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Getting Educated

Getting Educated


  1. Are You Really Ready?


    Moderators: Mt_Rider and Jeepers

    What would you do in the event of a natural disaster, or if there was an economic collapse or war in our homeland? Are you prepared to provide for the daily needs of your family and loved ones? These are tough questions we don't like to think about but here is where we share the wealth of information on becoming more self sufficent and less dependant on those around us.

  2. Country Homesteading


    Moderators: dogmom4 and Mother

    Homesteading, living off the land, livestock and animals... whether it's a dream or a reality, you'll find like-minded people here to share ideas with.

  3. Pinching Pennies


    Moderators: dogmom4 and Momo

    Bargain shopping, discounts, financial planning, garage sales and more, this is the forum for discussing how to live simply... and frugally!

  4. The Homeschooling Haven


    Moderator: Becca_Anne

    ABC, 1+1=2...the fundamentals and even more are important when we make the commitment to homeschool our children. Come share your experiences, questions and references that you've found of value so that we can all give our children the best education!

  5. Homemade Memories


    Moderator: Becca_Anne

    Things that we make by hand hold much meaning. The time, effort, patience, talent, and many times sheer determination to complete a project from start to finish, are creations that reflect our unique personalities, likes, dislikes, talents and gifts. What better gift can we give or receive than one that was made by someone's own hands.

  6. Within These Pages


    Moderators: Dee and Becca_Anne

    The words that are hidden between the covers of books are many times doors we can open to view new vistas. Come and join us as we explore the treasures hidden within.

  7. DIY

    There is so much that goes into keeping up our homes and property. It is sometimes an area that is foreign to us as we face many challenges on fixing or creating those things that help make the overall picture, "our home". Come and join us as we learn together how to use more than a hammer to get that job done! Don’t wait for someone else to fix it! Grab that hammer and come on in! We’ve got chocolate!!!

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