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  2. Update. Daddy went through 46 of the 49 radiation treatments. At the end, the doctor said he didn't have to do the last 3. Praise the Lord. Now, hopefully all he'll need to do is heal and get his strength back.
  3. Sorry, my paypal email addy is shadowwingsfarm@yahoo.com
  4. The girls are coming by today. The lesson for the day is old fashioned pound cake. We didn't get around to it last time. Four ingredients, although we may cheat and add a bit of vanilla or a spice mix. The housemate's afternoon/evening energy is daunting, but she sleeps through the morning when I am at my peak.
  5. The Telegraph Almost one third of Covid deaths in July and August 'primarily caused by other conditions' Sarah Knapton Fri, September 18, 2020, 8:54 AM PDT Coronavirus was not the main cause of death for nearly one third of recorded Covid-19 victims in July and August, research by Oxford University has found. Analysis shows that around 30 percent of people included in the coronavirus death toll by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) over the summer months had died primarily from other conditions. It means someone who suffered a heart attack, or even died in a road traffi
  6. Our company from FL is still here and proving invaluable! Changed oil in my jeep and did lube job for axles and whatever else is down there. Going to get a breaker box today to hook up electric to our 30 x 40 concrete block shed out back. I may get a canning kitchen yet! Will probably do video this morning and then go to Dollar General for red hots to make cinnamon apple rings--was gifted more apples. And local grocery for sweet potatoes for dog treats. I baked and prepped all butternut squash from the garden to PC yesterday. Might make some Butternut squash butter--like apple bu
  7. Just between us, Mr. We2 would have a fit if he knew some of the things Miss Abby girl has already written to Aunt Jeepers. Scandalous I tell ya. Oh, the things that pup has seen and heard. I had a snow blower where the cord would occasionally pull out of my hand. That hurts and is scary. Felt like it was going to pull my arm out of the socket. You are pulling with all of your might then suddenly it pulls back just as hard. It didn't do it every time which really added to the suspense. Mt. Rider glad your foot is continuing to improve. It's been out of whack to
  8. Pulled the freezer burned steaks out of MIL’s freezer, defrosted, and seasoned, let sit, pulled the potato from her frig, so bad, it was soft, when I bent it in half, it was rotted, 100%. Yikes. We ended up sharing the big new one I got, when we got her groceries. Thankfully everything I bring is vacuum sealed into 1-2 tbs of food & most doesn’t go to waist. Storm loved the freezer burned bbq’ed cut-offs, with the fat, and has been extremely well behaved. Borking, talking with the neighbors dogs...Lol
  9. Amazing what a resource of Early Warning Data we have here, ladies. I have big stash of tin foil. Heavy Duty [campfire cooking] and regular. Even some very loooong rolls DH picked up free somewhere. One of those things I know is so very handy for improvising and camping. So....thru the years I kept buying it on sale. It's everywhere!!! If you try to grow plants .....garden seedlings.....it really helps them get enough light if you surround the area with tin foil....and the table they sit on. Bounces the light all over for good plant growth.
  10. That's true. Most of what we do prepping can apply to most emergencies and disasters. A bit of shifting for winter and summer BOBs, etc. Soooo glad your area got rain, Babysteps. Less happy that it came in such quantities that you shift from wildfire to floods. However, do take note: Flash Floods are the Child of Wildfires. EROSION WILL HAPPEN! Check your normal routes for mud/dirt/rock slides...look up! Look down for undercutting of roadways! Our area spent the next 2 years with horrific flooding and damage. Had a BOULDER the size of a motorhome slide d
  11. Ambergris.....putting ole Abe's quote in with other great quotes. I deposit them in my MISC NOTES word processing file....interspersed with all sorts of ODD things I might need to remember. So I see these gems every time I scan down the file looking for something I stashed there. MtRider
  12. Annarchy....what a testimony! Seriously! That IS how it happens on the really rough ones. At least on the first few bad issues. Eventually, we wise up, right? MtRider
  13. Today..... Toooooo much happening this past week. even postponed my mom's Bday. GOT to rest some before we could pull off a simple eating-take-out-in-park. Hated to do that but she knew it might happen. Can hear the fatigue in my voice over the phone. DH went to his doc appt and doc was VERY pleased. In the past year they've been stabilizing his numbers on several issues. All are normal or getting there. He can come back in 6 months instead of every 3 months! Nephew and family made it home with old trailer....stopping to do 2 o
  14. babysteps, so glad you got that much needed rain. There is a lot of great info on here about what to do. i am going to have to make time to go through a read it all. I have read some of it but not enough time right now to read all of it. Things I should know even though we are not in an area that has what you are going through. Though a lot of that can apply to hurricane evacs as well. Granddaughter from CA called today and said they have clear skies for now. No smoke. So they have been trying to get yard work done and spent some time in the pool. She said the smoke could be b
  15. Never knew that. Good video. I will be much more careful. My granddaughter a month ago sent me some garlic from CA. That was good. The rest is now in freezer. It was to much to use up before it might go bad. I will be using that next time I make my spaghetti sauce to can. Think I will start growing my own garlic. Never tried it before, but a first time for everything.
  16. Midnightmom, I didn't think about the pans. I will try to go to dollar tree tomorrow and pick some up. I don't use those to often other than Thanksgiving and Christmas and also when we have our Church dinners. It would be good to have them now than to wait till I need them and can't get them. My canning jars and tattler lids are all on back order.. Starting to wonder if I will get either of them. Stores don't seem to be getting them in now. But if I do see any, I will just grab them no matter what size they are.
  17. I don't have a garbage disposal as we had been on septic tank for years and we couldn't have one. But yes, I also use the vinegar and baking soda for slow running sinks. The soda in fridge is perfect for doing that. It's what I do also.
  18. Have been going through all the stuff that you just don't know rather to keep it or ditch it. Made some progress. Just need to figure out how to get it all put where I want it. I have notebooks full of canning recipes, and other things that I want to scan to the computer when I can get time to sit down and get it done. Then took DH to the plastic surgeon to see about getting the skin cancer removed. Turns out they are going to remove 4 of them but need to talk with heart doctor about his blood thinner. He should be coming off it around the 6th of Oct. So might wait till then to set it up. Wil
  19. Got many more jars of coffee beans vacuum sealed up and washed up the used quart jars we were given at an estate sale a couple of years ago. They're really nasty so I rinse them out, put a dab of dish soap in each jar, fill them with my 140 degree tap water and let them set for an hour. Then scrub them good inside and out and rinse them again in the hot water. Set them on my dish dryer pad and let them set for the next day to make sure they're completely dry. We still have a ton left that are stored in a metal closet-thing outside under the homestead's back awning. They were given free an
  20. Hubby says it's that those are "sphincter" moments!
  21. I know of several people who have had to have double bifocals...one for immediate reading and one for that distance between your regular vision and the arms length.
  22. Cumulative cases reported by country: 6,720,477 US 5,214,677 India 4,495,183 Brazil 1,086,955 Russia 750,098 Peru 743,945 Colombia 684,113 Mexico 657,627 South Africa 640,040 Spain 601,713 Argentina 467,409 France 442,827 Chile 416,198 Iran 388,412 United Kingdom 345,805 Bangladesh 328,720 Saudi Arabia 311,690 Iraq 304,386 Pakistan 299,810 Turkey 294,932 Italy 279,526 Philippines 271,247 Germany 236,519 Indonesia 179,071 Israel 173,703 Ukraine 143,882 Canada 129,419 Bolivia 124,129 Ecuador 122,917 Qatar 110,217 Romania 107,134 Ka
  23. Yesterday
  24. This is a good idea. I never woulda' thunk about it on my own.
  25. Well zowie, we sure got the rain we needed last night. To the point that we were issued flash flood and tornado watches, lol. Those alerts came across our phones yesterday and my 16 year old just laughed. Her comment was that at this point they could announce godzilla or alien invaders and she'd just figure "yep. 2020." For the first time in 2 weeks, the air smells fresh outside. 😊
  26. Didn't sleep well last night. Will walk in about a half hour, then chores. Today is an outside day--82 for a high. Will trim branches around property line and weed garden, then put down hay for mulch. On my walk, I will buy noodles to PC Chicken noodle soup tomorrow. my neighbor gave me a lot of veggies and I have some chicken patties that are ok, but not great. That will take care of room in the fridge.
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