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  2. I've been on it for over 2 decades......believe it! Get the MediGap coverage! For my recent hospital surgery and anesthesia gone wild, Medicare did pay a great deal of it. YET....those bills we still had to cover were thousands.......... And so DH has returned to work full-time. I say again, get the MediGap coverage! Oh wait, that's the OTHER reason he had to go back to work....to pay for the MediGap coverage! Got the first call about our free horses..... She was hoping her friend with one horse would take ours to keep hers company. Horses don't like being solo. They like herds. We'll see. MtRider .....without my horses, will I change my name? I do not like the "end of this era" ...but it must be.
  3. When I went on disability, they tried extremely hard to get me to take Medicare. I’m covered by DH’s work insurance. They required me to have medicare hospitalization, at no cost to me. I researched what Medicare covers & doesn’t. I stayed with his. When he retired, I insisted he keep his insurance, we pay a high premium, but, thankfully, they pay for most everything. DH just signed up for his social security and asked me if he should get Medicare. Absolutely not! If he had, I would loose my coverage also and have to take the Medicare plan and be required to choose and pay out of pocket for a supplemental and prescription plans. Medicare is a bust, IMHO. They don’t pay a fraction of the fees, leaving people hard pressed to cover the rest. Today, I woke up late, went into the kitchen to get my coffee, saw the Jury Summons on the table, picked it up to see what time I needed to be there and freaked out. 8:15 a.m. Guess what time it was.... 8:15. With adrenaline rushing, I got dressed, but my wallet was in the guest room and our company had locked the door! I got the key, opened the door, apologizing for intruding, got my wallet and left. I was 15 minutes late showing up, forgot my glasses, no coffee, no makeup, no earrings, and wearing a tank top, (they mentioned “no tank tops” on the recording & during orientation), because it was all I could find in my rush to get there, then, had to fill out a form. I certainly hope I filled it out right, I could barely read it. The clerk did offer to excuse me and call me in for the next trial. Meh, I figured I’d get it over with. I lucked out, an hour later, after listening to the speech, they were half way through assigning juror numbers, when the case settled out of court, and we were all dismissed. Whew!
  4. Thanks Guest Amber. LOL, hope you get your computer back soon. And that it stays working! I have prescription insurance I pay extra for but it doesn't seem like my cost is that much lower. Maybe it's the deductible. I know things are going to change if I ever get moved. I just saw some of the prices on the no doctor lab. Dang. Believe I'll have to stick with Medicare care. Too bad poor folks can't afford the good stuff. Thanks Obama Care.
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  6. The doctor (nurse practitioner) just called me herself. She had a note saying I needed to talk to her before the labs. That other person didn't even give her the list I rattled off. So I started again and she said because I'm Medicare they need to know the reason it's being done or else they won't pay for it. If they refuse it then the supplemental plan will probably refuse it too. I told her I didn't care. Just order the work done and I'd pay the rest. She said no problem she'd do what I wanted. I told her I just wanted a 'blood work physical'. She doesn't know I'll be moving out of state and want to get stuff done now. So I guess I'm getting blood work done tomorrow? Tomorrow is likely going to be a painful needle day. I hate needles. I asked about the tetanus and shingle shot. She said because I'm on Medicare it has to be done at a pharmacy. Medicare isn't what it's cracked up to be folks. Don't depend on it. Now I'm sort of interested in that 'no script' lab. Or what ever they call it. They will do a vitamin/mineral test and a test to check for heavy metals etc. If I'm going to have to pay anyway.... I'll wait to see what my doctor comes up with first. Suppose I should ask for a stress test. Stress...I got em. She probably thinks I'm a hypochondriac. I'm really not.
  7. Doctors office called to confirm my appointment. I told her everything I wanted tested for. Luckily I had it written down and handy. Whether it's ordered or not is another matter. According to her I have blood work scheduled for tomorrow and not a doctor visit. I told her I wanted to talk to the doctor concerning the blood work done but since she just took down the info I probably don't need to see the doctor. Who knows? It's hard to tell what will happen tomorrow. I guess I'm just along for the ride. Sheesh, what do they want...blood. Oh wait....
  8. Around here, they use rosemary as a landscape greenery. Heat tolerant and doesn’t seem to need a lot of water. Funny how a lot of people don’t know what it is. I’ve tried to grow lavender, but it always dies.
  9. Lookin' to dry rosemary. Need to prune it back a bit to large pot sized....Thinking of doing some starts to grow as bushes . Never could grow it up north, nor lavender. Got both in pots. I have seen rosemary bushes used for landscaping. Are they invasive, or just needing pruning now & again?
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    Go for it. Turns out I can get a lot of my routine medications more cheaply outside of the insurance, especialy with the yellow card. One kind of pills is less than $2 for three months' worth without insurance, but last I checked was $7 for one month's worth with insurance. Another kind is $10 for one month's worth of pills with insurance, but $11 for three months without. My doctors generally issue three to six months of prescriptions at a time, so that's what I have been getting when I can.
  11. Last week
  12. What are the odds. Well, with me about 99%. I called the doctor back and got the same person. I recognized her voice. I got that feeling of dread come over me. I don't know if she remembered me by my name or what but she couldn't have been nicer. Maybe she was having an off day yesterday. Anyway, I spent over an hour online looking up stuff that you should be tested for when you get your blood drawn. I'm going for it! I made a list of about 15 things I'd like to be tested for. Mostly normal things like kidney, liver, heart, CBC, vitamins and minerals, inflammation level, sugar, anemia etc. If I have to get stuck I want to make it count. One jab. Shudder. Also a urinalysis and a tetanus shot. I told that woman that I didn't know if they would order it all or not but I just have some suggestions. She said if I have a concern about something they will definitely order it. We'll see. So, I decided I'd go ahead and talk to the doctor before the blood test so I can discuss my issues first. The UTI is still hanging around too. I go this Friday afternoon. Something I didn't know is you can go to certain labs and have your own lab work done without a doctor script. The way I think it works is you order what you want done and pay right then. Not at the lab.Then you go to one of their affiliated labs and get the blood drawn. Then I guess they send it off. I didn't spend much time on the website. I was just curious, but I did look up my area and there were quite a few participating labs all around me. I don't see any reason I'd do it and it's probably pretty expensive but it is an option I didn't know about. I'd link it for fun but I'm on the Kindle.
  13. I'm not much for Asian food. Give me a plate of spaghetti though and my eyes will roll back in my head and I'll drool worse than a old hound dog walking past a butcher shop. I love Italian food. We were sort of lucky. The military had a great commissary every place we went so we always had name brand Murican food. In fact they encouraged us not to eat local in both countries. The favorite fertilizer of choice was human. Liquified. Not humaneur. Straight from the back of their indoor/outdoor toilet. All of our neighbors did that with their long handled bamboo dippers. Men would urinate any where they wanted and some of the women did too. Potty training was easy. Most pre-school kids were nakkie. This wasn't in some back country little town. In Japan we lived just across the bay from Fukuoka and in Taiwan we were just a couple of miles outside of Taipei. It was an experience I wouldn't trade for the world though. Once I saw a little lady with bound feet. I had a picture someplace. If course I'm going back nearly 50 years. I fell in love with Sumo wrestling when we went to a....don't know what it's called. Meet, match, game, contest or event. It was a big finals to-do. I wonder if "George's Happy V. D. (not to be confused with V.A.) Clinic" is still in downtown Taipai. That sign always cracked me up. Memories...
  14. Mmmmmmm, stir fry.... DH loves it. I only make a cups worth of fried rice to accompany his hot hot sriracha & Szechuan dish. Oh, never add hot chili oil & cayenne to a hot wok before adding anything else... just about gassed myself out of the house. My choice dish is usually garlic or gingered. Nice to hear you had help, and glad L is healing, Mt_Rider. MIL is doing well. Concerned about her cognitive abilities, she made a couple of comments that caught me off guard. Not anything bad, just noticeable. Her neighbor has finally gotten the money from his insurance company and is doing the design phase for rebuilding his house, demolition to the burnt structure is due to start next week. I had a bad allergy attack, the 2 day there, DH thinks it was because of the strong winds & heavy rain, and I had my bedroom window cracked for air. That house stunk the next morning and a large section of the roof and shingles had come off. Jeepers, I can not deal with rude people on the phone. I’ll be the one to hang up, then, call back later. If I get the same person, I will ask to talk with their supervisor, if their attitude hasn’t changed. Nam... my uncle, now passed from cancer, and one of our neighbors were there, agent orange gave the neighbor a permanent shake, he’s even had a few brain surgeries to try to help him with it. He is a very sweet old man. We helped him get to the hospital for burns, when his trailer burnt down. It’s supposed to be another scorcher today. I’ll soak the garden again this morning, the little butternuts are growing, a few withered and died while I was gone last week. I’ll put the hose by the hens, to wet down their sheet swamp cooler, several times. They spend most of the hot part of the day under it. Then, company is scheduled this afternoon. IDK if I will cook for them. It’s going to be hot out and I don’t really want to heat the house up. We shall see.
  15. Jeepers - do you like Asian food today? Our life in SE Asia made me hate rice at first. I longed for just one little potato! Even today, I don't do much rice (starchy carb), but do love the stir-fry foods. I miss the foods of Japan.
  16. Great picture of a hard workin' man. You.are very lucky. I'll bet he feels pretty lucky too!
  17. I'm so glad to hear the VA has stepped up their game! Ugh.The Viet Nam War. it still sorrows my heart when I hear those words. I was coming of age all through the midst of it. I personally knew some boys (not yet men) who lost their life. True hero's because they were drafted and had no choice but to go. By the grace of God my D-ex didn't have to go to Nam. His number wasn't called. We were stationed in Japan and Taiwan for the two year over seas tour. Two years stateside and a two in Asia. I still blame Agent Orange for my BIL brain cancer he was right in the thick of it doing two tours of duty. Sheesh. I don't know where that came from. A little PTSD rearIng its ugly little triggered head tonight I guess. I didn't get Ms Sunshine's name. She probably gave it when she answered the phone but that's long forgotten.I think she thought our conversation was over but clue number one should have been me still talking. I think there should be a law that both party's must clearly say goodbye to each other before anyone gets to hang up. Maybe a little have a nice day or how are the grand kids. Or how about those Steelers this year. Has it been hot enough for ya? I told the furniture guy I loved him a few weeks back. It was an accident but he felt happy awhile. I forgot I wasn't talking to my son. I could tell the minute she started talking her heart wasn't in it. Slow talker and asking the same questions over. Like my name address and phone number. I had a similar issue a year or so ago with one of those desk people. Told me my scan was to be external and go ahead a pee. Turned out I had to sit there chugging water to get the bladder extended for an Internal scan. I wasn't prepared for that and was pretty unhappy because the scan girl acted like I should have known the difference. I did what the.prep people told me to do. I think someone.has a tude tonignt..
  18. "Guest Amber Actually" ...... Not again! Jeepers ....... Not again.....both the doctor appointment problems AND..... you do not have another bad migraine!!! Course dealing with such "helpful" folks over the phone would be enough to create a migraine. Homesteader..... I am truly glad to hear that the VA stuff is greatly improved. The gal and her dh that I gardened with are both VA and ...the stories they told! UNacceptable! Annarchy....sheeeeeesh! With that heat, you don't need an air fryer device. Just put into the sun with that bit of oil! How is your MIL and her next door neighbor? Today I got AM chores done and went to Bible study with my ride.......who had a miraculous story to tell. She VERY nearly died just 2 days after she'd dropped me off 2 wks ago. Zero white blood cells. Sepsis. Shock. Very critical very suddenly. And where did her and her dh end up as this began to happen? .....in the very hospital in the city [instead of our rural one] that had a specialty for this sort of thing. If they'd gone to this one, she'd have been in transit to the specialty one when she suddenly went bad. God's timing. And she's allergic to all antibiotics but they didn't have a choice.....and she had no allergic reaction. She looked pretty good today, considering the terrible medical drama she'd endured. A little pale tho. Then she ended up helping me. I think I was getting overheated just enough to drop my energy out the bottom. Happened twice...when we arrived and again when I lifted my ultra-light, wonderful new wheelchair back into her car. I'd recovered during the study from the first time and then it happened again. Felt like someone "opened my toe and my energy drained out quite suddenly". That's a phrase from a long-ago friend of mine ....regarding MS. Quite descriptive. So....L and I kinda reorganized procedures at my house. She lifted my chair out and didn't even try to get it up our stairs. Stuck it under the porch. I managed to walk up our 15 steps with her behind me. Then she brought my bag up. It wouldn't have worked for her to go up and send the dog down the steps to help me as she's trained to do. Silly dog would think L was there to adore her and ..... .... L is a cat person. Koa is just toooo much dog. Anyway, it worked. I got a [pre-made] sandwich into me. A small rootbeer float into me......just in case I was overheating, y'know. And rested for the afternoon. I'm doing ok now....tired. But....THAT is why I rarely go places without DH. Fortunately someone wanted to change work days with DH and he came home to say he has next Tuesday off. He can go to the last Bible Study day of this summer. It's safer that way. It's nearly 11pm and a thunderstorm is rolling in. It's taking it's sweet time about it. Our storms are rarely at nite...usually late afternoon/early evening. Hasn't rained in 3 days so this will settle the dust again. MtRider
  19. Sorry about your computer Ambergris. Kappydell, sounds like the doctors around here. Sounds like an excellent deal, Homesteader. Laundry day from my trip to TX. Refilled the hens food & water. Watered the lawn deep because of the heat, we got up over 112F*. Cooking wings & tots tonight, in the air fryer. DH found the vinegar powder for salt & vinegar wings. I think I can make my own now. Beats paying $6.99/lb at the store. Total cost tonight is $11. for the 4 lb. package of 13 wings & I will use the fingers for chicken bone broth/stock. I do appreciate the air fryer compared to boiling oil. Takes about the same amount of time with a fraction of the oil.
  20. Guest


    Did you get the name of the person who hung up on you? Her employer might be surprised to hear about that.
  21. Love that oregano! I usually dry some each year for seasoning in our tomato dishes. Tomatoes have blossom end rot due to crazy drought then downpours. Mulch hasn't helped much. I'm going to head back to hybrids because the heirlooms just won't grow here anymore. Started drying kale, parsley and sage this week. Not sure how long it will last because hubby is drilling holes in the concrete walls again to install new windows in our kitchen/dining room. Trying to get the outside work done before it gets colder and all the bugs want to come in and live with us.
  22. I feel your pain, Jeepers. I finally switched to the VA and do everything online. So much has changed with the current federal administration. We're actually treated like everyone else and the VA has really ramped up their marketing and customer service. I also like having all my meds mailed to me. Just order them online and have them sent out. If I'm running out of refills, I just contact my local provider and they rewrite the presc or have me come in for blood-work and office call (one hour apart). I'm SO BLESSED, and I don't mind the low co-pays! Makes up for the Vietnam war!
  23. Been kind of slow around here lately. Seem like we are getting storms every evening. I've been gorging on fresh fruits while they are still in season. Probably not so great for the blood sugar but what's ya gonna do. Even the healthy food is bad for you any more. I'm also trying to fight off the dreaded migraine again. Ugh, my jaws ache. First sign. I tried to make a doctor appointment but wasn't very successful. When you call you don't get the doctors office anymore. They route you through the big Metro Hospital they are affiliated with. She asked me my first and last name two different times and for my phone number two different times. Pay attention to me woman. Nothing changed in the last five minutes. It was down hill from there. I need blood work before I see the doctor. Used to be you just walked in to the back part of the building. It may still be that way. I couldn't get an answer out of her. She said I needed a doctor appointment. I said I need the blood work first. She said okay, you need an appointment. WHERE? Doctor or a lab? I said okay and she just hung up. I'm not paying for an office call just to have the doctor tell me I need blood work before I get prescriptions renewed. I'm going to have to go over there tomorrow and talk face to face with someone to figure out how to get blood work done. Crimony. Why does everything have to be so difficult. I really dislike the medical field now. I have no faith in it. Not that I was ever lock step with it but now you have to go through too many people to get one simple answer. I'm not paying for an extra appointment for nothing. One of the problems is that switchboard services all the doctor offices they are affiliated with so they have no idea what the procedures and quirks each office has. Now if I was in charge......never mind. Bankruptcy. She said a strange (to me) thing. She said, I see you have Medi-Care and a supplemental plan. THANK YOU FOR THAT! Not sure what she was thanking me for. Not like anything was coming out of her pocket. And I pay dearly for that insurance plan. That was the nicest thing she said to me the entire conversation . And I still haven't got that turn signal light fixed or got my hair cut. Sloth.
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    Guess whose just-repaired computer got shipped off for more repairs today?
  25. Spice rack oregano is Italian, smells milder and it’s the standard flavor in most spaghetti type foods. Greek oregano, seems to me, to have a stronger smell, with a hint of sage. Mexican oregano is earthy, with a slight dirt smell. Tacos, burritos usually have it. That’s the best way I can think to explain it. This is Greek oregano.... Mexican Oregano, the branches are almost 2 foot tall. (Garlic chives in the center, volunteer camomile on right.) Here’s the Mexican oregano plant I potted and keep in the house. I hope that helps, PM me if you want samples.
  26. We used to grow these .....well, not that variety but the purple type....for that very reason. Easy to pick them and it's kinda cool to watch them turn bright green in boiling water! MtRider .....sigh, some day we'll garden again.
  27. A new kind of pole bean for me. The pods are purple but turn green when cooked. They're so easy to see against the green leaves on the trellis. They also turn green when canned. They're a keeper for me. They're called Trionfo Violetto and do well up north after the soil has warmed up.
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