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  2. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08DKTNFRG/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=paspr-20&linkId=79a67f32b9663cbb686088207818bcc6&language=en_US https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FYXMQ7Y/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=paspr-20&linkId=99d6d709fcc947991e6dd7409c6e562d&language=en_US https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0868XFBDS/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=paspr-20&linkId=fcc186ea275c67f9b624dddc71165a12&language=en_US
  3. It's nice to see both of you posting again. I'm looking forward to seeing more posts in the future.
  4. Thanks for the details on the clothesline! That is very helpful. I think that is awesome that your DH is willing to take off work and take the baby for it's shots.
  5. *Most 2 car garages are 20x20 so I'm comfortable with my 34ft clothesline which is front to back not 'all lines together.' I currently only have it extended a bit over half where it is. I can fit 2 king sheets and 3 pair of big men's pants per line with the current (half) extension. King blankets and quilts are heavy so I prefer to do only 1 blanket per line with lighter weight sheets or such on the rest of the line. The spacing is roughly the same as the old metal T bar clothesline I had at my previous house. The tension is not as tight as I might like, but so far it has not been an issu
  6. Mt Rider, I know that is scary but I'll be praying too.
  7. Prayers for you and yours Mt. Rider. Prayers for al! of us! Yep, buying food could become tricky. I have more to say about that but will put it down in the basement of I can find the links.
  8. We keep enough to take us through the winter and into next harvest season. What we put back is our business and nobody elses...other than what I share here and on Suttons Daze. Just sayin...
  9. Looks like the weather is going to be great for our Thanksgiving In The Woods...don't have to worry about masking etc., since there probably won't be too many campers other than ourselves and we usually pretty much stay to ourselves. We'll social distance if there are others.
  10. I have not done it but have had a couple of family members do it. I was doing the scrapbooking for my daughter and the 3 grandchildren to give each of them. but had to put it on hold with DH being so sick this year. Hoping to get back into it again next year. I haven't even done any sewing this year. So yes my world has been turned upside down, but not letting it get the better of me. Been through tough times before and God got me through all of it as he will this as well. So next year, I am hoping to be able to get back to the scrapbooking, sewing and a garden again. Hard to believe I had
  11. Mt. Rider and Annarchy. Prayers are going out for both of you and Ann's MIL. that none of you or anyone in that doctor's office get's the virus. Don't fret over it as all will work out. Praying that everyone here has a wonderful Thanksgiving and a safe one as well. We all need to be with family right now. We have so much to be thankful for and praising God for keeping us from getting this virus. I know God was with DH when he ended up so sick and in hospital the first time. He kept him safe from this virus as well as myself. So yes we have a lot to be thankful for th
  12. Mt_Rider, don’t get stressed. When I went to the optometrist, I checked in with the receptionist and sat down. MIL got there about 10 minutes later. We looked at pictures in a magazine, waiting, people came in, a couple left, because they already had walk-ins waiting. Two behind me. The Dr came out, frowned, & went back to the exam room. The phone rang, receptionist transferred the call... 3-5 minutes later, the dr came out, quietly said something to the receptionist, then walked back into the exam room. The receptionist, cordially picked up her stuff & headed for the door. We s
  13. Just another update. The grandpa that died....his two sisters, a brother-in-law, a niece and her three kids got covid. The BIL died. The grandma has been in quarantine for nearly 4 weeks because when the grandpa died, the son went to be with his Mom and tested positive so she had to go back into quarantine for 2 more weeks even though she is better now. How awful to lose your husband, worry about your only child being sick and be alone for nearly 4 weeks. Her son did have to go to the hospital but is better now.
  14. At our last township monthly meeting, the chairman announced that we've had 7 deaths to covid and 7 deaths to the flu. Now that people are more careful with germs, maybe the flu season won't be so deadly this year. It averages between 60,000 and 80,000 per year. I have this gnawing feeling that if we say 'no' to the vaccine we will eventually be refused services. People are putting too much money into this miracle drug not to force us to take it.
  15. Update on us. Oregon is starting to succumb to the rise in cases. 13 in our county last report. We are up to 18 fatalities here. We have been very fortunate at my clinic to all stay healthy and now have more protection for our staff, who we were able to get CAPR's for (like the helmets they wear in the hospital) to use instead of re-using N95 masks. I am very thankful we never ran out of masks, and that so far we have all managed to stay healthy as far as we know. My family is doing well.
  16. I was listening to a report by a virologist, yesterday. He says that the covid tests are now so sensitive that they can pick up just a few cells within a body. The person never gets sick because there weren't enough covid cells to multiply quickly. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family.
  17. I've been doing a lot and got myself subscription to Ancestry so having fun making connections there. I love finding all the photos others share. My daughter is also now very interested so we have fun sharing our discoveries together. I need to get working on scanning all my photos next, and scrapbooking but trying to wait until hubby finishes the shed he's building so I can make space downstairs where we are storing everything to turn it into my crafting spot
  18. Someone DH works with is now quarantined .... Get this: The boyfriend of a roommate is positive. Or rather....has "tested positive". Has symptoms tho. So that puts three people from the restaurant in quarantine until they can be tested. So....with all the false negatives and false positives......I'm not positive we know anything. Except that we're both increasing all the vitamin/mineral supplements. We've been taking a healthy batch since January when we were sick. So far; so good. But increase if there might be increased risk. Pray for us.....we were plannin
  19. Yesterday
  20. I'll do that, Littlesister. Thanks to both of you for the input.
  21. I have seen many post showing peoples stock pile and it was not just food. I think I did one time put a post of a picture of my cabinets full of food. Of course we have already eating all that already. But that was one time. Think you VPN. Safety feature for sure. She is so right about not showing or even talking to anyone about what you have. Great advice.
  22. Euphrasyne, I like that one but it only goes out to 34 feet. I got the single line ones and bought 3 of them because they are 50 feet long and will stretch across my 2 car garage and I can hang sheets or blankets on one line. I might could use that one in a bathroom, but for me the longer lines were better. I think it would depend on where you plan on using it. Daylily, measure your area you plan to put the clothes line. If it fits to the 34 feet across I would go with the one Euphrasyne showed. I do like that one, but wouldn't work for me. If you need it to stretch out
  23. Thanks for the link. It looks good. Do you find that the lines are far enough apart to hang clothes on each line?
  24. We have this clothesline Amazon.com: Household Essentials 17145-1 Retractable Clothesline 5-Line Dryer | Indoor or Outdoor Use | Hang Wet or Dry Laundry: Home & Kitchen It is mostly metal and retraceable. I have it attached to a fence and a tree in the back yard. I've had it about a year and am very happy with it.
  25. Very important and timely indeed! There is one YouTuber who is obviously wealthy that shows it all. It's called The Queens Cabinet or something like that. A little on the bragging side IMO. I watch Patara too. She has done some really funny videos also. Last Christmas (I think) she was singing a Christmas song with her son on piano. They were so good.
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