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  1. Pssssst...Can We Talk?

    As women, we have many facets to our lives and our personalities. Trying to juggle our physical, mental and emotional needs can be overwhelming at times and we all need a safe place to talk with other women. This forum is by invitation only, so that we can feel safe to share and talk about the things we're afraid to talk about, but that weigh heavy on our minds...things that we don't want to speak about in public, things that keep us awake at night worrying. DISCLAIMER: www.MrsSurvival.com is designed to offer discussion opportunities and to provide general information in regard to the subject matters covered. It is distributed with the understanding that neither the author nor publisher nor MrsSurvival, is engaged in rendering legal, medical, or other professional services. It should not be utilized as a substitute for professional legal, medical, or technical advice or services if a professional is required.

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