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  2. We used to grow these .....well, not that variety but the purple type....for that very reason. Easy to pick them and it's kinda cool to watch them turn bright green in boiling water! MtRider .....sigh, some day we'll garden again.
  3. Yesterday
  4. A new kind of pole bean for me. The pods are purple but turn green when cooked. They're so easy to see against the green leaves on the trellis. They also turn green when canned. They're a keeper for me. They're called Trionfo Violetto and do well up north after the soil has warmed up.
  5. So.....did anyone see the in The Escape Room picture?
  6. 'Tis simply another version of a CHALLENGE ....done in a group. The "Low Ropes" challenges were done in groups. After that phase, "High Ropes" were usually individual challenge but with the now-established group cheering the individual on. Which is why it's been used for corporations or other work situations.....to get individuals to work together......and like it. MtRider
  7. Last week
  8. It's time to plant the watermelons, transplant the tomatoes and all, and get the fall garden started. I don't think I have it in me.
  9. Thanks Ambergris. I never thought to check mine. I didn't always use it butted up against a wall. Sometimes I measured from a window frame to the corner of a wall. It runs on batteries that were included. It takes two. I left it at the Indy house but I think they were just AA. Could have been AAA but I'm pretty sure they were AA. The actual tape measure is a really nice thick one too.
  10. Wow. That Grey Wolf looks like a single wide trailer. My idea of camping!
  11. Sounds like you had a pleasantly blessed time, Homesteader.
  12. Took our grand-nephew to Creation Museum and Ark Encounter in Kentucky last week. Spent 7 days camping, fishing, and exploring. Had a great time and told him lots of stories about his Pepaw (my brother). He died four years ago and little nephew's world fell apart. Now we have lots of stories and laughter to share around the campfires. Fishing wasn't bad either. Will I EVER catch up with the garden????
  13. I hope you feel a bit better this morning, Mt. Rider! I got ham bone and butter beans in the slow cooker with lots of added veggies--and spice! Going to a 90 year old lady's Birthday party this afternoon. not sure what else.
  14. "an escape room is built to foster an intense feeling of connection, a hyperdose of concentrated intimacy. "
  15. Be careful. Mine included the size of the tool.
  16. Wellllllllll, today I did the usual things in the morning. DH's 7th day to work. Sat/Sunday he has off. We're not sure if he's always going to be 7 on and 2 off? That's overtime.... He wasn't even looking for full-time. Very hot when I got back inside so took shower/wash hair. I stick my foot on bathroom window sill to dry leg/foot...so I can reach it! Done it this way for over 2 decades. TODAY ....I lost balance for a second and went backwards towards shower entrance. Caught myself ....but at some expense. Elbow was point of contact ...SMACK! OW! But the collateral damage was to the muscles around that shoulder and my ever-fragile neck. Oh shoot! THAT REALLY HURT about an hour later. I rarely take even one....MAYbe two Nuprin in a single day. I took 2 Nuprin and later a Tylenol. Finally got pain control and it's been okay since. But I'll take another Nuprin before I sleep. Pain got my nervous system to shakin' and wore me out!! No walking dog for me tonite. DH had a very BUSY time at work but had gooood tips. So he's willing to put up with it. He ran into the larger town to get a headlamp for his car. Stopped to grab the groceries off the list. When it came time to haul groceries UP with our pulley system, I did ok with the potato chip bags....but switched places with him. I wasn't in any shape to haul up but I could put the grocery bags onto the rope hook. I was so locked up when my chiro got home, hours after the elbow-crack event, we decided not to try an adjustment tonite. He can see tomorrow if I knocked something out of place or merely aggravated the muscles. I could have done without that event today. Sheeesh! Thankful I didn't land splat on my back tho. VERY little room to do my usual tuck 'n roll. Too small to even fit a tub in that bathroom. ...and then there was my foot up on the window sill...... aiiee! MtRider .....been weeks or a couple months since I've had a fall. Y'all be careful out there!
  17. I like tools too! Does it run on batteries....what kind? MtRidr Sounds real good for us older folks!
  18. I'd sure like to hear that kind of interest from my kin!!! SIL does have a specialty in traditional Hawaiian things, including horticulture and wildcrafting. Not necessarily for prepping purposes but....it's a great benefit. MtRider
  19. The garden (summer version) is winding down, except for the heat loving stuff....peppers, and okra mostly. I chop & freeze the green peppers for use in omelets. Okra dehydrates easily (though it is a little slimy when you put it on the fruit leather sheets....it dries up). They also rehydrated nicely and taste very good. I blanch them 2 minutes, then dry at 125 until brittle. Oddly, the yard long beans I planted taste more to our liking when they are older & longer. They seem to soften up when cooked better, so I am dehydrating some of them as they are ready, too. The sweet yellow long peppers I have had good luck dehydrating as well. They require blanching to keep good color..without they turn brown. I think I'll pickle some, too.
  20. Mexican oregano tastes different, it’s hard to explain. The Greek oregano seems peppery. I’d like to get some Italian oregano, just for the taste difference. When I get home, I see if I can explain it, and post pictures of the two different plants I have. And Ambergris, I hope that’s right, I had to bring one plant indoors to save it, one died, but, the last 3 seems to be hanging in there.
  21. Yes, unfortunately. Your place is not tenable. Out of nowhere today, DS2 called me this evening and asked for instructions on planting specified edibles on his acre. We talked about taro (he has bayou frontage) and raised beds for other things. I kept trying to remember water chestnuts, and kept forgetting them.
  22. Leaves are much bigger and it's somewhat harder to kill. So far, that's all I know for sure.
  23. So far today: Roasted radishes. made Creole stewed okra, have cinnamon apples dehydrating in the oven. Next? Work on Mason jar lid Christmas ornaments and them maybe do some eBay. Having a fun day!
  24. That’s great, Jeepers. I’ve always wondered if those really worked.
  25. I got a new tool a few months ago and just had the chance to use it last week. Its a laser tape measure. You can either use the laser or the regular tape measure. It worked so fast and easy. No more crawling across the floor counting and recounting the 'feet' as I go. The new house has some odd shaped rooms with an open floor plan and the laser really made it easy to measure. I just had to remember to add a couple of inches if I had the measure butted up against the wall. A couple of walls were long but I just wanted to measure a part of the wall so I put a box where I wanted to stop measuring and it worked great. The laser stopped at the box. It will come in handy for hanging pictures straight too. I really like tools.
  26. Had to replace the plywood I had put on mom’s door. Even though I sealed it, it warped and water got underneath cause it to pull away from the door. Hopefully, using a piece of 1/8” hard plastic sheeting and screwing in on securely with a whole tube of caulk, it’ll survive for a while. I have to get another tube of caulk tomorrow to finish sealing all the edges. Hey, I need MrWE2’s to do some work too. Just kidding. I’ll end up doing it myself. I really wouldn’t want to torture him in our heat. If you’re not used to it, it’ll kill you. Love the jars. Too bad we don’t get fresh produce around our area. Not unless you want to pay more for it, than buying it already processed. Turned my attention to Mom’s shrubs. Ha! They are as tall as I am now. Trimmed the insides and tops, somewhat, before the heat got to me. DH said it was 110F* at home. Then, said at 7 pm, it finally dropped to 100. Jeepers, maybe consider those pull out shelves. I have a couple cabinets that are deep. I loose things in the back. Always wanted to install pullout shelves, but have never gotten around to it. Don’t work to hard Mt_R. If you have a smart phone, they have an app that counts your steps. Glad to hear your weather has been kind to you. Congrats on you deals, Miki. Oh, TheCG, that cold front warmed up to 97 today. Another chance for rain tomorrow according to the news.
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