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  2. It took about an hour to get through to a live person, but everything went smoothly after that. The lady said there were only 2 of them answering the phones for scheduling! Test came back negative, so just my usual respiratory crud. Popping massive amounts of supplements to try to avoid antibiotics.
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  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Little Sister and dh! DH had to run into town today.... take my dad to ER. Woke with severe joint pain in one hand. Checked for sepsis. A break. Other stuff. Think it's like gout?? Required a lot of phone calls from DH to me or to my mom for questions. Then the guys stopped to get 'scripts. And Wendy's for lunch/supper. Then DH left and came back with their groceries [and ours] and bank and gas and ...... He called to say they've got inches of snow rapidly. Told him if you get half way here, we don't have snow. He said it was very SLICK! Tension
  5. I cheat and use http://whitewingsbrand.com/tortilla-mix/ you just add water. The hotter the water the better not boiling but it needs to be hot. Mix it up, cover with plastic wrap let it set for a few minutes then make golf ball size balls cover with camp cloth. (you have to keep the dough from drying out) and roll out thin. I mean really thin as in you can read bold print through it. I use a large iron skillet on med heat and hubby swishes it until it starts to brown then he flips it and repeats process. We then stack them in side a folded kitchen towel and put in side a 2 gallon
  6. Miki, I hate when I check on line for something and then I get a zillion phone calls. I have had to block a lot of them. Seems they sell your phone number to everyone. Enjoy that train trip. I know it will be fun. And getting to see your great grandchildren. That will be the highlight of your trip. Have fun. I was so sore today even after taken that muscle relaxer I didn't want to take. My arm is the worst right now. I think I must have had all of DH's weight on that arm trying to hold him up yesterday. Heating pad did help my back and shoulders. He has stayed in bed all day onl
  7. Here in Cali, Gov Newsome has been reluctant to let anybody know HOW they have been determining which "tier" a region is in - because it is too "confusing." Text of the blog attached to this FB post: Today he said that ALL regions are out from under the "stay at home" orders. I guess the recall petition is starting to worry him!
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  9. Made the mistake of looking at dental insurance online. Yikes! My phone hasn't stopped ringing. And I still have a FL number even though I am not there, so even if I answered, they couldn't help. Phone has like 30 plus calls all from different numbers. Make that over 50 so far!
  10. California Has Its Own Coronavirus Variant, Researchers Reveal Mary Papenfuss Mon, January 25, 2021, 3:31 AM The U.S. now has its very own COVID-19 variant and scientists believe the burgeoning strain is likely linked to the surge in cases in Los Angeles County. Two independent research groups discovered the strain in California while seeking the more contagious, possible more deadly, British variant in the state. Although the researchers found the UK strain ― B.1.1.7 ― in scattered cases in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Bernardino counties, they weren’t expecting to discover a ho
  11. 25,236,815: confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States. (That’s 491,369 more than Friday morning.) 420,516: US deaths attributed to coronavirus. (That’s 9,076 more than Friday morning.) 110,628: people currently hospitalized with coronavirus 295.01 million: The number of coronavirus tests that have been administered in the United States so far, according to researchers at The COVID Tracking Project. At least 18.5 million: The number of Americans who have received one or both vaccine shots so far.
  12. I'm sorry for all of your losses and sickness We2. I'm glad you and the mister are well! You have really been through it too Littlesister. You really do need home health care help. Our health care has suffered greatly. "Attention Wal-Mart shoppers, Jeepers is in the store...again. I repeat, 'She is back in the store and on the scooter now.' Clean up in aisle 1,2,3,4 oh h3ll. Just avoid all aisles until we can get the cleaning brigade situated. Any one got the number for the National Guard or FEMA or Red Cross handy? I think we are gonna need a bigger mop." I had plan
  13. I've been calling trying to get a COVID test for the last 45 minutes. Lines are busy. That doesn't bode well.
  14. That turkey looks great! Today is laundry day. Walk myself and then dogs. Do some computer stuff. Lastly, check on train tickets to visit DH's family in IL. There are 3 great grandchildren I haven't met and haven't seen grandkids since they were 10 and 11 years old. Won't go until the latter part of June, but excited now!
  15. Our Pizza Hut is really bad. And as for KFC. The last time we went there, they had no chicken, no pot pies, notta, nothing. Very bad management. They forgot to order chicken and they had a sell going on and nothing t sell. It's one of the reasons we don't do fast food very much unless we go to Smithfield or somewhere else.
  16. Midnightmom, you are making me hungry. That turkey looks good. I am going to give that a try using the above directions. Turkeys are still frozen though one is just starting to thaw. So going to wait till Tuesday and for sure Wed. to start canning these. Going to go buy 2 more, one for freezer and one to try that above recipe. I just can't pass up buying a 12lb turkey for just over $.3.00 for the whole turkey. Can't beat 29 cents a lb. I really thought they were kidding when I saw that price. Cheapest I have ever bought a turkey for was 59 cents a pound and that was many years ago.
  17. Anthony Brian Logan goes into detail about existing pipelines and discusses the hazards of transporting oil via trains and ships.
  18. well I've gone back a ways in January to see how everyone has been doing. --LittleSis is still having less help from medical folks than she and her dh need. --WE2s are still plugging away - getting homestead ready. Sorry to hear of the COVID losses in your family. --Jeepers.....needs to learn how to use the store scooters - to save energy! [we can put out an All Points Bulletin to clear the aisles???] That's the only way I can get thru a Walmart store and still have stamina to make shopping choices. --Thankful that Miki's life is now "boring" again.
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  20. LOL Thanks Midnight. We have both Wendy's and Pizza Hut in a village near here. Pizza Hut closed a year or so ago. Too bad. Liked their pizza best. MtRider
  21. We will be going back to having to depend on other countries for oil. So gas prices, and our utilities are going up. So far our water and natural gas bill has doubled in price. Haven't gotten the electric bill yet. All the neighbors around here are raising cane. DH said it was on news that they are putting 25 cents a gal. tax each month on the gas. They are going to try to force us all to use electric cars. Biden plans on putting up charging stations everywhere in the US. So now with so many out of work, grocery prices going up, utilities going up, and yes even our newspaper jum
  22. WE2, I am so sorry to hear of your losses. That is a lot to have to deal with. Though they are in heaven and singing glory to God as they are no longer suffering from this Virus. And also your brother that had cancer, he no longer has it now. I am sure he is dancing to all the singing to the glory of God as well. No more sickness for any of them. I know it has been tough on you and your family. Take care and praying for both you and your family to get through these trying times. May God Bless you and yours. I started out having a tough day this morning. DH decided to take his
  23. Here in N. Suffolk where I am, We can't seem to get a true quote on how things are going with this virus. I am starting to see more and more people going in and out of stores with no mask. Despite the fact that the stores are demanding it. In Western Tidewater Suffolk, that seems to be where the most cases are. That is also where we have the jail, downtown, and several nursing homes. So that might explain the spike on that end of Suffolk. Not letting my guard down and still going to keep taking the precautions needed to keep us as safe as possible. Praying for everyo
  24. President Joe Biden slashed thousands of union jobs on his first day in office due to the cancellation of the Keystone XL oil pipeline construction. Immediately after Biden signed the executive order on Jan. 20 revoking their permit, TC Energy Corp, the company responsible for building the pipeline, announced that they would have to layoff 1,000 workers. The pipeline was supposed to run from Alberta to the Texas Gulf Coast, and sparked controversy for building on Native American land. <snip> https://www.westernjournal.com/unions-endorsed-biden
  25. Ambergris. We were talking about the same thing only I called it a solar still. I have practiced with one many times and found that they give very little clean water unless you wet the area or use a very wet area to begin with. It would be a source of emergency water if you had no other AND if you had enough sun/heat to make it work. And if you had the tarp, containers, and a way to dig them at your disposal. Lots of IF's in that statement but it is good to at least know a few alternative sources of water. MM, I do understand the challenge of evac, especially if it would have
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