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  2. I have an idea for an ornament that won't cost me an arm and a leg to mail. Let me see if it is feasible and I will let you know. Thank you for starting this as I know you already have your hands full!
  3. If I have to buy new jars or lids, I get them from Dollar General.. They have golden harvest brand. I like them better than Walmart or Ball--less fails.
  4. I can them from dry and they are good. I may pre cook a bit when I do the next batch just to see the difference.
  5. I store mine in the pantry. It is a solid at -lower than 75 degrees and a liquid above 75. I think that is the numbers.
  6. I had forgotten about the coconut oil and honey for Neosporin. Thanks for reminding me @Littlesister!
  7. Coconut oil always upped my numbers when I was feeling low energy. Now that doc has decreased my meds so much, I can't (or don't) even try to take coconut oil.
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  9. Got the winter garden planted and then Monday went and bought dog food ingredients. Monday afternoon made the dog food in the new roaster and let it slow cook overnight. Yesterday, I pressure canned it and the seal failed on one of my canners so I will order another replacement today (I had a replacement for the one that failed). Also, did laundry yesterday and caught up on a few shows with DH. Have Bible Study tonight and intend? to take it easy today. Nothing planned for the next 3 days, either. Down time is nice, too!
  10. I'm so sorry that I haven't been in here for a long time now. I'm wondering if anyone is interested in exchanging ornaments this year. If you are, please send me your name and address as I'm not sure if I have last years and other years addresses at this time. Right now I am trying to prepare for 3 craft fairs all before the end of November. So, I will come back in within the next couple weeks to check my messages. Thank you all for understanding and for all who have joined in this exchange in the past. Snowmom
  11. Littlesister, it saves a ton of room and frees up my canning jars. And the bags and bucket insures a dark place to live. I still make them in a jar to get the ingredients right but then transfer them to a bag.
  12. I have quite a few Dr. Suess books put away for him when he starts to read. I want to go to the library just to look around. I've brought too many books etc home that reeled of cigarettes smoke from the library. Those last two Suess books I got seemed for the older crowd. One is a bout weather and the other might be about the solar system. I can't remember exactly and the books are already in Indy. Barns and Noble is our only reliable source around here. Ollie are great but hit or miss. I forgot about the mall. Wonder if they still have book stores. There is a good website that I visit its called teachers paying teachers. They have tons of work book sheets you can download. Some are free and some are not. I have a lot of free ones printed out already. Another one is a called something like Jady. Nice lady showing how to make simple educational toys and crafts with her kids. A lot of manipulatives.
  13. I missed the part about your friend Ambergris! Yes, be sure to let him know he has friends out here who care about him. I'm always afraid of hospitals and MRSA. Good advise will be to poke around and do a little squeezing hunting for some hot spots.
  14. I have a To Do list. 2 pages....that I have quit looking at. I just have not been feeling well for the past several days. MS ...Fall Fatigue....ate too much from the fruit stand..... DH started his roast in the cast iron dutch oven. I chop/add the onions, celery, carrots....while he and dog went into village for the taters. We'd run out and he forgot last week. Good to shop now.....might be in for more snow soon. So we're loaded up after this evenings grocery Wish we could grow our turnips....store versions are usually wilted. I love to add parsnips and rutabagas too but rarely see them in good shape either. Those have too long a season to ever grow here. Now...after smelling this all afternoon...I have to wait for taters to cook. I chopped them smaller than usual tho. MtRider
  15. Beet greens taste nothing like beets....IMO. They are some of the milder tasting greens. Don't eat the big, ole tough ones tho. How does he cook them? MtRider .....just when we got collards to grow up here, the VOLES took over everything!
  16. Wow...glad to hear they got it!! Now to heal.... MtRider
  17. Make sure to keep in mind what Mother posted just above. If you're hearing it's a flu that's affecting the young to middle adults -- the range not usually brought down by the various types of flu -- be very wary of taking elderberry. The 1918 flu was that sort. The "healthy" age range had their systems "overload" and they were dying more than the very young and very old. Evidently, elderberry can have that same affect. The Usual: I'm NOT a doctor. DO research on this peculiar aspect of elderberry. But OTHER THAN THAT TYPE OF FLU..... DH and I have found it to be very effective if something gets us to that extent. Haven't had to use it in .....5? 7? years tho. Ward off stuff before we totally succumb. MtRider ...stay healthy, everyone!
  18. Bovine...cattle. MtRider ...always good to have alternatives
  19. Thanks for bumping this, Littlesister. I'll have to check out the links above later. What's the Bovine thyroid? I take Armour thyroid. It's from pork. It's gotten very expensive in the past few years.
  20. For Dr. Seuss books, I wait until around Dr. Seuss' birthday. Sam's, WM and the grocery stores all put them on sale for $5-$6". I think it's April-ish. . I used "Hop on Pop" and "Go, Dog, Go" in teaching DD to read. The library is out for me because of allergies. I don't shop at B&N anymore because they have the same bathroom policy as Target. I mostly order from homeschool companies or Christian book, or some of the smaller publishers. Some of those small publishers have very good sales (like 50% off). There's a discount/closeout book store at the outlet mall. They're hit or miss like Ollie's, but sometimes I can find stuff there. There's lots of book lists on line for good, living books and I've used those for some guidance.
  21. Another good one. This is a lot of good info on coconut oil. I saw the one about it being good fo thyroid and more energy. But this really has great info. So I am going to incorparate this into my food storage and start using it. I do use Ghee for cooking and like it. It has a very long shelf life. So I am hoping the coconut oil has a good shelf life as well. Will be checking into it for storage purposes as well as for using now.
  22. Bringing this one up because of flu season getting ready to start. Yes I do see a lot of these are old post and need to be bought up as reminders for everyone that may have forgotten about them over the years. It really is hard to stay on top of all we need to do to stay prepared.
  23. I am so glad to see this. I take synthroid and though I do have a small extra 90 day supply, It will not last. So I am so going to order the Bovine thyroid. I am familar with it from working in a doctor's office, but most doctors won't use it because they say it is to hard to regulate. Working in a doctor's office, I can say it is all about the use my drug and I will give you a kickback. Gotta love big pharma.
  24. Wow! I have never heard of using coconut oil for low thyroid. I have low thyroid. I am so going to give this a try. I take synthroid and of course will have to take it the rest of my life. So any extra energy I can get will make me very happy. I love finding things that will help me.
  25. Posting this oldie as now is the time for flu season to start. So time to get prepared.
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