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  2. You can quickly soften stick butter (we use only unsalted sticks) by filling a glass with hot water and letting it set a minute, then emptying it and setting it over the stick of butter for a minute or two. I do this all the time.
  3. We2, when it comes from the fridge, does it stay firm like stick butter or is it spreadable like tub butter? My MIL used to only use stick butter and it was so hard you couldn't butter bread with it. It would tear up the bread before it would spread. Worked well with hot toast though.
  4. It finally got cold here. In the teens. It was brutally cold here last night because the wind was blowing so hard. We also got enough snow to plow. I was starting to wonder. I paid the snow plow guy for the season instead of for each time and we haven't had any snow at all.
  5. We2 that sounds like what I've been doing this past year. I've been eating out of my pantry a lot to get it cleared out so I don't have to move it all. I've missed canning though. But it will be nice to get a fresh start with all new food up to date. Good by 2011 hello 2020. I'm going to replace some of my dehydrated food supply too. I'm not happy with some of the food I bought. The celery and leeks especially. The leeks have too much green and not enough white and the celery has too many dark spots like the air discolored them. The spinach is like powder. Maybe it's all normal but since I have a good dehydrator, I might as well do it like I want it. I want to do my own kale leaves for soups too. And grind some up to sneak in some food like Kappy does.
  6. Didn’t do much today, read a bit, started re-packing my suitcase and waited for updates on the dog. for everyone’s health.
  7. I’m glad you’re staying warm, WE2. I’ve been watching that storm move across the states. It got up to 65* here in TX today. Supposed to have some clouds moving in tonight.
  8. Storm is at the hotel where I will pick him up in the morning and head back home to AZ. I’m waiting to find out what time to meet. They were watching the end of the game....
  9. It's COLD here! We dodged a bullet both times those storms moved through, but we didn't on the cold. With the high humidity it just chills you to the bone...and does it very quickly. Our city has a couple of warming shelters that have been keeping open for several days. All the snow and ice melted off right away because we didn't get much, but that was only a day's worth of above freezing and sunshine. But...our winter's are usually in late Dec, Jan and Feb. Sometimes in March.
  10. We've been eating out of our freezers and pantries for 3 months now, and buying VERY little. Hubby's been off soda pop for Dec and Jan...and has lost about 2 inches from his waist...even though it was diet...it was still carbonation. He has been really surprised. We have bought his tortilla chips. He loves them! Been popping a lot of popcorn for evening snacks though! We are truly whittling down our freezers and pantries, getting ready to re-arrange them in the homestead's kitchen and don't want all that food in them. Probably won't do any canning until we get moved, other than doing some chili beans. We love them and eat a lot of them.
  11. I use unsalted. I put a stick in a half pint canning jar, stick it in the micro wave on "defrost" for a few seconds, mash it down, put a canning lid on it and into my frig it goes. Keeps it ready to go. I just pull a jar out, put it on my "place" for butter and it really does last a long time. I also do some long term butter storage...rebel canning...and have about 5 cases in my extended pantry. I don't do Ghee...just don't like the texture.
  12. I love my air fryer! I use it for fries, breaded fish or other meats, and have even baked a little cake in mine. You just can't cover the tops on mine, it sucks it up...ask me how I know! Anyway...it's nice to slice up some potatoes and dump them in, set the setting for ??? and walk away.
  13. I call them "eye brows" ... when I get that look from Abby-girl. He's gorgeous! I imagine he's looking at you and saying "Are you going to drive me somewhere and dump me off too?" Glad he's finding his forever home where someone will love him!
  14. Mullein is excellent to help relieve mucus and congestion. It can be drank in a tea (dried of course) or crushed and put in an ash tray and burned. Some even just use it in a pipe. It absolutely does NOT choke you like nicotine would. We both have pipes...just in case. Have never needed it, but we have what we need. Gave a friend of mine some fresh mullein leaves (I grow it) and she dried it and used it. Was very pleased with it's affects. Just sayin...
  15. Said again today that none of it was "operable"...only thing I can see is chemo or ???
  16. Haven't read all of these post yet. But on one I saw where someone didn't have the break down of the long term freezedried/dehydrated foods. I have a chart somewhere that I have been looking to see where I put it. But if my memory serves me right, I think about 3/4 cup of a freezedried or dehydrated food will feed about 1 or 2 people. Water will vary. I will post it when I can find my chart. It's not where I thought it was.
  17. LOL ....I think we're all besotted with this fine fellow! MtRider
  18. Ambergris, I don't think I would replace my stove with it. But it does do baking. So far the only things I have used it for is to make toast, did a rotisary chicken in it and air fried some fries for grandson. Haven't tried baking in it yet. But the chicken really came out great and I love the way it does toast. Much better than a reg. toaster. Haven't tried the slow cooker part yet either. I am going to in the next week try making a pizza to cook in it.
  19. I agree, unsalted is the way we go. I do have a butter crock. But haven't used it in a long while. If I remember right, it will keep butter for about 2 or 3 days without refridgeration.
  20. Jeepers, I am working slowy to get the freezer down. Hoping by the middle of week, I can start canning some more things out of the freezer. I have beef and chicken still in there along with a turkey breast. Those I want to get canned up and make some beef and chicken broth as well. There are some more veggies I want to get deydrated as well. Just seems other things get in the way of getting that freezer fully emptied. But I will get there.
  21. Annarchy, That looks good. I might have to try that out. Would be a good thing to learn to do.
  22. Ann, he looks so sweet in those pictures. Best to both of you. I know you will love him. Who can ingore those eyes. Have a safe trip back home.
  23. Somehow I had forgotten about these post. But on page one Mt. Rider had a wonderful list. I have some of those things and I think a wheel chair is not far in the making. I fear that DH will need one at a later date if his walking doesn't improve. We has all the different types of canes and 2 shower chairs. But on that list I see things that would really come in handy. So going to start checking into my preps for adding some of those items when things calm down around here. To many doctor appts. and test and now the car getting shipped out to the shop. Hope that doesn't take to long to be fixed. Richmond VA is 2 hours drive from us. We have 5 neighbors that is going to the meeting for our gun rights. So far the one that had a parking ticket, they cancelled his parking ticket and decided to close the parking garage. One is going by bus with VCDL. And the other 3 are car pooling. Hope they all come back safe and sound. Praying that no riots will happen but they are gearing up for something bad to happen after those 3 men were arrested. Not sure what was going on there as I really don't like watching the news anymore. Going to look into bay tec for some 250 gal. water containers. Not sure yet that I will by one, but would like to have more water here on property than what I already have. Can never have to much water. Looking at ways to make a small pond in back yard using a child size plastic swimming pool. I think I saw that on Penterest. Need to check on that. Not for drinking though.
  24. Mt. Rider, Hoping you are doing a bit better today. Prayers still going out for you to get over this mess. It has been to long now. Hello Louis 1. Nice to meet you. Went to church this morning and DH got really tired. Fluid started to build up while in church. So got home and gave him a fluid pill. Said he had a headache and he doesn't get headaches but B/P was good. He's doing better tonight. Guess we just have to take it one day at a time. Good days and bad days. He has his last test tomorrow and then we take car in to be repaired afterwards. Hope he does ok tomorrow. Going to be a long day for him. So once car is dropped off, it's home and off to lay down awhile for him. Though I might feed him first. Don't want a growling tummy. Hoping after we get home I can get some sewing done. Got a couple pair of pants to hem and the tablecloth to make for that folding table.
  25. He’s already stolen my heart.
  26. Yesterday
  27. Leaving San Antonio this morning... those eyes...oh my.
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