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  2. I remember that. Two would be so hard.
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  4. I also save any left overs and any carrot, celery, and onions that are left over. I use them in soups and such. Just don't can my chicken using those. I am going to start canning some dry beans within the next 2 weeks and going to use some of the onions in those. Can't use ham for seasoning due to the salt content. I have to do things a bit different and use no salt spices instead of salt.
  5. Annarchy, have a safe trip and congratulations on a new grandchild. Enjoy your time with your brother. Stay safe. Congratulations Mother on your upcoming 16th great grandchild. That is wonderful. We are still waiting for one of our grandchildren to have children. So no grands yet. I had a rough night tonight. Will be up for most of the night. Can't let DH go to sleep for a long while. DH decided to go to bed late at 11:30 tonight. He got up and use rollator to go down hall to bedroom. When he turned the corner from Den to hall. He fell backward and hit his head hard.
  6. A friend of ours born sith spina bifida has modified his electric wheelchair for the outdoors. Uses mountain bike tires on it instead of wheenchair ones. Reinforced wheels again, based on mountain bikes. He goes EVERYWHERE with it!
  7. Sorry for the loss of your little one Ambergris. We lost two long time pets in less than a week just after Christmas. Gone but certainly not forgotten.
  8. I FINALLY got the last of the ham canned up. We got 10 quarts from the 2 hams, plus 5 pints of split pea soup with ham with the schnibbles from the ham bone. The little ham left over went into some jars of yellow-eye peas. I had never seen them before but they taste similar to navy beans but cook up nicer. No navy beans around so I canned yellow eyed peas,LOL. I do love me somew legumes....all kinds.. That particular store chain I got them from is a southern chain, so they have many dried southern peas I had never tried before....crowder peas, lady peas, field peas, black eye peas, zippe
  9. Cumulative cases reported by country: 23,727,467 US 10,542,841 India 8,455,059 Brazil 3,507,201 Russia 3,367,053 United Kingdom 2,931,683 France 2,380,665 Turkey 2,368,733 Italy 2,252,164 Spain 2,038,645 Germany 1,891,034 Colombia 1,791,979 Argentina 1,609,735 Mexico 1,429,612 Poland 1,325,659 South Africa 1,324,395 Iran 1,192,114 Ukraine 1,056,023 Peru 919,712 Netherlands 896,642 Indonesia 883,906 Czechia 706,897 Canada 691,488 Romania 675,089 Belgium 665,493 Chile 607,587 Iraq 543,499 Israel 539,416 Portugal 527,063 Bangladesh 52
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  11. My aunt Linda used to sing the beans beans song above and also: Beans Beans Good for your heart the more you eat the more you fart. the more you fart the better you feel so eat those beans every meal.
  12. Those are beautiful. My cousin can tat too. Not many know how.
  13. It's true mommato3boys. Some days you're the bird and some days you're the bee.
  14. That's a great set up Mother!
  15. Beans, beans The musical fruit The more you eat The more you toot The more you toot The better you feel So let's have beans For every meal. I can remember that from grade school but can't remember what I had for supper last night. Probably brussel sprouts.
  16. I have had success with growing spinach in a planter inside a long with lettuce. I was told by someone to purchase a tiny soft paint brush from a craft store and become a bee. In other words take your tiny brush and pollinate your plants. Just gently brush the inside of each bloom on each plant. I thought he was crazy but came home and researched what he was saying. I was surprised to find he was correct. https://igworks.com/blogs/the-igworks-indoor-gardening-blog/pollinating-your-indoor-fruit-and-vegetable-plants
  17. I am going to have to try this. Because I too, use the back, neck and wing tips to make broth but picking those tiny bones out of the little bit of meat that is there is not worth it. But with this....well let's just say we are going to have chicken soup burgers.
  18. So if your food storage is not anything like mine, you have a wide variety of dry beans. I on the other hand am heavy on the black bean side. We love them. I make everything from refried beans to burgers with them. I found this page when I was looking for a pulled pork recipe and well it is one of my go to sites. I even get email updates from him. Recently he posted 15 bean recipes. So if you would like to add a little pizzazz to your beans and like Mexican food this is a great place to start. https://www.mexicanplease.com/15-easy-recipes-can-make-beans/
  19. This is one of the celery I have growing.
  20. Mother

    Gardening Inside

    I'm not sure this picture will come through but this is my aquaponic system growth a couple weeks ago. It's a bit bare looking now though as I've moved or removed a few plants to replant it. The cucumber on the end is in an old Aerogarden.
  21. I re-grow all sorts of vegetables. I always have several celery ends growing in various stages. Some in the aquaponic system, some in soil, and some just in water on the kitchen window sill. Celery, given long enough will give slender stalks that are tender and crunchy. Cabbage will give you some nice greens but I've never had one re-head. Lettuce, fennel, bok choy, onions, and so many others will give you lovely greens. Some, especially those which aren't organic or sprayed, will just rot in the water but most will grow to a certain point. Many herbs, like basil and mint, will grow roots
  22. Annarchy, I wish I were close enough for you to visit but we are hours away from your route. Please, stay safe and stay out of crowded areas if possible. Of course, it goes without saying that you are prepared with winter gear in the car. Congratulations on your upcoming grandchild. We have our 16th great grand coming any day now so I know the joys. Have a GREAT trip.
  23. Get more undies indeed! I noticed a very short supply toward the end of last year. Probably about six months ago. I couldn't find any Hanes/Fruit of the Loom in my size. It's a common size. About three months ago I stopped in about 4 different Wal-Mart's and they were out of most sizes except for small and the fancy pants. I only buy white cotton. SO, I went on line and ordered a bunch of them to put away and not use until present drawers go raggety. Most of mine come in a 8-10 pack. I did the same with socks. Bras, I need. Socks and bras will be the same way if they
  24. Oh, I know. I can’t count how many times I just mulched the yellow ends of celery. Then, I thought, maybe it would grow? When it did, grew roots, & turned green, I was impressed, & took a chance it would continue to grow. When it did, I was elated!
  25. Love the idea Annarchy. Would be nice if a person only got the leaves to dry!
  26. Hang in there Virginia. I've been hearing that the post office has been running very slowly since before Christmas. Personally, I wouldn't start to worry wonder until the end of the month.
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