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  2. I'm not sure about the durability yet. All the different stone countertops have their own problems. Since there was only two of us, we chose the lighter countertop. We didn't have 6 other guys available to carry the countertop into the kitchen with us. We also didn't have to reinforce the lower cabinets for the heavier stone tops. I hate dark kitchens, especially since I spend most of my time in one. I also hate dark countertops because I can't see the dirt and crumbs. Must be my military OCD. With the four new windows and door, I can see about 10 acres of our property. I can't ask for more. My DH is awesome and a saint for spending the last year rebuilding the lower level after the flood.
  3. I thought about autoclave too. When I looked it up it said paper could catch on fire. There is a container you can use to help prevent that. I didn't really delve into it because I could never afford one. But I'd think hospitals would be using something like that. I thought about a microwave but the metal nose clip would prevent that. I wonder if it would be useful for the surgical masks though? I don't even know if the microwave kills any germs. I remember the sterilizing light wands from decades ago. I must have seen them on TV. I do remember someone sterilizing water. But mostly I remember them being used by people staying in hotels. Also kitchen counter tops and cell phones etc. They may not kill coronavirus but could be useful on other germs. That is if they work. I wouldn't rely on them, but use in conjunction with other methods like bleach or lysol.
  4. Ambergris, I do have to agree with your take on Where there is no Doctor. Mine is a much older version and I don't know what the newer ones have. You really have to read between the lines on that one. You are right about what it says on the acetaminophen. There are cheaper ones. I am going to check out the Rachael Weaver books. Hoping to find them cheaper than 25.00. But will think on that one. Right now I am reading a book by Cat Ellis. The Wuhan coronavirus survival manual. how to prepare for pandemics and quarantines. This one has a great deal of info that will help us to prepare. I am still reading it and so far I like what it has to say.
  5. I have started reading a book called The Wuhan Coronavirus Survival manual. by Cat Ellis. It is on how to prepare for pandemics and quarantines. It is both on Nook and you can get the book. Amazon has it. This book is worth buying for everyone. Great information about it and on how to prepare. I think it will answer a lot of questions though I have not finished the book yet. But so far what I have read, it has some very good advice.
  6. I really disliked Where There Is No Doctor when I read it. No, dude; generic acetaminophen is not a cheaper equivalent of any other painkiller out there. Also, some herbal concoctions are in fact safe and effective. Are any of the updates more accurate and less condescending?
  7. There's sealant now you can get that lasts ten years. Or supposedly lasts ten years.
  8. I have Where There is No Doctor. I'm interested in the Rachel Weaver books, but still thinking about it. If the info is good, I am willing to pay $25 for it. Book prices keep going up. Even Little Golden books are up to $4.99.
  9. And there are more cases of people coming down with it after recovering.
  10. This virus is spreading like wild fire almost. Well over 20 countries now. Praying it won't get any worse not just for the USA, but for all countries. This virus is bad for the economy also. No one able to work so no imports nor exports in or out. This is going to play bad for everyone. It will cause a food shortage, auto parts, medications, both OTC and RX. clothing and so much more. China has been forcing people to go back to work. Brace yourselves for more people to become infected. They still don't know how this is going from person to person as the time before you have a fever it may have already spread to others.
  11. 433 confirmed South Korea 122 confirmed Japan 35 confirmed Thailand 28 confirmed Iran 26 confirmed Taiwan Taiwan 22 confirmed Malaysia 20 confirmed Italy 16 confirmed Germany 16 confirmed Vietnam 13 confirmed United Arab Emirates 12 confirmed France 11 confirmed Ashland, NE US Edited by Ambergris to clarify that these are from the Diamond Princess 9 confirmed UK 6 confirmed British Columbia Canada 5 confirmed Queensland Australia 5 confirmed Travis, CA US 4 confirmed From Diamond Princess Australia 4 confirmed New South Wales Australia 4 confirmed Victoria Australia 3 confirmed India 3 confirmed Philippines 2 confirmed South Australia Australia 2 confirmed Toronto, ON Canada 2 confirmed Russia 2 confirmed Spain 2 confirmed Chicago, IL US 2 confirmed Lackland, TX US 2 confirmed San Benito, CA US 2 confirmed San Diego County, CA US 2 confirmed Santa Clara, CA US 1 confirmed Belgium 1 confirmed Cambodia 1 confirmed London, ON Canada 1 confirmed Egypt 1 confirmed Finland 1 confirmed From Diamond Princess Israel 1 confirmed Lebanon 1 confirmed Nepal 1 confirmed Sri Lanka 1 confirmed Sweden 1 confirmed Boston, MA US 1 confirmed Humboldt County, CA US 1 confirmed Los Angeles, CA US 1 confirmed Madison, WI US 1 confirmed Orange, CA US 1 confirmed Sacramento County, CA US 1 confirmed San Antonio, TX US 1 confirmed Seattle, WA US 1 confirmed Tempe, AZ US
  12. Mt. Rider, I know it is a great time when you can spend time with your mother. Though you do get tired. I know you both enjoy the times together. Now time to rest up for the next trip with her. It is nice that your DH can come along and help with the store trips so you can stay in car and rest a bit. Jeepers quartz is very good and durable. Will last forever. I love it and if I do decide down the line to replace mine after maybe 30 years as my kitchen was done about 21 years ago now. I am going to get the quartz countertops. They look like marble and even granite but they have NO maintance to deal with.
  13. I don't recommend reusing disposable mask. But if it comes to that, the best source would be if you can wash them. do so in a weak bleach solution depending on what they are made of.. Using a heat source that would be hot enough to kill germs but not catch the mask on fire would be the best method. Back in the old days when I was in nursing, we sterilized the instruments using an autoclave. The items were wrapped in a paper material that had strips showing If they were sterilized after coming out of autoclave. It does take a lot of heat to sterilize something. Think of your dishwasher having a sterilize button on it and sterilizing canning jars. Have you noticed how hot they are ? It takes that kind of heat. Be it a dry heat or damp heat. Will check further on this for a disposable mask. I myself would not do it if possible. But in hard times, we don't really know what we might have to do.
  14. The CDC has admitted that its test kits are flawed and states don't have test kits. It's been determined that test kits are unreliable, and people who previously tested negative are being later tested positive And notice the countries not reporting at all. Mexico, Central America, Africa. A Ton of Chinese in Africa normally. Not gospel but this woman has always had good info as far as I can tell.
  15. Yeah, y'all. My reaction too...... horror! AND YET....did you read the CDC's pdf? One line in there...."but if resources aren't available..." Can't you just see that every FOR PROFIT hospital board decided resources are not available for disposing of disposable masks and other PPE equipment. THAT's how I interpreted these two articles. But our goal is to figure out HOW we really can reuse SAFELY ......cuz......we might really NOT have resources available since we've got a global shortage going on already...... Jeepers, this morning after reading these, I also asked DH if a light could do it. This, for example but smaller like the ones for making water potable, right? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultraviolet_germicidal_irradiation Anyway, I don't think DH knew off the top of his head. I'll see if he can do research. HOWEVER.....I think you might have the more simple idea.....sunshine has a very powerful bleaching affect. Remember they'd put white sheets/clothes out in the sun? The sun....if strong enough...can pasteurize water! It can degrade rubber [ask me about snorkel equipment, duct tape, or tent stakes under Maui's hearty sunshine..] I'm thinking that might be the solution for anyone with reliable access to sunshine. But we need to KNOW. Pretty sure it's better than a plastic bag.....yuk, "stew of ..." indeed! You know the saying: KISS [keep it simple, stupid] ..... soap and water, FREQUENT hand washing, sunshine.... I think we're onto something that is doable and yet increase chances for good outcome with common sense!! MtRider ...... now if y'all can tell me how to keep this danged COUGH from coming back....
  16. Mt. Rider, I'm glad you got to spend some time with your mom today. I'm sure she really appreciated it too. It's sad about your dad. Dementia is tough on everyone. We2, I remember when your mom was sick and passed away. It was sweet of you to take artificial flowers to her. I know granite and marble can be difficult to maintain. I'm going to look into quartz. I don't have very much counter space so nothing is going to break the bank too much. There are a lot of very nice man-made products on the market now.
  17. Homesteader.....wow, it looks like marble. I usually hate the colors folks chose for their marble. Too busy if I have to work on it. How is the care/maintenance supposed to be with that stuff? Does it have any 'give' if you clunk something brittle down on it? I'd want durable more than anything. I've lived with a slightly "olive" green stick-on type counters for the past 2 decades. I guess I don't "see" it much anymore but I did think 'ugly' when we moved in. I like our log cabin but it IS DARK. Your kitchen will be worth the windows and work it took. Glad to spend time with my mom. My dad was 'in rare form' about something that we're not even sure happened. I just kinda hustled us out the door. But then he is still calling out admonitions from the door as we're leaving. Sooooo, she was SO glad to talk to normal folks. We ate at the local ribs and burger place that's been there for 40 yrs. Then we drove to grocery. DH and my mom went in.....she had a few things they don't carry at their usual grocery. DH just filled in some vacancies in our cupboards. I stayed in the nice sun-warmed car and nearly went to sleep in the back seat. I was pretty worn out with just that much activity. Drove my mom home and the garage door opener wouldn't work. I had to climb over the inches of ice on their steps.....cuz roof design isn't good for the constant melt/freeze of CO. So they go out thru the garage. Got to door without breaking any bones.....and my dad didn't hear bell or knocking. So got her keys and let myself in......then he hears me. "Why didn't you knock? You have to come thru the garage!!!" "I did...and rang door bell and knocked on backdoor and....." He was all upset ....so I handed him his food and he disappeared into the kitchen. [we always bring him food or candy!] I couldn't live with that 23/7. I let my mom in thru the garage to avoid the ice....then she let me out when we had her groceries inside and up stairs. Everything is made to be way more trauma and drama with my dad these days. He needs peace. Then my mom and I talked on the phone for an hour later this evening.... MtRider .....I'm soooo gonna be the next couple days!
  18. Just used mine a couple of days ago to make a beef stew...browned the beef chunks, pitched in a quart of potatoes, a pint of diced tomatoes, a pint of carrots, a pint of green beans, some dehydrated onions and garlic, some Kitchen Bouquet, a few drops of liquid smoke, some salt, some pepper and we had supper in 30 minutes and it all came from my home canned foods except the beef. Actually faster than my electric pressure cooker.
  19. Got our checks for delivering flowers. NICE...we slammed almost all of it on our Menards bill...we use them mostly for the bathroom project. We'll also be delivering for them for Mothers' Day. My mom's been gone for several years now, but I still miss her. She had COPD and allergies very bad so flowers she could not be around...at towards the last not even outside without a mask. So...we always bought her some artificial ones with candy etc., in a vase. I'll take some to her grave site...as usual. Hubby resumed work at the homestead after we paid Menards and I pittled around here until supper time. Made a chicken pot pie from the pantry using tortillas...Living Traditions (Youtuber) showed how. I used cream of chicken soup instead of making my own rue...but boy was it tasty! Logged all our current stuff onto my "to do" calendar that sits by this PC and paid an online bill. We'll be going to brother's lake property to help unload their things tomorrow...about noon or so. It'll be hard work but they really need the help. Lots of friends are showing up to get them loaded and we'll meet them when they get there. We'll take Miss B again so our girl will be with us...we don't know how long we'll be gone so we don't leave her when we don't know when we'll be home. We seldom leave her for more than a couple of hours...momma has separation anxiety!
  20. We put a lovely bathroom sink (it came with the cabinetry) in the Roost's bathroom...and it has to be treated with a sealer first off and then re-done every 3 or 4 months. Won't put granite nor marble on anything!
  21. for everyone. Went shopping. (It’s so nice & convenient to have stores so close to the house.) Got my glasses fixed, new lenses, nice & clear & my sunglasses in the correct prescription, free, since they messed up the first time, in May. She said the lenses were defective because the crack running up the bifocal was also coming down from the top. Went to Goodwill and got 4 pair of Levi jeans for $3. each and a couple of sweaters & long sleeve shirts for $2. each. One still had a mfg. tag on it. I use them doing yard work & had badly worn out most of mine. I don’t mind my knees showing, but, when my panties start showing, that’s not good. Lol. Then, took MIL to get groceries. We got a salad from the deli in the store for dinner. Came home & took it easy the rest of the day. Tomorrow, I hope to get to Sam’s for beef. The prices, here in TX, are almost $3/lb. cheaper than in AZ. Brrrr... this morning, 38* with brisk winds, 28-35 mph. It did warm up to 50*, however, they are forecasting rain tomorrow afternoon, and 35+ mph winds on Sunday when I head home. DH said it was extremely windy in AZ and 100% chance of rain tomorrow. Kinda hoping the weather system moves out quickly so I don’t have to drive in it. I will also work on Mom’s ToDo list and do a little yard work in her flower beds, tomorrow morning. Time to get some sleep. I’m tired and sore all over, from what? I have no idea...
  22. I have heard of the book Be Your own doctor. But never bought it. I have heard it is a good book. I do have the one where there is no doctor. Will have to check into the others by Rachael Weaver. Don't think I want to pay 25.00 for it though.
  23. Whoa. I sure hope they don’t reuse them for years now.
  24. I had the book "Where there is no Doctor". We used to take it with us on trips. It was recommended by survival sites around the y2k era. I didn't buy the ones from Rachel Weaver.
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