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  2. The VA keeps calling me when I have an appointment and pressuring me to get a covid shot while I'm at the clinic. Finally, after a soft badgering yesterday, I told the lady that my records should show that I am part of the Control Group and not the Test Group. Silence. Then she went on with her script and said that they're close to having the vaccines receiving a final approval. I told her that when the animal testing phase is completed, I'd like to read the report and then make an intelligent decision on the injection. Silence for a bit of time. Then, She said, 'would you like for me to tak
  3. Jeepers that is so true. Fauci has done nothing but lie about how he is tied into this virus. There were no bat soup or bats at that wet market like they were saying. Now he is trying to back track his lies. Just wonder how much he was involved along with others that this virus was used as a weapon to destroy a lot of the population. China is just as guilty by hiding the truth when it first came out. And we the people are the ones that had to suffer for it.
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  5. I think one of the main reasons they don't want us to know the truth is because the United States helped to fund it.
  6. I agree. We have been lied to by the media and Fauci the whole time. I am still not getting that vaccine as for one I don't trust that it is experimental and still not FDA approved. Plus the fact I have auto immune disease and can't get it anyway. I am betting there is a lot about this whole pandemic that they are not telling us. Also just hearing what they are saying it almost sounds like they are planning another pandemic. Everyone just keep your ears peeled to what is going on in this world. It is not what we think, but what they want us to think.
  7. Those fires look worse from the map. Everyone in line of these fires, stay safe. In my prayers for the fires to burn out and everyone gets through all this.
  8. Littlesister


    Dee, liquid fence is the name of what I use as well. We have had so much rain and more coming, so I will have to put it down again when the weather clears again. I didn't plant carrots this year, but I do have several jars I canned about 2 years ago. Though I had to add store bought to that. I want to get all the older food used up before next spring as much as possible and then I am going to do both raised beds and the back yard garden that I will be plowing up this fall to get ready for spring. Will be working on a list of things I want to plant in the spring.
  9. I don't know if you were able to read either the article of the PDF, but that is exactly the point. It totally refutes (scientifically) the idea that this thing came from someone "eating a bat" (or bat soup) in the wet market.
  10. Got an early start this morning. Big sale on chicken breast at Lidle's, so went early to get some. Limit of 10 lbs. So got just over 10 lbs. with no problem. Bought some pork chops on sale that I froze as well as some fish. Came home and pressure canned the chicken. Got 16 pts. out of it. Not bad. While pressure canners were running, I got clothes washed as I have not washed clothes in 10 days. So past time to get that job done. Granddaughter and her boyfriend were over for dinner last night. Made a pot roast, squash, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy. I had fixed 3 quart ja
  11. Mt. Rider, I am so sorry you and your family are having to go through all of this. It will be hardest on your mom, but with you and other family members to be there for her, will make a big difference for her. Take care with your issues as well. Keeping all of you in prayer daily.
  12. Resting....as needed. MtRider
  13. Update: My brother finally reached my dad's doctor from the care home. Told him our joint family decision not to continue the transfusions....[and thus keeping in quarantine so much of his time left]. ..................So....it's official. No one can predict when my dad's white and red blood cells will begin to deteriorate. The care home doc seems to think it will be within weeks. Cuz he'd been ready to give him another transfusion in a week or so. TODAY my dad is finally out of quarantine. DH picked up my mom and took her to visit with him - without the hot/cumbersome "moo
  14. Yesterday was another busy day! Started out taking Peanut to the vet as she was having lots of congestion and problems breathing and her nose has been hot and dry since she came home from teeth cleaning on Tuesday. Now she is on antibiotics for the congestion and steroids/ antihistamine for breathing issues. She is already doing much better! Came home and walked (pretty warm by then), walked dogs. Made 18 pints of Dilly Beans and 9 pints of Pickled beans (sweet-ish). Got ingredients together to bake this morning for funeral. This morning walked, walked dogs. Made spoon brea
  15. Beware of propaganda. This virus was man-made.
  16. She forgot to add (buy a bull) and make more cows, LOL. I thought this was succinct.
  17. Last week
  18. Had fairly good yearly check-up. My labs are good. My hip isn't and after doc moved it/stretched it to rule out this and define the cause as that..... I woke during last night with it really hurting. Necessary, I know but ...OW! DH adjusted me today. Finally was home long enough this morning and that helped it. But by this afternoon, I was draggin' anchor! I was supposed to get hip x-rayed but ...... there must have been a bad accident. The ER was monopolizing the X-ray room with a lot of people. Lay down in back seat of car as DH drove us home. He visited with my
  19. Telegraph Fire is almost 86,000 acres today.
  20. This article is from a subscription service and you may not be able to read the whole thing if you follow the link, so I am adding a PDF of the article to this post. Weight-Adjusted Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin Boosted Survival of Ventilated COVID-19 Patients by 200 Percent_ Study.pdf
  21. This article is from a subscription service and you may not be able to read the whole thing if you follow the link, so I am adding a PDF of the article to this post. No Bats or Pangolins Sold in Wuhan Wet Market_ Oxford Research.pdf
  22. Walked, walked dogs, cleaned 2 baths, swept and dusted house, finished paperwork to do with little brother to mail today and then made dog food to cook overnight. That was all yesterday. Today will walk and walk dogs. Take jeep in for oil change. PC dog food. Call eye docs for appt to get glasses soon. Take eBay photos. Wash and snap the 13 pounds or so of green beans.
  23. Annarchy


    Thank you, Dee! I’ve often wondered whether it was just me, lol. I’ve always put any bag of carrots in the crisper bin in the frig, but, I will blow into the bag, then, twist the top. Store bought will last almost a year, as long as I open the bag, use one or two, blow into the bag & re-twist the top. They will grow roots and greens. Home grown…. (embarrassing)… have lasted 2-3 years. They get pushed to the back & I forget they are in there. Sometimes I think I am loosing my memory… at my age…probably.
  24. I certainly hope & pray the highway acts as a fire block. As long as the wind dies down and the fires don’t backtrack. It is truly a deep sadness that all our local wilderness forests are burning. Yeah, it probably needed it. Native Indians used to do controlled burns, years ago, before Fed. land management took over. Plus, as DH & I were talking, AZ is the only place on earth, our Saguaro species can live naturally. Imagine how many are gone.
  25. Will the highway fireline hold at the highway on the right? MtRider .....God, AZ and much of the SW need a whole lotta rain right now.
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