it was a immunity disorder) has reacted spectacularly to the anti fungal medicine she gave us. Not only is he easy to medicate (just hide it in some chicken shreds, and there ya go ... all gone!) but he is so much friskier and happier now that he is healed up. His itchies are nearly all gone and he is quite handsome; and he is the first one to jump up in your lap for some loving if he spots you sitting outdoors. Looks like we dodged the bullet - that is twice now, that we did NOT euthanize an animal and things turned out fine. Phew! We are picking "conehead cabbages" now (Jersey Wakefield). Mary has never seen a conical cabbage...she calls it a "comical cabbage"....but they sure taste good. The lettuce is all picked and eaten; collards, kale and broccoli are going strong along with snap beans starting (Mary likes the yellow wax beans) and the tomatoes are blooming and making little ones, IF we can keep the aphids at bay - we knocked them off with a strong water spray and that helped. We have Dawn soap spray waiting in the wings. The irish potatoes have a grub issue, but the sweet potatoes (so far) are coming along nicely. They were slips I picked off a sweet potato from last summer, that I rooted just for jollies (to see how they would do). They are growing nicely. The big thing right now is ANTS everywhere. We have to spray the outdoor kitties' food dish with Pam spray on the outside & bottom every few days to keep them out of the cat food. Its the best solution we have found that does not involve poison, but we have to keep an eye on things. No trouble, since the weather is warming enough to require me to put out cold water & ice cubes in the water reservoir every morning. All the kitties, both ours and the wandering neighbors appreciate a nice cool drink. I refill everything with cold water again in the evenings with the night feeding and dish spraying. That along with diatomacious earth dust drawn in "circles of death.....bwa-ha-ha-ha!" around the food & water seem to work at least for a couple days.
  4. Yes, Brazil and they were talking about Russia on the news yesterday.
  5. Mt. Rider, I'm glad you got to have a virtual party with your kids! That's a lot of paper Annarchy. Remember when they said computers would take the place of paper? Pffft. Now we use more paper than ever printing stuff off of the computer; computers crash. Gotta have a paper backup. That reminds me, I need to dig out my shredder and dust it off and get to 'filing' bunches of paper that I don't want but has my name, address etc. on it. Personal information that someone else could run through their computer and print out. I'm praying for everyone. These are hard times for sure. It's bad enough going through these issues in the best of times. But with this virus and all of the rules it's brought with it, it makes everything doubly difficult. I'm in your boat Miki. No parents to care for. I'm the elderly one in my little family unit. My mother died when she was 38 years old and I was 18. I never really knew my dad. It's pretty hard to bond with a daddy when you meet him the first time when you are in your mid 30's and live hundreds of miles away. I can't imagine what some women (and some men) are going through taking care of their parents and raising their own kids too. Especially now.
  6. It seems like everyone is trying to just make it through the current crazy. I am praying for everyone. When I was having to care for my grandfather, before he went into diapers, we used a potty chair. It was tall enough to get up off of and close enough to not have a ton of extra transfer issues. Completely worth it. We also set up a hospital bed in the living/dining room so everything was central. Papaw had one leg amputated just below the knee and the other leg above the knee, so transferring and mobility were a huge issue with us. We did the same thing with my uncle who passed at a much younger age about decade prior to that. You may qualify for a home health aid and/or nurse to come in and help you. Not sure if that is still even available with the covid insanity.
  7. for Brazil. Gotta be scary when the elevator is going up so fast, looks to be bursting out the top. MtRider
  8. In mine too, Little Sister. I know what it feels like when every door seems to close; when you know "this can't keep going like this" ...... but no solution presents itself. It's like watching a car collision in slow motion ...ya know it's happening and can't do a thing. I hope we both.....all three with Homesteader....get workable solutions. Soooooon, please, God? Nothing I heard about today.....but don't think my mom had much chance to tell me. We talked of pleasant things like: starting a puzzle that she can actually put together. She'd started one at beginning of COVID and couldn't get it finished. I couldn't be in there to help ....EVEN with a puzzle! Then Maui called and congrats were in order for a graduation [of sorts] and a birthday. Pictures sent for us to "join them" - a nice conversation around their dinner table. 2 of us "Social Distancing from CO". Jeepers, I'm not sure if their auto payments are coming out of the CC ....or from their bank account. I HOPE from the bank account!!! That would only leave grocery, Walmart, etc on the CC. My dad thinks he owes $17 on CC..... doubt that! BUT he's ALWAYS right.. ...except he knows he can't remember if he walked upstairs! THANK YOU for prayers ....all of you!!! I was about at wit's end last nite......and I"M not IN the HOUSEHOLD. I can hear my mom wearing out. MtRider .....got to bed at 4AM last nite cuz dog NEEDED to GO OUT at 2AM. SHEEEEEESH!
  9. I'm so sorry, Little sister, that you all are going through this! You are in my prayers.
  10. for your DH, Littlesister. for your parents, Mt_Rider. for your Mom, Homesteader. Life is tough sometimes, especially on the heart, for those we care so deeply for. MIL is doing well. The store is going to bring her makeup to her car so she can buy it. And she is eating the food I brought her, so she doesn’t need to go to the store.. We took yesterday off! Went kayak fishing on Canyon Lake. Caught 6 Sun fish (perch)... one got away, and one was less than 2” long. Lol, DH couldn’t see it when I held it up. We enjoyed the time away from everything. Then, the shore filled up, cramped, with people. AZ is back in business, and with the holiday, they were packing in. I had fish & rice for lunch today. We saw 3 does in the parking lot, when we got there around 6am. That was awesome, and saw a golden eagle, sand wren, & loons. It was so relaxing. I’ve been spending most of my time, going through old paperwork and pitching the unnecessary stuff. So far, I’ve trashed 50 lbs. of it. Good grief, I didn’t realize how much was there. DH got me a filing cabinet... IDK if it’s gonna be enough. Then, he got MIL a twin bed. The mattress is here, but, the bed is coming next week, I am busting it to make room in my “office”. I will still need the small cabinets, stacked on top of each other, in order to file it all What a challenge. OMG, it came in pieces and I had to put it together, with glue, dowels and screws. That took a whole day. Then, yesterday,DH sold his 95 Chevy Tahoe. It went to a young man that has always wanted it. Plus, he has 3 kids now and needs the extra vehicle, because they both work. I hope it lasts for him, as long as it did for us. God willing. Next weeks schedule, includes, harvesting the carrots and cabbage. They are about ready, plus, with our heat, it’s time. The temp. was 90° yesterday and today, but, we’ve been above 105° for a couple of weeks. Time to get some sleep, tomorrow is my day off, and I’m really looking forward to it. Keeping everyone in my
  11. Thank you all for your support
  12. Look at this one on Amazon. "Essential Medical Supply Height Adjustable Hand Bed Rail" the style is "with floor supports." It has pipes that go under the mattress for stability, and pipes that go onto the floor for stability. A gate goes down so your husband can climb out of bed holding onto this. Then the gate goes up so that he does not roll out of bed accidentally. A lot of thought went into keeping this so simple. The company is "essential medical supply." Edit: this is the one I put together, although it is a different brand name. https://www.amazon.com/Carex-Easy-Up-Bed-Rails-Elderly/dp/B006GUMZ06
  13. 1,622,605 US 347,398 Brazil 335,882 Russia 258,504 United Kingdom 235,290 Spain 229,327 Italy 182,036 France 179,986 Germany 155,686 Turkey 133,521 Iran 131,423 India 115,754 Peru 85,149 Canada 84,082 China 70,161 Saudi Arabia 65,856 Mexico 65,393 Chile 56,810 Belgium 52,437 Pakistan 45,265 Netherlands 42,213 Qatar 36,258 Ecuador 35,244 Belarus 33,188 Sweden 32,078 Bangladesh 31,068 Singapore 30,725 Switzerland 30,471 Portugal 28,704 United Arab Emirates 24,582 Ireland 21,745 Indonesia 21,343 South Africa 20,931 Poland 20,580 Ukraine 20,464 Kuwait 20,177 Colombia 17,857 Romania 16,712 Israel 16,536 Japan 16,513 Egypt 16,486 Austria 14,422 Dominican Republic 13,777 Philippines 11,487 Denmark 11,353 Argentina 11,190 Korea, South 11,092 Serbia 10,577 Panama 9,998 Afghanistan 8,890 Czechia 8,802 Bahrain 8,346 Norway 8,113 Algeria 7,919 Kazakhstan 7,526 Nigeria 7,406 Morocco 7,257 Oman 7,185 Malaysia 7,113 Australia 6,994 Moldova 6,617 Ghana 6,568 Finland 6,302 Armenia 5,579 Bolivia 4,400 Cameroon 4,272 Iraq 3,990 Luxembourg 3,982 Azerbaijan 3,713 Hungary 3,477 Honduras 3,378 Sudan 3,176 Guinea 3,115 Uzbekistan 3,054 Guatemala 3,040 Thailand 2,976 Senegal 2,876 Greece 2,738 Tajikistan 2,408 Bulgaria 2,391 Bosnia and Herzegovina 2,366 Cote d'Ivoire 2,270 Djibouti 2,243 Croatia 2,025 Congo (Kinshasa) 1,941 North Macedonia 1,934 Gabon 1,931 Cuba 1,821 Estonia 1,819 El Salvador 1,804 Iceland 1,616 Lithuania 1,594 Somalia 1,504 New Zealand 1,504 Slovakia 1,468 Slovenia 1,365 Kyrgyzstan 1,313 Maldives 1,192 Kenya 1,114 Guinea-Bissau 1,097 Lebanon 1,089 Sri Lanka 1,048 Tunisia 1,046 Latvia 1,025 Kosovo 1,015 Mali 989 Albania 960 Equatorial Guinea 944 Venezuela 943 Niger 927 Cyprus 920 Zambia 918 Costa Rica 865 Haiti 850 Paraguay 814 Burkina Faso 764 Uruguay 762 Andorra 728 Georgia 712 Diamond Princess 704 Jordan 665 San Marino 655 South Sudan 648 Chad 621 Sierra Leone 609 Malta 584 Nepal 552 Central African Republic 550 Jamaica 509 Tanzania 494 Ethiopia 488 Madagascar 487 Congo (Brazzaville) 441 Taiwan* 423 West Bank and Gaza 373 Togo 371 Cabo Verde 332 Mauritius 325 Rwanda 325 Vietnam 324 Montenegro 279 Nicaragua 255 Liberia 251 Sao Tome and Principe 238 Eswatini 227 Mauritania 212 Yemen 201 Burma 198 Uganda 168 Mozambique 141 Brunei 141 Mongolia 135 Benin 127 Guyana 124 Cambodia 116 Trinidad and Tobago 100 Bahamas 98 Monaco 92 Barbados 82 Liechtenstein 82 Malawi 78 Comoros 75 Libya 70 Syria 61 Angola 56 Zimbabwe 42 Burundi 39 Eritrea 30 Botswana 25 Antigua and Barbuda 25 Gambia 24 Bhutan 24 Timor-Leste 22 Grenada 20 Namibia 19 Laos 18 Belize 18 Fiji 18 Saint Lucia 18 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 16 Dominica 15 Saint Kitts and Nevis 12 Holy See 11 Seychelles 11 Suriname 9 MS Zaandam 8 Papua New Guinea 6 Western Sahara 2 Lesotho States reporting over 20,000 confirmed cases: 359,926 New York 153,140 New Jersey 107,796 Illinois 92,539 California 91,662 Massachusetts 71,009 Pennsylvania 54,776 Texas 54,365 Michigan 50,127 Florida 45,495 Maryland 42,242 Georgia 40,022 Connecticut 36,925 Louisiana 35,749 Virginia 31,408 Ohio 30,901 Indiana 23,964 Colorado 22,864 North Carolina Compare: 86,825 Lombardy Italy 80,558 Sao Paulo Brazil 68,135 Hubei China 67,610 Madrid Spain 57,114 Catalonia Spain 51,399 Metropolitana Chile 46,847 Quebec Canada 46,438 Bavaria Germany 37,139 Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany 35,122 Ceara Brazil 34,533 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 34,367 Baden-Wurttemberg Germany 30,137 Piemonte Italy 28,802 Amazonas Brazil 27,513 Emilia-Romagna Italy 26,786 Pernambuco Brazil 26,558 Ontario Canada 22,697 Para Brazil 97,087 US deaths 29,031 deaths, 63,292 recovered New York 11,082 deaths, 24,762 recovered New Jersey 6,304 deaths, Massachusetts 5,223 deaths, 33,168 recovered Michigan 5,112 deaths, 39,519 recovered Pennsylvania 4,790 deaths, Illinois 3,738 deaths, California 3,675 deaths, 7,127 recovered Connecticut 2,668 deaths, 26,249 recovered Louisiana 2,243 deaths, 3,283 recovered Maryland 2,233 deaths, Florida 1,964 deaths, Indiana 1,956 deaths, Ohio 1,822 deaths, Georgia 1,478 deaths, 32,277 recovered Texas 1,327 deaths, 3,612 recovered Colorado 1,159 deaths, 5,047 recovered Virginia 1,050 deaths, Washington Cumulative hospitalizations for the states that report this data: 77,034 New York 12,538 Connecticut 9,567 Florida 9,260 Massachusetts 7,825 Maryland 7,411 Georgia 6,431 Virginia 5,437 Ohio 5,285 Indiana 4,082 Colorado 3,230 Washington 2,534 Minnesota 2,292 Wisconsin 2,076 Kentucky 1,996 Mississippi 1,930 Arizona 1,589 Alabama 1,573 Tennessee 1,557 Rhode Island 1,534 South Carolina 1,139 New Mexico 1,053 Utah 926 Oklahoma 787 Kansas 740 Oregon 590 Arkansas 419 New Hampshire 358 South Dakota 243 Maine 225 Idaho 150 North Dakota 84 Hawaii 77 Wyoming 65 Montana Late night numbers Eastern time zone from May 23
  14. Hang on. I helped someone put in bed rails that worked amazingly well. Let me find out what exactly they were.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Littlesister, I'm so saddened to read this. Sending prayers for both of you. Is your regular toilet chair size? I think that's what they call them. They are a standard toilet but set up a few inches higher. Those few inches make a big difference! Son has one and I'd like to get mine changed over. I have one leaking and will get one of those to replace it. I also like the round seat to save a little room in a small bathroom. They are getting harder to find.
  17. Haven't had time to read all the post. But hoping and praying everyone is doing well. DH was readmitted to hospital We have been in hospital since May 10th. He just got out yesterday. Got home, got him out of car and up the 4 steps to kitchen when he just couldn't make it any further. I couldn't hold him, so layed him on floor and put pillow under his head and called his cousin to get me a couple of guys to help me. He had them there fast. They picked him up and got him to his recliner. Then later that night I got him to the bed and let him rest and then he had to go to bathroom. Because he cannot stand for long, I had him sit on toilet. Bad idea. Couldn't get him up off toilet and he had his clothes off to get in shower. So it was a very bad situation. Had to call SIL to help me. wrapped him in a towel. So no shower. We got him back to the bed. His legs just gave out and he couldn't walk at all. But once in bed SIL stepped out while I gave him a sponge bath and got his PJ"S on Then he came back in room to make sure DH was settled before he went back home. This is the condition the hospital sent him home in. They did not get him out of bed nor had him walking to get his strength up. So now I am dealing with all that and unable to even go to the store to pick up RX's. He did have the catherization and things were bad but not as bad as they thought they would be. He has to go to Norfolk heart center now to clamp the mitral valve. He will be treated much better over there. I have talked to his cousin about having someone put a ramp on the house to make it easier for him to get in and out of house. Also ordered the portable toilet seat with liners, and the rails that go around the regular toilet and a shower chair with back and has rails for him to pull up on.. Hoping this will help both of us because I know that it was embarrassing for him to have his son in law have to come help him off the toilet. He was so frustrated and scared because of his legs totally collapsing on him. I have been praying day and night for him to get through this. But I also know that his heart is very, very weak. He is in God's hands now. I am not sure what else I can do but am praying that he will have a turn around after they clamp the mitral valve off as it is leaking and this is what is causing all the fluid around his stomach and legs. His legs get so heavy with fluid that he can't lift them. His heart is barely pumping blood through the rest of his body. please for him to make a come back and I will have him around a few more years. I know the outcome of this is not that good. Congestive heart failure along with all the other problems with his heart is not good.
  18. My folks passed long ago, but I sure feel badly for your situations with parents! Makes me think ahead since we are not spring chickens, either! Today, I walked, did video, par boiled chicken, made rice (for dogs), made faux potato salad. DH said it tasted just like regular potato salad (which I made for him yesterday). Going to make stuffed grilled jalapenos to go with the chicken that will be grilled. May make some baked beans also. Still have to do some eBay photos and then rest later. Shouldn't have to cook for a few days!
  19. Mt. Rider, can you get their bills on an auto payment system at their bank? All of my bills in Indy come directly from my checking account there. It's especially handy for utilities and insurance and mortgage. I still get an email every month stating it's paid and the amount. Social Security puts it in and everyone else takes it out. I've resisted doing that because I didn't want anyone in my bank account. But, I didn't trust myself to get everything paid on time over there while I'm over here. Now, I love it. I'm always the last hold out for everything. I can even pay my credit card bills online or with a phone call. I don't do the auto pay for them because I want to see the charges before I pay. But I could of I wanted to. I do have to admit that here in Ohio I've started dragging my feet on paying bills too. I get the bills set them down and the next thing I know, two weeks have gone by and I'm on the phone scrambling. Time is going by way to fast.
  20. Holly Cow, MtRider!! I know my folks were the generation where the fathers took care of the checkbook. My mom used to spend pretty much what my dad brought home. She can't anymore, and spends much of her time worrying about where her next rent check will come from. It's all there. I just don't have the time to update the spreadsheets and explain them to her every month. I spent yesterday with her and have a good feeling that she will come to visit us next week. When she leaves the retirement center to get her hair done, she will have to go back into a 14-day quarantine into her apartment. She doesn't want that. They are lightening up on the regulations next week whereas the residents can come back from 'doctor' appointments and quarantine around the building with a mandatory mask. She has heart failure and can hardly catch her breath now. I think she sees the writing on the wall after 9 weeks of being locked up. She's upset about leaving her plants and birdfeeders though. I think we're all a bit like Lot's wife when we have to walk away from worldly possessions. We'll keep paying her rent until she decides to go back or move her stuff out into a storage rental place down the road from us. I sure hope the retirement center doesn't get nasty. I'm not in the mood to get into a pissing contest with them right now. They've done an excellent job on feeding her but she's not responding to the lack of interaction from staff or banned family.
  21. My dad's been stirred up and he keeps making everything worse. It's like he's knocking down all the dominoes and none of us can get ahead of the cascade to stop them from falling. I've been on the phone with him longer each day than I can talk to my mom - trying to cheer her up. They're out to stores multiple times now. Can't get their credit card situation dealt with cuz.....we think he threw away the bills cuz he's afraid of COVID and doesn't listen that the virus is dead on paper after a few days so it sat in P.O. for 3 wks and then spread out on garage floor for 3 wks and .....then he bunched up a lot and threw them away. And now he can't believe that he missed payments on CC? They HAVE money! STOP THROWING OUT YOUR BILLS!!! He has always been So Very Meticulous about all the business. Which is why my mom has never known anything about it. And now..... I'm not even at their house and I'M wiped out. The futility of trying to DO anything. My brother needs to get their bills sent to him...right now! I think he's working on that. Please pray we get some solution for them. I can't even describe it.... MtRider
  22. 1,600,782 US 330,890 Brazil 326,448 Russia 255,544 United Kingdom 234,824 Spain 228,658 Italy 182,015 France 179,710 Germany 154,500 Turkey 131,652 Iran 124,794 India 111,698 Peru 84,081 China 83,947 Canada 67,719 Saudi Arabia 62,527 Mexico 61,857 Chile 56,511 Belgium 50,694 Pakistan 45,088 Netherlands 40,481 Qatar 35,828 Ecuador 34,303 Belarus 32,809 Sweden 30,707 Switzerland 30,426 Singapore 30,205 Bangladesh 30,200 Portugal 27,892 United Arab Emirates 24,506 Ireland 20,796 Indonesia 20,619 Poland 20,148 Ukraine 20,125 South Africa 19,564 Kuwait 19,131 Colombia 17,712 Romania 16,690 Israel 16,513 Japan 16,436 Austria 15,786 Egypt 13,989 Dominican Republic 13,597 Philippines 11,428 Denmark 11,165 Korea, South 11,024 Serbia 10,649 Argentina 10,267 Panama 9,216 Afghanistan 8,813 Czechia 8,414 Bahrain 8,332 Norway 7,918 Algeria 7,597 Kazakhstan 7,332 Morocco 7,261 Nigeria 7,137 Malaysia 7,097 Australia 6,847 Moldova 6,794 Oman 6,537 Finland 6,486 Ghana 5,928 Armenia 5,579 Bolivia 4,400 Cameroon 3,981 Luxembourg 3,964 Iraq 3,855 Azerbaijan 3,678 Hungary 3,378 Sudan 3,204 Honduras 3,067 Guinea 3,037 Thailand 3,028 Uzbekistan 2,909 Senegal 2,874 Greece 2,743 Guatemala 2,551 Tajikistan 2,372 Bosnia and Herzegovina 2,372 Bulgaria 2,341 Cote d'Ivoire 2,270 Djibouti 2,243 Croatia 1,945 Congo (Kinshasa) 1,921 North Macedonia 1,916 Cuba 1,807 Estonia 1,803 Iceland 1,728 Gabon 1,725 El Salvador 1,604 Lithuania 1,594 Somalia 1,504 New Zealand 1,503 Slovakia 1,468 Slovenia 1,350 Kyrgyzstan 1,274 Maldives 1,161 Kenya 1,114 Guinea-Bissau 1,086 Lebanon 1,068 Sri Lanka 1,048 Tunisia 1,030 Latvia 1,004 Kosovo 981 Albania 969 Mali 960 Equatorial Guinea 944 Venezuela 937 Niger 927 Cyprus 920 Zambia 911 Costa Rica 838 Paraguay 814 Burkina Faso 812 Haiti 762 Andorra 753 Uruguay 723 Georgia 712 Diamond Princess 700 Jordan 661 San Marino 611 Chad 606 Sierra Leone 600 Malta 563 South Sudan 544 Jamaica 516 Nepal 509 Tanzania 479 Central African Republic 469 Congo (Brazzaville) 448 Madagascar 441 Taiwan* 433 Ethiopia 423 West Bank and Gaza 363 Togo 362 Cabo Verde 332 Mauritius 324 Montenegro 324 Vietnam 321 Rwanda 279 Nicaragua 251 Sao Tome and Principe 249 Liberia 225 Eswatini 209 Yemen 200 Mauritania 199 Burma 175 Uganda 164 Mozambique 141 Brunei 141 Mongolia 135 Benin 127 Guyana 123 Cambodia 116 Trinidad and Tobago 97 Bahamas 97 Monaco 90 Barbados 82 Liechtenstein 82 Malawi 78 Comoros 72 Libya 60 Angola 59 Syria 51 Zimbabwe 42 Burundi 39 Eritrea 30 Botswana 25 Antigua and Barbuda 25 Gambia 24 Timor-Leste 22 Grenada 21 Bhutan 19 Laos 19 Namibia 18 Belize 18 Fiji 18 Saint Lucia 18 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 16 Dominica 15 Saint Kitts and Nevis 12 Holy See 11 Seychelles 11 Suriname 9 MS Zaandam 8 Papua New Guinea 6 Western Sahara 2 Lesotho States reporting the highest numbers of confirmed cases 358,154 New York 152,579 New Jersey 105,444 Illinois 90,889 Massachusetts 90,252 California 70,211 Pennsylvania 53,913 Michigan 53,534 Texas 49,451 Florida 44,424 Maryland 41,482 Georgia 39,640 Connecticut 36,925 Louisiana 34,950 Virginia 30,794 Ohio 30,409 Indiana 23,487 Colorado 22,110 North Carolina Compare: 86,384 Lombardy Italy 76,871 Sao Paulo Brazil 68,135 Hubei China 67,425 Madrid Spain 57,036 Catalonia Spain 48,350 Metropolitana Chile 46,318 Bayern Germany 46,150 Quebec Canada 37,010 Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany 34,573 Ceara Brazil 34,310 Baden-Wurttemberg Germany 33,589 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 30,077 Piemonte Italy 27,470 Emilia-Romagna Italy 27,038 Amazonas Brazil 26,085 Ontario Canada 25,760 Pernambuco Brazil 21,469 Para Brazil 95,972 US deaths reported States reporting over 1000 deaths: 28,853 New York 10,985 New Jersey 6,228 Massachusetts 5,158 Michigan 5,010 Pennsylvania 4,715 Illinois 3,666 California 3,637 Connecticut 2,668 Louisiana 2,207 Maryland 2,190 Florida 1,941 Indiana 1,872 Ohio 1,808 Georgia 1,470 Texas 1,324 Colorado 1,136 Virginia 1,044 Washington Cumulative hospitalization number for those states that report this number: 76,843 New York 12,538 Connecticut 9,372 Florida 9,162 Massachusetts 7,634 Maryland 7,313 Georgia 6,422 Virginia 5,379 Ohio 5,285 Indiana 4,037 Colorado 3,156 Washington 2,432 Minnesota 2,259 Wisconsin 2,041 Kentucky 1,966 Mississippi 1,879 Arizona 1,561 Alabama 1,560 Tennessee 1,537 Rhode Island 1,534 South Carolina 1,139 New Mexico 1,036 Utah 926 Oklahoma 787 Kansas 737 Oregon 584 Arkansas 393 New Hampshire 351 South Dakota 240 Maine 223 Idaho 147 North Dakota 83 Hawaii 76 Wyoming 65 Montana Data gathered no later than Friday evening May 22
  23. Last week
  24. Might I also recommend asking the counselor/therapist for recommendations on an organization for the PARENTS of LGBTQ+ persons? They'll have ideas and experience regarding how you can best support her.
  25. Did walk and video this morning and then pulled weeds and checked for veggies in gardens. Got 1 zucchini and a handful of jalapenos. A friend in town found 2 puppies and has been trying to get them to a shelter but he doesn't drive, so I contacted the shelter (no kill) and then transported them to their new abode. Came home and re-arranged items in freezer. Found chicken thighs and some sausage to cook on grill tomorrow. Went to local hardware for topsoil and fertilizer. Still need to go to local grocery for a container of potato salad as I am not making it. I always make enough for an army and we don't need that!
  26. But it is for our own good don't ya know.
  27. 1,576,886 US 317,554 Russia 310,087 Brazil 252,246 United Kingdom 233,037 Spain 228,006 Italy 181,951 France 179,021 Germany 153,548 Turkey 129,341 Iran 118,226 India 108,769 Peru 84,063 China 82,742 Canada 65,077 Saudi Arabia 59,567 Mexico 57,581 Chile 56,235 Belgium 48,091 Pakistan 44,900 Netherlands 38,651 Qatar 35,306 Ecuador 33,371 Belarus 32,172 Sweden 30,694 Switzerland 29,912 Portugal 29,812 Singapore 28,511 Bangladesh 26,898 United Arab Emirates 24,391 Ireland 20,162 Indonesia 20,143 Poland 19,706 Ukraine 19,137 South Africa 18,609 Kuwait 18,330 Colombia 17,585 Romania 16,683 Israel 16,404 Austria 16,385 Japan 15,003 Egypt 13,657 Dominican Republic 13,434 Philippines 11,380 Denmark 11,122 Korea, South 10,919 Serbia 10,116 Panama 9,931 Argentina 8,754 Czechia 8,676 Afghanistan 8,309 Norway 8,174 Bahrain 7,728 Algeria 7,234 Kazakhstan 7,211 Morocco 7,095 Australia 7,059 Malaysia 7,016 Nigeria 6,704 Moldova 6,493 Finland 6,370 Oman 6,269 Ghana 5,606 Armenia 4,919 Bolivia 4,288 Cameroon 3,980 Luxembourg 3,877 Iraq 3,749 Azerbaijan 3,641 Hungary 3,138 Sudan 3,100 Honduras 3,067 Guinea 3,037 Thailand 2,964 Uzbekistan 2,853 Greece 2,812 Senegal 2,350 Bosnia and Herzegovina 2,350 Tajikistan 2,331 Bulgaria 2,301 Cote d'Ivoire 2,265 Guatemala 2,237 Croatia 2,047 Djibouti 1,908 Cuba 1,898 North Macedonia 1,835 Congo (Kinshasa) 1,803 Iceland 1,800 Estonia 1,640 El Salvador 1,594 Somalia 1,593 Lithuania 1,567 Gabon 1,503 New Zealand 1,502 Slovakia 1,468 Slovenia 1,313 Kyrgyzstan 1,216 Maldives 1,109 Guinea-Bissau 1,109 Kenya 1,048 Sri Lanka 1,045 Tunisia 1,025 Latvia 1,024 Lebanon 1,003 Kosovo 969 Albania 947 Mali 924 Niger 923 Cyprus 903 Costa Rica 903 Equatorial Guinea 882 Venezuela 866 Zambia 836 Paraguay 812 Burkina Faso 762 Andorra 749 Uruguay 721 Georgia 712 Diamond Princess 684 Jordan 663 Haiti 658 San Marino 599 Malta 588 Chad 585 Sierra Leone 529 Jamaica 509 Tanzania 481 South Sudan 469 Congo (Brazzaville) 457 Nepal 440 Taiwan* 436 Central African Republic 423 West Bank and Gaza 405 Madagascar 399 Ethiopia 356 Cabo Verde 354 Togo 332 Mauritius 324 Montenegro 324 Vietnam 320 Rwanda 279 Nicaragua 251 Sao Tome and Principe 240 Liberia 220 Eswatini 199 Burma 197 Yemen 173 Mauritania 162 Mozambique 160 Uganda 141 Brunei 140 Mongolia 135 Benin 127 Guyana 123 Cambodia 116 Trinidad and Tobago 97 Bahamas 97 Monaco 90 Barbados 82 Liechtenstein 72 Malawi 71 Libya 58 Angola 58 Syria 51 Zimbabwe 42 Burundi 39 Eritrea 34 Comoros 29 Botswana 25 Antigua and Barbuda 24 Gambia 24 Timor-Leste 22 Grenada 21 Bhutan 19 Laos 18 Belize 18 Fiji 18 Namibia 18 Saint Lucia 18 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 16 Dominica 15 Saint Kitts and Nevis 12 Holy See 11 Seychelles 11 Suriname 9 MS Zaandam 8 Papua New Guinea 6 Western Sahara 1 Lesotho States that have reported more than 20,000 confirmed cases: 356,458 New York 151,586 New Jersey 102,688 Illinois 90,084 Massachusetts 87,940 California 69,252 Pennsylvania 53,510 Michigan 53,053 Texas 48,675 Florida 43,531 Maryland 40,666 Georgia 39,208 Connecticut 36,504 Louisiana 34,137 Virginia 30,167 Ohio 29,936 Indiana 23,191 Colorado 20,512 North Carolina 94,688 deaths in the US States reporting over 1000 deaths, with recovery data where available: 28,743 deaths, 62,826 recovered New York 10,846 deaths, 24,236 recovered New Jersey 6,148 deaths, Massachusetts 5,129 deaths, 28,234 recovered Michigan 4,869 deaths, Pennsylvania 4,607 deaths, Illinois 3,583 deaths, 6,264 recovered Connecticut 3,581 deaths, California 2,629 deaths, 26,249 recovered Louisiana 2,159 deaths, 3,099 recovered Maryland 2,144 deaths, Florida 1,913 deaths, Indiana 1,837 deaths, Ohio 1,779 deaths, Georgia 1,460 deaths, 30,341 recovered Texas 1,310 deaths, 3,532 recovered Colorado 1,100 deaths, 4,778 recovered Virginia 1,037 deaths, Washington Cumulative hospitalizations in the states tracking that 76,608 New York 10,946 Connecticut 9,200 Florida 9,040 Massachusetts 7,485 Maryland 7,235 Georgia 6,269 Virginia 5,295 Ohio 4,389 Indiana 3,990 Colorado 3,125 Washington 2,380 Minnesota 2,218 Wisconsin 2,016 Kentucky 1,932 Mississippi 1,830 Arizona 1,539 Tennessee 1,528 Alabama 1,506 Rhode Island 1,444 South Carolina 1,139 New Mexico 917 Oklahoma 760 Kansas 732 Oregon 647 Utah 535 Arkansas 385 New Hampshire 342 South Dakota 235 Maine 221 Idaho 144 North Dakota 82 Hawaii 75 Wyoming 65 Montana Late night numbers Eastern May 221
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