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  2. Going to be running around and helping a friend for a few hours a day for awhile. Still walked this morning but no short video after. Ordered shoes yesterday on eBay for more walking! Pulled a package of baked turkey out of the freezer, but looks freezer burnt so I will probably pull out a turkey breast to bake if needed.
  3. After all our work yesterday cleaning out, defrosting, and moving freezers so Sears could deliver our new one, CM called them to see when they were going to deliver it, because today was the day they gave us when they postponed our order. Oy!!! NOW it is not coming for another two weeks!!! At this rate CM is fuming and wants to cancel the order and re-order from someone else....until I pointed out that those "others" were still projecting delivery dates in June or July (and that was back in April when we were ordering). Probably even later now. So we will not so patiently wait. Cant complain overly much, does no good. When re re-loaded the 2 small ones we put the 2019 items in one and the 2020 items in the other. Easier to rotate stock that way. Oddly, the thing we had most of was....STEAK (!!) There were really good sales last summer & autumn and we bought extras. I guess we can suffer thru steak for a while, LOL. But with the meat prices now double what they were a month ago, I sure wish Sears had come thru. The kitties are confused with all the extra room in the carport (we also made a huge clear path for the delivery men to get the freezer in and positioned. We now have a little extra time to pick up the freezer locks we will be putting on both. This is Scruffy 2 weeks ago when the vet said he might have to be put down if his skin did not improve.....we decided to try medication first so delayed the euthenasia. THIS is Scruffy yesterday while he watched us do the defrosting. Hair & whiskers returning...he loved the music and watching us work, as well as the occasional tummy rubs when we took a break. And THIS is Butterscotch as we named him. He comes and hangs out in the shed when we have long days of heavy rain, and since he is polite we let him stay as long as he wants. He always leaves when the weather improves, but appreciates the shelter, the chow, and the petting (wow does he purr loudly!) He is mellow so he is welcome. There has been only one cat turned away because he picked fights with the males & tried to "have" the females. We run an orderly cat house here, ya know?
  4. CO went up about 200 cases since yesterday. Only 36 more were hospitalized tho....21 deaths [using death-from-COVID stats]. Our county is staying quite steady.... thankful for that. MtRider
  5. IT RAINED......not snow....RAIN today! Course there was the usual mountain thunderstorm too. Unplug the laptops and other fragile things. And it reallllllly POURED DOWN for a while. I was watching it pass thru on the Doppler. Green/yellow/red rain and storm speckles all over CO today. Bits of blue [snow] speckles on the highest peaks. Our expanding container garden is WELL watered. Had to cover it all cuz now we're quite chilly and could frost tonite again. We're expecting a lot of rain chances this week. We are definitely out of fire danger for a while...... lol few days at least. A dozen collard babies. Peas beginning to peek up. Lettuce in the big tin wash tub. Potatoes in 3 containers need more soil dumped in again. I'm really curious about how those will turn out!!! Got my truck going. I'd left it too long in this COVID ...just used the car. So DH climbed half into the motor to take top off the air filter and spray a bit of starter fluid down carburetor. It's a big old Ford truck. Then it started right up and I took it for a spin to get all parts moving again. LOL......It's been so long since I drove it, it was still in 4-wheel drive for snow/ice. Felt that when I started....stopped and got out to turn the hubs on the front wheels - back to 2-wheel. Dehydrating sliced mushrooms DH got yesterday. May have to run it again tomorrow...today is HUMID compared to our usual. Tomorrow we have to drop car off at mechanic for some usual stuff and a Maintenance Required light. Ugh...EARLY. I've been sleeping from 2-10 am. MtRider
  6. I can't see the pic but I've worn a buff for decades. I absolutely hate wind in my ears. I'll wear them under stocking hat in winter. Over ears in wind. Keeping hair back as needed. Try Sportsmans Guide [ NEVER buy one of THEIR products....cheap/falls apart!! Just other name brands they sell....ask me how I know] They go under neck gaiter or face mask/head cover. Or tube head cover. I'm dithering but will place order for one from somewhere. My last one is decades old and frayed badly. I don't like them squash-tight but firm to the face when I wear it that way. They have more options than I'm seeing on this page. https://www.sportsmansguide.com/productlist/clothing/personal-accessories/hats-caps?d=112&c=17&s=335 Jeepers....75 pounds? How does anyone carry them???? Ask if they are shipped in waterproof wrapping - likely cuz they can't get air or they'd begin to EXPAND! I was staying with my folks during the Broken Hip Incident when DH brought in and set up this one. So I didn't see it in the compressed form. MtRider ....DH is still seeking his unemployment checks. Got some and then.... Restaurants are opening but not his yet.
  7. I take that back. The CDC says the flu-like illness is just over 1% under baseline reporting this week and last week. They think people are not seeking medical care because of the corona virus.
  8. 1,699,073 US 411,821 Brazil 370,680 Russia 268,619 United Kingdom 236,259 Spain 231,139 Italy 183,038 France 181,524 Germany 159,797 Turkey 158,086 India 141,591 Iran 135,905 Peru 88,989 Canada 84,104 China 82,289 Chile 78,541 Saudi Arabia 78,023 Mexico 59,151 Pakistan 57,592 Belgium 48,947 Qatar 45,970 Netherlands 38,956 Belarus 38,292 Bangladesh 38,103 Ecuador 35,088 Sweden 32,876 Singapore 31,969 United Arab Emirates 31,292 Portugal 30,776 Switzerland 25,937 South Africa 24,803 Ireland 24,104 Colombia 23,851 Indonesia 23,267 Kuwait 22,473 Poland 21,905 Ukraine 19,666 Egypt 18,594 Romania 16,793 Israel 16,651 Japan 16,591 Austria 15,723 Dominican Republic 15,049 Philippines 13,933 Argentina 12,456 Afghanistan 11,728 Panama 11,680 Denmark 11,275 Serbia 11,265 Korea, South 9,692 Bahrain 9,304 Kazakhstan 9,086 Czechia 8,857 Algeria 8,733 Nigeria 8,401 Norway 8,373 Oman 7,774 Armenia 7,619 Malaysia 7,601 Morocco 7,537 Moldova 7,303 Ghana 7,139 Australia 7,136 Bolivia 6,692 Finland 5,436 Cameroon 5,135 Iraq 4,568 Azerbaijan 4,401 Honduras 4,146 Sudan 4,001 Luxembourg 3,954 Guatemala 3,793 Hungary 3,424 Tajikistan 3,369 Uzbekistan 3,275 Guinea 3,253 Senegal 3,054 Thailand 2,903 Greece 2,697 Djibouti 2,556 Cote d'Ivoire 2,546 Congo (Kinshasa) 2,460 Bulgaria 2,435 Bosnia and Herzegovina 2,319 Gabon 2,244 Croatia 2,109 El Salvador 2,039 North Macedonia 1,974 Cuba 1,840 Estonia 1,805 Iceland 1,731 Somalia 1,647 Lithuania 1,520 Kyrgyzstan 1,515 Slovakia 1,504 New Zealand 1,471 Kenya 1,471 Slovenia 1,469 Sri Lanka 1,457 Maldives 1,245 Venezuela 1,195 Guinea-Bissau 1,174 Haiti 1,161 Lebanon 1,116 Mali 1,057 Latvia 1,057 Zambia 1,051 Tunisia 1,050 Albania 1,047 Kosovo 1,043 Equatorial Guinea 994 South Sudan 984 Costa Rica 952 Niger 939 Cyprus 886 Nepal 884 Paraguay 845 Burkina Faso 803 Uruguay 782 Sierra Leone 763 Andorra 759 Nicaragua 735 Georgia 731 Ethiopia 720 Jordan 715 Chad 712 Diamond Princess 702 Central African Republic 667 San Marino 612 Madagascar 612 Malta 571 Congo (Brazzaville) 564 Jamaica 509 Tanzania 443 Sao Tome and Principe 441 Taiwan* 434 West Bank and Gaza 395 Togo 390 Cabo Verde 346 Rwanda 334 Mauritius 327 Vietnam 324 Montenegro 292 Mauritania 281 Uganda 272 Eswatini 266 Liberia 256 Yemen 227 Mozambique 210 Benin 206 Burma 148 Mongolia 141 Brunei 139 Guyana 132 Zimbabwe 124 Cambodia 121 Syria 116 Trinidad and Tobago 101 Malawi 100 Bahamas 99 Libya 98 Monaco 92 Barbados 87 Comoros 82 Liechtenstein 71 Angola 42 Burundi 39 Eritrea 35 Botswana 28 Bhutan 25 Antigua and Barbuda 25 Gambia 24 Timor-Leste 23 Grenada 22 Namibia 19 Laos 18 Belize 18 Fiji 18 Saint Lucia 18 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 16 Dominica 15 Saint Kitts and Nevis 12 Holy See 12 Suriname 11 Seychelles 9 MS Zaandam 9 Western Sahara 8 Papua New Guinea 2 Lesotho States with the highest confirmed 364,965 New York 156,628 New Jersey 114,306 Illinois 101,032 California 94,220 Massachusetts 73,557 Pennsylvania 58,538 Texas 55,611 Michigan 52,634 Florida 48,423 Maryland 44,675 Georgia 41,288 Connecticut 40,249 Virginia 38,497 Louisiana 33,439 Ohio 32,437 Indiana 24,916 North Carolina 24,754 Colorado 22,464 Minnesota 21,288 Tennessee 20,406 Washington 100,396 US deaths attributed States attributing the highest numbers 29,484 New York 11,339 New Jersey 6,547 Massachusetts 5,334 Michigan 5,265 Pennsylvania 5,083 Illinois 3,895 California 3,803 Connecticut 2,723 Louisiana 2,392 Maryland 2,319 Florida 2,044 Ohio 2,030 Indiana 1,933 Georgia 1,581 Texas 1,392 Colorado 1,281 Virginia 1,095 Washington Cumulative hospitalizations, where that data is known: 77,838 New York 16,597 New Jersey 12,538 Connecticut 9,899 Florida 9,388 Massachusetts 8,281 Maryland 7,666 Georgia 6,826 Virginia 5,700 Ohio 5,285 Indiana 4,160 Colorado 3,338 Washington 2,796 Minnesota 2,411 Wisconsin 2,136 Kentucky 2,106 Mississippi 2,031 Arizona 1,719 Alabama 1,647 Tennessee 1,624 Rhode Island 1,618 South Carolina 1,282 New Mexico 941 Oklahoma 822 Kansas 759 Oregon 716 Utah 627 Arkansas 421 New Hampshire 391 South Dakota 260 Maine 231 Idaho 161 North Dakota 83 Hawaii 82 Wyoming 66 Montana Notice that although these are supposed to be cumulative numbers, which should only ever go up, some of them have gone down. I don't know why this has occurred. Corrections would be the best guess. I am focusing on these because, while "confirmed" patients may be double counted, and dead people may be presumed to have died of covid, someone who is in the hospital is under a lot of hands and eyes, and is subject to a lot of paperwork. Some pneumonia cases or weird cases might get listed as covid admissions for higher funding, but your average flu case won't--or apparently isn't, considering the unusually high numbers of flu cases and flu deaths being reported. Anyway, these are the end of the day numbers on May 27.
  9. Yesterday
  10. I've seen those 'Masks' too only without the ear holes. I almost bought a couple but shipping was so slow. Last month they said delivery between July 1-31. Shipping that slow, I know where it's coming from. Fresh off the boat. The kind I was looking at are the kind motor cycle folks wear to keep debris (bugs) out of their mouth and nose. They are just a tube of spandex type material. If I was wearing one for germs I think I'd put a layer of tissue or soft fabric inside for extra protection. Maybe. The reason I want some is because you can use them as a face mask, doo-rag, headband and other ways. Nice for when the weather is hot. Or keeping hair back while canning. They are called a Buff. YouTube "how to wear a buff" and see all of the neat ways you can wear them. 60's music...YES! T-t-t-talkin' 'bout my g-g-g-generation.
  11. I feel your pain. We've been mom-proofing our place to prep for her move this weekend to our place. Started with cleaning her bedroom, which has stuff left over from her last move. Into the third bedroom, but there's too many boxes for that to happen. DH suggested we rent a garage just down the road. It's brand new and very nice. We snapped it up and have starting moving stuff into it. Stuff from the bedrooms. Stuff from the lower level so I can move my computer hutch down there. That frees up room on the living room wall for mom's TV. My huge growing rack system has to be torn down so the computer hutch will fit in that space. Did I mention that the bathroom is torn apart because the simple changing of the toilet to a high-rise turned into tearing out some of the subfloor due to a wax ring that was failing? Might as replace the floor covering and floor moulding while we're at it. DH had already committed to helping a carpenter tear out a kitchen and bathroom of our mutual pharmacist at church this week, so he's working on our place in the evenings. Mom will be happy when she arrives. We will be exhausted.
  12. Definitely! That’s the next big project on my list. Several years ago, I cleaned and cleared the shed out, installed insulation, drywall and peg boards. Re-did all the electrical, with the over-seeing help of a licensed electrician, put in a window AC unit, work bench, and shelving, and re-shingled the roof, for DH. He used it, until... it got too cluttered... I’d put things back in their place.... but... you know... stuff gets put in there, out of the way, and before you know it, it’s spilling out the door... Then, we had the huge Palo Verde tree fall, over on to it, during an extreme wind and rain storm, which took shingles off, causing the shed to leak in a couple of places. BIG project to tackle... after I get mom’s room done. As for her coming back here, IDK. She made a passing comment, ‘never’.
  13. Oh Jeepers, you have a full plate! And I thought I was the only one being blessed with "character-building" exercises. They sure do get old, having to do things the hard way, then watching everything go wrong and having to re-do. I have enough character already, just look at all the character lines in my face! (About all I can do about it is make jokes, but it is a common refrain in this house...."oh #^%$@@%! what NEXT?!?" ) We need an emoji for a rueful laugh and elbow poke. Maybe this one? Today will be a "quiet day" as I will be going to my back doctor for a checkup. I have to travel a bit to get to the special x-ray machine that takes an entire spinal shot at once, then to his office with the 'fresh' xrays. It will probably take all day. And this was the day the freezer was supposed to arrive, so Mary will have to stay home so she can tell the delivery may where to put it. Its raining here for the 3rd day in a row and we do not know if Sears is going to deliver or some other person who sub-contracted the job from Sears. After all the work defrosting and moving and re-arranging our freezers so as to make a spot for the new one (and give the smallest one to a friend who wants a little one) they had better show up! Sears was supposed to notify us of a delivery time....NOT....or if the delivery was delayed (again).....NOT. Sigh. Oh well, we needed to defrost anyway, and were able to re-fill the freezers with older eat-first stuff on TOP for easier recovery (and our sociable cats enjoyed lounging atop the hot tub in the carport and watching us work to the 60s radio music.) Its not as hard a job as some, but time consuming, and one of those 'get around to it things' it is nice to get done. At least SOMETHING got done yesterday, lol. It was raining anyway. <---The new normal? Pretty, but effective? Dunno, I got nothin'.
  14. I wouldn't think they could kick her out if she is still paying rent. One less patient to tend to. But these days you never know what to expect. Annarchy, you need a 'she shed'.
  15. Hee hee. Tip is valid. It's a bed in a box. I should have said that I am sending it to son's house. But if they deliver it in the morning and it rains, then son may not get it inside until after 6:00pm. DIL will be there before then but it weighs nearly 75 pounds. If I can have it delivered on a Saturday or Sunday he will be there when it comes. I also have to work around the time of month because he is on call at work every 3rd. weekend and he could possibly be gone then too. If he is there to get it he can put it right in his work van and take it to my house at his leisure. I might be over thinking this. I just don't want it to get wet. $$$$ A real bed to sleep in over there...YES. Last time my inflatable mattress went poof and I ended up sleeping on the floor. Just as well because when it was aired up I kept rolling off the edge of it. Talk about a surprise awakening. Dang. Giving him power of attorney over my banking is doable. The thing is, right now the offices are all closed because of the virus. Even if I was there I couldn't go in. Maybe with an appointment or something. I'm ready for a road trip. I need to line up a painter and a landscaper. I want the ceilings painted and they are cathedral ceilings in 3-4 of the rooms. No way can I do those. Plus the walls leading up to the ceilings. The normal rooms I can do. The landscaping is very very overgrown. It would take son all summer to get rid of that mess with just the two of us working on it. A crew can knock it out in a day or two. I can replant it myself. I really just need a complete tear-out and a couple of trees trimmed back. I just remembered I need to do some spackle and sanding before painting. Sigh.
  16. Jeepers....re: the mattress delivery. Have them send it to your son's house! Then he can dump it inside at your house. They are heavy but not that big...if you got the foam, expandable one. Otherwise....this wise tip is null and void. As for your mystery check....we're getting SOME action after DH emailed to our state representative....for the Unemployment checks + $600. As for your bank....can you give son financial power of attorney and have him go there in person to see WHY you can't do off-site banking? Sounds ridiculous! Hmph! Or...is there a banking overseeing something you can contact? Might have to plan another ROAD TRIP!!!! MtRider ...won't it be nice to finally go to Indy and sleep on the wonderful bed?
  17. Yeah, Annarchy. I get the small house thing. Then we have less space cuz of the mice. There was one under the bed chewing....HOPEFULLY on the poison! Hmph. When will MIL return to AZ? Homesteader.....YIKES! that all will go smoothly....at least you'll get her settled at your place. also for when you DO have her at your house. Did you ever get your kitchen put back together? When does Operation Laundry Cart happen??? What a circus this COVID has created ....and we're not half done with all the ramifications of this time period. Our state is scrambling to make up the deficit from low sales tax, etc. Keep an eye on that aspect in all your states/counties too. I was reading about ours today. MtRider .....for LittleSister and her dh
  18. The CG, after sending him my preliminary break down of the requirements, forms, & reports, he said “never mind”. And, I still didn’t get into his state’s requirements. My brain hurts. Homesteader, I pray all goes well with the transition and she adapts well in your household and you do too. A friend of DH’s had a heart attack & deceased, because the ambulance & hospital refused to take him, because of the covid. I guess I will be busting it on my office tomorrow afternoon. A lot more paper to purge, sort, shred and throw out. My goal is to make room for the bed, that’s being delivered tomorrow. Then, whittle down my clothes to make room for her stuff. Yeah, my head hurts, trying to figure it out. And what to do with my office, art supplies, computer and desks. If I can work it right, I may leave my office in half of the room. She will have to deal with me being in there off & on to do my work. Sigh. Small house....
  19. Ours finally came in. I wasn't really expecting one, but we're thrilled. We're using it to upgrade our home to receive my handicapped mom this coming weekend. I'm so thankful DH is so handy with carpentry, plumbing and carpentry. He's a keeper.
  20. We made the decision to move my mom out of the retirement center and into our home. The county she lives in is high on demigod power juice. That's what happens with a liberal university. Most of the folks either work for the city, county, state, or feds. They don't have to worry about their businesses filing bankruptcy. I'll pack a bunch of stuff on Saturday and we'll escape when I take her to the hairdresser (first time in 10 weeks). My brother has been trying to call them but they're not answering the phone. He will let them know that mom is going on an extended visit and the monthly rental check will continue until she either returns to an opened county, or we move her out. It's all a 30-day notice, so we're prepared with a rental storage building in case the retirement center forces her out. We doubt it but one never knows with all the insanity these days. Sure they protected the old folks from Covid but they've been dying of other ailments due to doctor offices being closed. Go figure.
  21. 1,680,625 US 391,222 Brazil 362,342 Russia 266,599 United Kingdom 236,259 Spain 230,555 Italy 182,847 France 181,200 Germany 158,762 Turkey 150,793 India 139,511 Iran 129,751 Peru 88,090 Canada 84,102 China 77,961 Chile 76,726 Saudi Arabia 74,560 Mexico 57,705 Pakistan 57,455 Belgium 47,207 Qatar 45,780 Netherlands 38,059 Belarus 37,355 Ecuador 36,751 Bangladesh 34,440 Sweden 32,343 Singapore 31,086 United Arab Emirates 31,007 Portugal 30,761 Switzerland 24,735 Ireland 24,264 South Africa 23,165 Indonesia 23,003 Colombia 22,575 Kuwait 22,074 Poland 21,584 Ukraine 18,756 Egypt 18,429 Romania 16,757 Israel 16,623 Japan 16,557 Austria 15,264 Dominican Republic 14,669 Philippines 13,228 Argentina 11,831 Afghanistan 11,627 Denmark 11,447 Panama 11,227 Serbia 11,225 Korea, South 9,366 Bahrain 9,050 Czechia 8,969 Kazakhstan 8,697 Algeria 8,383 Norway 8,344 Nigeria 8,118 Oman 7,604 Malaysia 7,577 Morocco 7,402 Armenia 7,305 Moldova 7,142 Australia 7,117 Ghana 6,660 Bolivia 6,628 Finland 5,436 Cameroon 4,848 Iraq 4,403 Azerbaijan 4,189 Honduras 3,995 Luxembourg 3,976 Sudan 3,771 Hungary 3,760 Guatemala 3,290 Uzbekistan 3,275 Guinea 3,266 Tajikistan 3,161 Senegal 3,045 Thailand 2,892 Greece 2,477 Cote d'Ivoire 2,468 Djibouti 2,443 Bulgaria 2,416 Bosnia and Herzegovina 2,403 Congo (Kinshasa) 2,244 Croatia 2,238 Gabon 2,042 El Salvador 2,014 North Macedonia 1,963 Cuba 1,834 Estonia 1,804 Iceland 1,711 Somalia 1,639 Lithuania 1,513 Slovakia 1,504 New Zealand 1,469 Slovenia 1,468 Kyrgyzstan 1,438 Maldives 1,348 Kenya 1,319 Sri Lanka 1,211 Venezuela 1,178 Guinea-Bissau 1,140 Lebanon 1,077 Mali 1,063 Haiti 1,053 Latvia 1,051 Tunisia 1,043 Equatorial Guinea 1,038 Kosovo 1,029 Albania 956 Costa Rica 952 Niger 939 Cyprus 920 Zambia 877 Paraguay 832 Burkina Faso 806 South Sudan 789 Uruguay 772 Nepal 763 Andorra 759 Nicaragua 754 Sierra Leone 732 Georgia 718 Jordan 712 Diamond Princess 701 Ethiopia 700 Chad 671 Central African Republic 666 San Marino 611 Malta 586 Madagascar 556 Jamaica 509 Tanzania 487 Congo (Brazzaville) 441 Sao Tome and Principe 441 Taiwan* 429 West Bank and Gaza 391 Togo 390 Cabo Verde 339 Rwanda 334 Mauritius 327 Vietnam 324 Montenegro 268 Mauritania 266 Liberia 261 Eswatini 253 Uganda 249 Yemen 213 Mozambique 208 Benin 206 Burma 141 Brunei 141 Mongolia 139 Guyana 124 Cambodia 121 Syria 116 Trinidad and Tobago 101 Malawi 100 Bahamas 98 Monaco 92 Barbados 87 Comoros 82 Liechtenstein 77 Libya 70 Angola 56 Zimbabwe 42 Burundi 39 Eritrea 35 Botswana 27 Bhutan 25 Antigua and Barbuda 25 Gambia 24 Timor-Leste 23 Grenada 21 Namibia 19 Laos 18 Belize 18 Fiji 18 Saint Lucia 18 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 16 Dominica 15 Saint Kitts and Nevis 12 Holy See 11 Seychelles 11 Suriname 9 MS Zaandam 9 Western Sahara 8 Papua New Guinea 2 Lesotho States reporting over 20,000 confirmed cases: 363,836 New York 155,764 New Jersey 113,195 Illinois 99,091 California 93,693 Massachusetts 72,778 Pennsylvania 57,230 Texas 55,106 Michigan 52,255 Florida 47,687 Maryland 44,050 Georgia 41,303 Connecticut 39,342 Virginia 38,054 Louisiana 33,006 Ohio 32,078 Indiana 24,552 Colorado 24,455 confirmed North Carolina US 21,960 Minnesota 20,895 Tennessee 20,181 Washington Compare: 87,417 Lombardia Italy 86,017 Sao Paulo Brazil 57,569 Catalonia Spain 68,135 Hubei China 68,066 Madrid Spain 62,285 Metropolitana Chile 48,607 Quebec Canada 46,745 Bavaria Germany 40,024 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 37,395 Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany 37,021 Ceara Brazil 34,495 Baden-Wurttemberg Germany 31,949 Amazonas Brazil 30,314 Piemonte Italy 28,854 Pernambuco Brazil 28,600 Para Brazil 27,624 Ontario Canada 27,611 Emilia-Romagna Italy 24,278 Maranhao Brazil 20,999 Ciudad de Mexico Mexico 98,902 US deaths, mostly in: 29,302 New York 11,194 New Jersey 6,473 Massachusetts 5,267 Michigan 5,163 Pennsylvania 4,923 Illinois 3,807 California 3,769 Connecticut 2,702 Louisiana 2,333 Maryland 2,259 Florida 2,004 Indiana 2,002 Ohio 1,896 Georgia 1,546 Texas 1,352 Colorado 1,236 Virginia 1,078 Washington Cumulative hospitalizations, where those are reported: 77,637 New York 16,373 New Jersey 12,538 Connecticut 9,740 Florida 9,388 Massachusetts 8,179 Maryland 7,547 Georgia 6,630 Virginia 5,579 Ohio 5,285 Indiana 4,128 Colorado 3,290 Washington 2,709 Minnesota 2,362 Wisconsin 2,131 Kentucky 2,070 Mississippi 1,988 Arizona 1,671 Alabama 1,618 South Carolina 1,613 Rhode Island 1,609 Tennessee 1,264 New Mexico 941 Oklahoma 800 Kansas 752 Oregon 696 Utah 617 Arkansas 420 New Hampshire 378 South Dakota 258 Maine 225 Idaho 156 North Dakota 84 Hawaii 82 Wyoming 65 Montana So the US topped out at close to 2800 deaths per day (averaged on a weekly basis) several weeks ago, and now we are seeing just over 1100 deaths per day with a continuing downward slope. My numbers are from the evening and night updates, for whatever that's worth, on May 26.
  22. Even then, we have friends going 'round and 'round WITH a lawyer and a CPA for the last few months. I think they're finally getting it set up.
  23. Today, I pulled and washed carrots. Pulled most of the cabbage, one good one is 8-10” in diameter. Wow! Left 2 in the ground and gave the hens a couple that were overly munched on by aphids. They loved it. Then, cubed 2 half loves of bread from the refrigerator, that was left over from when mom was here, and sun dried it. Got an half pint of panko and a pint of plain breadcrumbs that can be made into Italian crumbs or whatever we choose. Tomorrow, I need to process the carrots. I’ll probably slice, blanch and freeze them, to be able to fry or just boil them. Got the first tomatillo, it’s as big as store bought. And, have been picking tomatoes almost daily. Not quite enough to can yet, but, there’s more coming soon. With our heat, some of the bottoms have heat burn. We water every day now. I’ve been spending a lot of time on the computer, researching the steps, forms, & reports necessary to start a non-profit business for DH’s friend. Yikes!!! I never would have even imagined how labor intensive it is. Good grief, the annual tax form is 14 pages long! Nope! I wouldn’t do it without a lawyer and a CPA.
  24. Ugh Ambergris. Not much smells worse than rotten potatoes.
  25. If your dad his the car keys, how in the world will he ever find them again. Oh boy. That could be an adventure! I get it, hide them from yourself. Hope he doesn't blame some one for stealing them. They do that a lot too. Glad he was at least in a good mood for your husband. And for your sainted mom. Bless her. Love your saying. "You're old. Success has to come quicker!!!" It sure does apply to me too. Ain't nobody got no time for waiting around no more.
  26. With us, it's less food tetris than food juggling. Sigh. When we drop the balls, we sometimes drop spectacularly. DS1 and I have both been sick a while, and I can smell bad potatoes. Sigh.
  27. So, I get my stimulus check in the mail today. I opened the envelope and the check is for $512.15. Hummm. That's an odd amount. Where is my $1,200.00 check! I just checked online and if you make $75,000.00 or less you get $1,200.00. Oh yeah, I made waaay less than that. Way less. I thought it would go into my bank account in Indiana where my S.S. check is auto deposited. So I went online to check my account over there. Anyone who knows me long enough knows I have major issues logging on to that bank. I can't. Not even with human help. So I went the normal route of having the auto teller email me a temp. password. Twice. Neither one worked. Then I had the auto teller phone me with a password. Twice. Neither one worked. So I called the 888 number to (hopefully) speak to a real person. I was on hold for nearly 20 minutes and finally hung up in exasperation. My fuse was getting shorter and shorter. Hanging up was prudent. I'm so sick of that bank. If it wasn't for the fact that I already have my S.S. going in there and my insurance and utilities coming out, I'd fire them! But we all know if I start messing with changing banks it's going to go worse for me. It always does. Nothing EVER goes smoothly for me. So, I still don't know if the $1,200.00 was ever deposited and why did I get a strange check for $512.15? I remember that $500.00 was for dependants but I don't have any. And that wouldn't be $512.15 anyway. SIgh. Hopefully I can find out some info tomorrow. Then I wanted to order a mattress on Amazon. It's 15% off. Woo hoo. I want it delivered on a certain date. They do offer that option. Guess who can't find that option now. Maybe it's only for certain items. I want a certain date so son will be there to bring it inside in case of rain. So...do I take a chance and order it now and have it arrive mid-week instead of a weekend or do I wait to order it and chance it not still being 15% off. That 15% equals almost $90.00. Nothing to sneeze at for me. I have it parked in the cart so hopefully it will retain that price until I can make a decision. My brain is not working great right now. P.S. Ambergris, it's the one you recommended a long time ago. Tuft and Needle.
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