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  2. Took in some sunshine.....while we can. Vit D! Up to 65* the past two days. EAster Sunday.....will drop quite possibly to subzero. With several inches of snow. This is when living here gets Get out your shorts.....er, snowsuit....well now, jeans might work??? Not sure folks around here will be able to go to church in their cars.....listening to FM broadcast of their pastors and music. Pretty sure pastors are not going to be outside with the microphone. Not THIS Easter! But anyway! MtRider
  3. CO is one of the higher states...just topped 6,202. Yet there are several counties with zero. Not mine, unfortunately. But we're sparsely populated and not many cases. One is more than is comfortable. Staying on my mountain. Maui is holding and has a good number of recovered cases. Been hearing of "recovered" testing positive again after testing negative. MtRider
  4. I hate when someone blocks a grocery aisle and just stand there. I yell, "Excuse me." It gets a lot of attention from a few aisles over. I dont care. I did say excuse me. I did get some good news today though. My DIL can work from home Tue - Fri. She will only have to go in on Mondays now. Son is working mostly half days, they go in and do the most important calls then go home and wait for emergency calls to come in, they share. Rotate the jobs.
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  6. 465,329 US 153,222 Spain 143,626 Italy 118,783 France 118,235 Germany 82,885 China 66,220 Iran 65,872 United Kingdom 42,282 Turkey 24,983 Belgium 24,051 Switzerland 21,903 Netherlands 20,682 Canada 18,145 Brazil 13,956 Portugal 13,244 Austria 10,423 Korea, South 10,131 Russia 9,968 Israel 9,141 Sweden 6,725 India 6,574 Ireland 6,219 Norway 6,108 Australia 5,972 Chile 5,830 Denmark 5,575 Poland 5,569 Czechia 5,256 Peru 5,202 Romania 4,979 Japan 4,965 Ecuador 4,489 Pakistan 4,228 Malaysia 4,076 Philippines 3,441 Mexico 3,293 Indonesia 3,287 Saudi Arabia 3,115 Luxembourg 2,990 United Arab Emirates 2,867 Serbia 2,752 Panama 2,605 Finland 2,423 Thailand 2,376 Qatar 2,349 Dominican Republic 2,223 Colombia 1,955 Greece 1,934 South Africa 1,910 Singapore 1,894 Argentina 1,892 Ukraine 1,699 Egypt 1,666 Algeria 1,648 Iceland 1,486 Belarus 1,407 Croatia 1,374 Morocco 1,289 Moldova 1,239 New Zealand 1,232 Iraq 1,207 Estonia 1,124 Slovenia 980 Hungary 955 Lithuania 926 Azerbaijan 921 Armenia 910 Kuwait 887 Bahrain 858 Bosnia and Herzegovina 803 Cameroon 781 Kazakhstan 712 Diamond Princess 701 Slovakia 663 North Macedonia 643 Tunisia 618 Bulgaria 589 Latvia 583 Andorra 582 Lebanon 582 Uzbekistan 564 Cyprus 539 Costa Rica 515 Cuba 484 Afghanistan 473 Uruguay 457 Oman 444 Cote d'Ivoire 443 Burkina Faso 410 Niger 409 Albania 380 Taiwan* 378 Ghana 372 Jordan 343 Honduras 337 Malta 333 San Marino 330 Bangladesh 314 Mauritius 288 Nigeria 280 Kyrgyzstan 268 Bolivia 263 West Bank and Gaza 255 Vietnam 252 Montenegro 250 Senegal 218 Georgia 194 Guinea 190 Sri Lanka 184 Kenya 184 Kosovo 180 Congo (Kinshasa) 171 Venezuela 140 Djibouti 135 Brunei 129 Paraguay 126 Guatemala 119 Cambodia 113 Rwanda 109 Trinidad and Tobago 103 El Salvador 93 Madagascar 84 Monaco 78 Liechtenstein 74 Mali 73 Togo 66 Barbados 63 Jamaica 60 Congo (Brazzaville) 56 Ethiopia 53 Uganda 44 Gabon 41 Bahamas 39 Zambia 37 Guyana 36 Guinea-Bissau 33 Eritrea 31 Liberia 30 Haiti 27 Burma 26 Benin 25 Tanzania 24 Libya 19 Angola 19 Antigua and Barbuda 19 Maldives 19 Syria 18 Equatorial Guinea 17 Mozambique 16 Dominica 16 Laos 16 Mongolia 16 Namibia 15 Fiji 15 Sudan 14 Saint Lucia 13 Botswana 12 Eswatini 12 Grenada 12 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 12 Somalia 11 Chad 11 Saint Kitts and Nevis 11 Seychelles 11 Zimbabwe 10 Suriname 9 Belize 9 MS Zaandam 9 Nepal 8 Central African Republic 8 Holy See 8 Malawi 7 Cabo Verde 7 Mauritania 7 Nicaragua 7 Sierra Leone 5 Bhutan 4 Gambia 4 Sao Tome and Principe 4 Western Sahara 3 Burundi 3 South Sudan 2 Papua New Guinea 1 Timor-Leste 16,513 US deaths attributed to coronavirus per April 9 update of 9:30 p.m. Eastern
  7. Closed all the windows, shut off the ceiling fans and turned the heat back on....COLD! The high today barely reached 50 and windy...supposed to get down to 30 tonight. Guess I'll find out if my plants in the little green house will survive. They're only partially covered...but...this is an experiment on viable seeds...I keep telling myself that My sweet potatoes show no sign of rooting slips...so I probably will chuck them out as a failure. Strange...I bought them from the Amish store and you wouldn't think they'd be treated with anything that would prohibit them from growing slips?. Hubby worked at the homestead and looks like we'll have hot water in the house shortly! I'll enjoy that in the kitchen where we wash our hands. With this mess in our country, looks like we may not get moved as soon as we thought so when it does warm up, hubby may have to put window a/c back in here. Was hoping we'd be moved and could enjoy the central air at the homestead. Oh well, life happens...and we're safe and well. Fixed enchiladas tonight for supper using my "homemade sausage" from turkey burger. Filled another bottle of Tumeric capsules. We only had another day's supply and today was a good time to do it since I was staying here.
  8. HazelStone


    If my husband ever leads seder some year... this is approximately his grasp of history and retention of Hebrew school...
  9. Our Aldi is in a smaller town so no problem with too many people. Yesterday, I stopped near the end of the day. One of the clerks was washing down each of the carts and we didn't have to donate a quarter. If the cart was washed, it was out of the rack and ready to take inside. Neat idea. I found many of the items were limited to 2 or 3 each. Flour was limit of two. Oil was limit of two, etc. No toilet paper but did other paper products. The shoppers were very polite and kept their distance, except for one young lady. She had her cart in the middle of the aisle and yakking on her phone. Totally oblivious to the real world. Very rude. I sort of nudged her cart (gentler than what I was thinking of doing), and she got the idea. Sometimes I wish the virus would take out the brainless and idiots. Sort of biologically sifting through the DNA and eliminating anything unnecessary.
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  11. Stores here are also starting the one way on the isles. It is a great idea. But there will still be people that won't follow the rules. I keep praying for this to be over. But I think we have a long way to go. I am not counting on hot summers to get rid of this. It might slow it down a bit but that is about all.
  12. Both Wal-Mart and Target have big decals on the floor showing the six feet distance. I like that. But only at the check out lanes. BTW, most of the tiles on the floor in major stores are 1 foot square so you can sort of judge for yourself. It's raining hard and the wind is howling here today. Also the "tater wagon" has been rumbling up above too. Oops just dropped another tater. That one must have been round. It rolled a long way.
  13. Thats first time I've heard of one way aisles. Good idea. Any little bit helps. Wal-Mart and Target food aisles are so narrow to begin with.
  14. SO, almost exactly in answer to this complaint, I learned today that ALDI'S is implementing COVID-19 policies: an employee will stand at the entrance and limit people entering the store. They will allow one person per 5000 square feet, admitting another only when one leaves. Aisles will be one way to avoid having to pass other customers. They will sanitize carts. So maybe it is worth going back for produce - our garden won't be producing for awhile yet.
  15. Haven't done a lot today. Watched a movie earlier with DH. To windy and wet to do anything outside. Chatted with granddaughter3 that works at hosp. She has been doing double shifts and college on line now. She's tired but doing well. And there may be a wedding in the near future as she and her boyfriend may decide to get married at some point when this mess is over. Kappydell , hoping your swollen ankles start going down and staying down soon. And very glad there is no heart issues. Still can't get hold of any of our doctors, so going to call heart doctor at home this evening. They must have closed the offices down or something is wrong with the phone lines. I know my internet has been going crazy these past couple of days. To many people on it at certain times of day I think. School children having to do on line schooling and are on morning and afternoon I think. Right now it slows down and then speeds up again. Made biscuits this morning with breakfast and then went to market to pay for package I had sent to granddaughter2 in Washington state. It was really busy and no one keeping their distance. DH's cousin was there and having a fit customers not keeping their distance, they would not lesson to him. Just shopping like nothing was happening. The employees were all wearing mask and gloves and wiping everything down. Guess you just can't make the customers keep their distance from each other. And because the store is small, he may start limiting them to 5 coming in at a time. That would be the only way to control it.
  16. This is good to know about the mask. I have everything baking in the sun right now. All the mail I got today is out there. Had to set a rock on each piece to keep it all from blowing away. Still can't get the greenhouse set up where I want because of the higher winds today. Hopefully tomorrow we can move it from garage and get it secured outside.
  17. Baked a ham yesterday and put in freezer--6 snack size bags for add ins (thanks Kappy! I hadn't been doing small packages)--5 quart bags 4 meals and one ham bone. That's a lot of meals for 2 people! Going to put dirt in a few lick tubs to grow lettuce.
  18. kappydell, just a thought. When DS was so sick with ulcerative colitis, his ankles started swelling, it gradually moved up into his legs. His albumin was off but I don't remember now if it was too low or to high but the bottom line was that the cause of the swelling was allergies and "hidden" kidney infection. The hospital tested his kidneys but nothing showed up. Then another doctor put him on a 10 day dose of an antibiotic (I would have to look up the name but it wasn't one that he'd been on before.). DS lost nearly 13 pounds of fluid in 24 hours! Every spring for a few years, his ankles would swell but it would go away later on in the summer. Finally a spring came when there was no more swelling and he's been good ever since. He had allergy testing for foods over time and gradually learned what he needed to eliminate and it finally took care of the swelling.
  19. Drawbridge! Definitely. We'll see if DH will even be going out in 2 wks to do any shopping. Wish he'd been able to get meds yesterday. So glad we're situated in these mountains.....sparse population density. ....... EVEN IF we're predicted to be in the low single digits on Sunday/Monday nights. Quite possible we could be BELOW ZERO ON EASTER SUNDAY NITE. That's got to be a record. That's also the reason we are Low Population Density up here in the frozen tundra. We were close to 70* this afternoon, for petes sake! All these reports of food wasted makes me ill. I know it's due to being set up for commercial/industrial deliveries but....how do we explain to hungry people [which could be anyone in the future months] that all that rotted? ....there isn't a smilie that shows this emotion.... MtRider .....we've got to do this better or ....
  20. Glad to hear good results on OB appt. Euphrasyne!!!! DH did his every 2 wks shopping for us/folks. Had to get their meds too. Next time he'll grab his 'scripts...one wasn't ready this time. Get nervous over meds from China not being available. Like that was ever a good idea! Sanitized everything coming into the house from that trip....including DH. Got my seed starting "table" set up in basement....after hours of clearing the area. In the process, got 7 waterman-type jugs sanitized but not filled. No room for them anywhere ...but maybe after we get more space cleared. Need to start seeds soon. But the oven repair comes before that with my energy. Need more energy hours! MtRider ......... dusting down in MY basement is not like that cheery yellow person. More like COUGH!!
  21. Well, still working with my primary care doc to try to figure out why my ankles are swelling so bad. All those tests showed no heart issues. She switched some meds to try to eliminate any that cause water retention. Its gonna take a while...I with the virus did not preclude my taking her salad veggies (hard to clean them) because I am knee deep in various lettuces. Baked bread today. Dinner was home made bread,, hot out of the oven and baked chicken. I have been brining my chicken in an effort to get out more of the blood that seems to remain near the bones and it works. All I did today was brine them, then when ready to cook them, rinse, dry off, spray with PAM fat spray, sprinkle on some dry crumbs & herbs, spray with more fat spray and bake them 1 hour at 375. (Usually I go 350 but the bread called for 375 so I baked both at the same time. Mary was all smiles, she LOVES hot homemade bread, but then again, who doesn't? Nobody here.....Since Mary went out & got frozen bread dough I used that (she was trying to make it easier on my arthritis; did not have the heart to tell her that kneading bread is not a problem....opening plastic packaging IS....but why rebuff her kindness?) The sourdough will snooze in the refrigerator a day or two, then I will wake it up and make fresh bread again - we go thru a loaf a day.
  22. Country/Region/Sovereignty 431,838 US 148,220 Spain 139,422 Italy 113,982 France 113,296 Germany 64,586 Iran 61,474 United Kingdom 38,226 Turkey 23,403 Belgium 23,280 Switzerland 20,682 Netherlands 19,290 Canada 16,188 Brazil 13,141 Portugal 12,942 Austria 10,384 Korea, South 9,404 Israel 8,672 Russia 8,419 Sweden 6,074 Ireland 6,042 Norway 6,010 Australia 5,916 India 5,597 Denmark 5,546 Chile 5,312 Czechia 5,205 Poland 4,761 Romania 4,667 Japan 4,450 Ecuador 4,342 Peru 4,263 Pakistan 4,119 Malaysia 3,870 Philippines 3,034 Luxembourg 2,956 Indonesia 2,932 Saudi Arabia 2,785 Mexico 2,666 Serbia 2,659 United Arab Emirates 2,528 Panama 2,487 Finland 2,369 Thailand 2,210 Qatar 2,111 Dominican Republic 2,054 Colombia 1,884 Greece 1,845 South Africa 1,795 Argentina 1,668 Ukraine 1,616 Iceland 1,572 Algeria 1,560 Egypt 1,343 Croatia 1,275 Morocco 1,210 New Zealand 1,202 Iraq 1,185 Estonia 1,174 Moldova 1,091 Slovenia 1,066 Belarus 912 Lithuania 895 Hungary 881 Armenia 855 Kuwait 823 Bahrain 822 Azerbaijan 804 Bosnia and Herzegovina 730 Cameroon 727 Kazakhstan 712 Diamond Princess 682 Slovakia 628 Tunisia 617 North Macedonia 593 Bulgaria 577 Latvia 576 Lebanon 564 Andorra 545 Uzbekistan 526 Cyprus 502 Costa Rica 457 Cuba 456 Uruguay 444 Afghanistan 419 Oman 414 Burkina Faso 400 Albania 384 Cote d'Ivoire 358 Jordan 342 Niger 313 Ghana 312 Honduras 308 San Marino 299 Malta 276 Nigeria 273 Mauritius 270 Kyrgyzstan 263 West Bank and Gaza 251 Vietnam 248 Montenegro 244 Senegal 218 Bangladesh 211 Georgia 210 Bolivia 189 Sri Lanka 184 Kosovo 180 Congo (Kinshasa) 179 Kenya 167 Venezuela 164 Guinea 135 Brunei 135 Djibouti 119 Paraguay 117 Cambodia 110 Rwanda 107 Trinidad and Tobago 93 El Salvador 93 Madagascar 87 Guatemala 81 Monaco 78 Liechtenstein 70 Togo 63 Barbados 63 Jamaica 59 Mali 55 Ethiopia 53 Uganda 45 Congo (Brazzaville) 40 Bahamas 39 Zambia 37 Guyana 34 Gabon 33 Eritrea 33 Guinea-Bissau 31 Liberia 27 Haiti 26 Benin 25 Tanzania 22 Burma 21 Libya 19 Angola 19 Antigua and Barbuda 19 Maldives 19 Syria 18 Equatorial Guinea 17 Mozambique 16 Mongolia 16 Namibia 15 Dominica 15 Fiji 15 Laos 14 Saint Lucia 14 Sudan 12 Eswatini 12 Grenada 12 Somalia 11 Saint Kitts and Nevis 11 Seychelles 11 Zimbabwe 10 Chad 10 Suriname 9 MS Zaandam 9 Nepal 8 Belize 8 Central African Republic 8 Holy See 8 Malawi 8 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 7 Cabo Verde 7 Sierra Leone 6 Botswana 6 Mauritania 6 Nicaragua 5 Bhutan 4 Gambia 4 Sao Tome and Principe 4 Western Sahara 3 Burundi 2 Papua New Guinea 2 South Sudan 1 Timor-Leste 14,768 deaths attributed in the US Per 9:30 p.m. Eastern update on April 8
  23. Thanks for the reminder MtRider. The scammers will be out in full force. Ours will be enough to pay the real estate taxes for a full year. Since they are sending the money, I figure that would be the best thing to use it for. Might even have a couple hundred left over after it is paid. Due in June. So plenty of time for it to get here and I won't have to worry about it come December.
  24. Midnightmom, We have Medicare and they don't offer ask a Nurse. And if Medicare doesn't pay then our secondary won't either. I am thinking of calling his heart doctor at home. I don't like doing that, but seems to be my only option at this point. Euphrasyne, I have been thinking about having him switched to a different medication but then this coronavirus hit. DH has been dragging all day. He was up at 4:30 and wide awake. But has been really tired today. He may have over done it yesterday. He won't go walking or do any other exercise. So when he does exert himself. He pays for it. Just another thing I will be working on or he will find himself in phy therapy. And not for speech therapy to strengthening of his throat muscles. Today I did some cleaning around the house and planted some herbs. They are coming Sat. morning to remove the 6 roots from flowerbeds in front of house. I have been trying to get rid of those bushes for the past 4 years. They got way to big and almost partway up windows. DH would not let me take them out. Well, now that he has me taking care of yard stuff, they are out of here. Biggest mosquito hangout ever. Now you can see the front of the house. Don't have to worry about someone hiding behind those bushes anymore either. Once those are out, I can clean the beds up and have more room for garden. I will have marigolds and some other type of flowers along the edge to draw pollinator bees. Going to do that around the bigger garden in back yard as well.
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  26. Do any of your health insurances provide an "Ask a Nurse" benefit???
  27. Lots of alternatives to both the usual rubbing alcohol and aloe vera gel that are in short supply at the moment.
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