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  2. Sorry you had a rough dr. visit. Glad you were able to get it stopped before you went into total meltdown. Summer isn't my best friend either. Heat inside doesn't bother me so much. Regardless of the temp inside, if I have a fan I'm fine. It's a different story outside though. Maybe it has to do with humidity and the air being close? Son and DIL stopped by the house today. I hadn't mentioned to him that I was calling the landscaper. It happened too fast. LOL. They were surprised. He said it looks fantastic. Comparatively, it about has to. They even cleaned out the garden area
  3. We've seriously considered that horsie device. Looked it up about a decade ago. It cost $2K then..... But IF it worked for my weird stuff, it would cost less than horse care. Think I could get medicare to pay for it? I'd need a "test drive".... AND....it wouldn't fit ANYWHERE in this tiny cabin. One day.....it still is a possibility ...like when I'm 90? So frustrating! I went to doc appt today....and it went fine. Trying to work with my suddenly-MEGA-sinus/breathing/swallowing problem that began in 2020. Toward the end of appointment, I'm getting STUPID. Can't
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  5. Sicily, Italy and St. Vincent within a couple of weeks time. Definitely something shaking and baking down there.
  6. TheCG, LOL That's funny because I almost described it like that. More like those electric horses kids ride outside of some stores.
  7. Is this a new threat to our world, with all these eruptions? Is the core temperature of the earth raising? Will it change the Teutonic plates (?) and we will see more earthquakes as well? We seem to be seeing a lot of them as well along with more severe and unusual storms. Or is this something that's been happening for centuries that we are just now becoming more aware of?
  8. I agree. An awesome idea. If metal pound-in fence posts were used it would be an easy matter to use the electric wire plastic fence insulators as the secure points top and bottom.
  9. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/09/world/americas/volcano-St-Vincent-eruption-caribbean.html
  10. $3.50 when I filled up on Tuesday.
  11. My brain is picturing a mechanical bull. I'm pretty certain that is NOT what you're talking about!
  12. Dishcloth yarn is good, but it does not hold up as well over time as bedspread cotton which has a very different consistency. The acrylic red heart yarn makes me never want to make anything ever again. If you want cheap, but not super cheap, caron is the best. Seriously, buy some on sale and you will start to shudder that you ever used red heart. Make sure to get the shiny type. NO SNAGS. You know what I'm talking about. I really like Caron for baby blankets and shalls. Dishcloth cotton like Lily or Sugar and Cream have several strands of soft cotton twiste
  13. Awesome idea. Wonder if it would work with peas? Wonder how they secured the ends on the pole? I could see doing it on a wooden stake. Just staple it on. Or pound a nail in the wood half way and hammer the head end of the nail over the slinky.
  14. AGAIN....Mississippi....Friday. Then moving into Alabama, Georgia and northern Florida on Saturday. This one isn't expected to be as bad for tornadoes. Lotta rain tho. https://www.accuweather.com/en/severe-weather/severe-storms-to-pummel-areas-from-texas-to-georgia/928768 MtRider Take cover all who need to.
  15. There is an exercise type of machine you can get that simulates riding a horse for those who don't have access to a horse. They say it has something to do with your core muscles or something like that. Yep, we had about 2 inches of snow last week. We are liable to get it again. Plants aren't safe outside until after Mother's Day.
  16. Yeah....good example, Homesteader. Love to hear these stories! How do I explain something that DH explains so much better? It has something to do with "over-learned" motions. It hooks up connections in our brain-body where old, known pathways exist. For example, a friend's dd has dyslexia. She's been playing piano for years. When they homeschooled, if she was getting scrambled, N would have her go play piano for 10 minutes or so. Then her focus was much better. MS...Parkinson....Dyslexia.... NONE of those are related diseases and yet.....there is a common th
  17. Wait....didn't you just have snow recently? Are you turning into Colorado Rockies? Glad your headache is gone. Didn't they use to have a commercial about the lovely moment when people realize the HEADACHE is gone ? MtRider .....they's serving CAKE at Becca's party, y'all
  18. Use a slinky around a pole to create a trellis! Just stretch and secure down ends!
  19. Here where we are it is $2.37 a gallon.
  20. Wow! Fishing trips are great and even better when you catch something other than logs. It is also so relaxing. I haven't been fishing in at least 3 years. Fishing poles might be calling my name. Annarchy, glad to know your mom is doing better. Love the ducks, I think they are waiting for more food. My neighbor called me over her house this afternoon. She found a baby rabbit. She had it in a cooler for the time being because of the dogs. Hoping she will call someone to take it and take care of it till it can be released. Still going through all the food in house
  21. We have a friend with Parkinson disease. After bike riding his shakes go away for hours. His doctor had suggested it and it has really helped.
  22. Last I checked here a few days ago, gas was 2.69. Over where our church is it was 2.63. Problem is. it is in two totally different directions. So will wait till Sunday to fill up again.
  23. Here's a cake @Becca_Anne. Be sure to share a slice with @Mt_Rider.
  24. We got up to the mid 80's today! Had a little evening rain. And I just noticed that I didn't have a headache all day. Not that the two are connected. It's odd that when I have a headache it's a killer and I'm miserable. But when it stops hurting I don't even notice. That's gratitude for ya.
  25. Filled up 2 days ago at $3.60/gal! That's Cali for ya.
  26. I was out today and checked the price of gas. One station was $2.69 and right catty-corner from it the gas was $2.89. Which one to choose? That's kind of a no brainer.
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