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  1. mt rider yes the stamps are still forever and some of the offices might have Christmas ones in stock or you can go to USPS.com and there is a spot to order and have stamps mailed to you
  2. Lilac Girls by by Martha Hall Kelly, Forgotten skills of Self Sufficiency of Mormon Pioneers, and more forgotten skills by Caleb Warnock
  3. Rockin' Rider is so cute we might all need one of him Sorry about your tumble MT Rider hope you are feeling better now
  4. So sorry you are having to deal with this issue with your Dad at this time it would be so hard on all of you I think doing the transfusions and him being in solitary while dealing with dementia issues, hoping your brother gets the finance side of things figured out before he needs to head home again take care of yourself as well as taking care of your mom an empty pot cannot fill another one.
  5. Momo adding my sympathies on the loss of your husband. As Kappy said one step at a time one day at a time and remember to breathe you will have days that you re able to get out and do things and deal with things and days you just want to hide from everything and everyone it is all part of the grief cycles and sadly sometimes even years after the loss of a spouse it will sneak out and get you in the feels and make you take a break to breathe again.
  6. i used the cotton yarn that is used to make dish clothes as that is what i had then cut the ties short
  7. you can do squares instead of the circles it won't be a cathedral but would use up jeans and is easier to sew in my opinion that is what i did with my husbands jeans for our 3 kids i backed them with flannel and tacked tied them with yarn at the corners of each block
  8. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes
  9. Miki sorry about your brother. LittleSister could you put food on the bottom shelves and books up top with a curtain at the middle to hide the food.
  10. Littlesister I am so sorry that you have lost your husband but celebrate his graduation to a better place and having his health back please let me know if there is anyway i can help you from here
  11. got snowmom's today it is adorable but like Midnightmom said it seems to have melted, Annarchy sorry the package was open thought i had enough tape on it to keep it safe and sealed for the trip.
  12. Mine are on their way to you all left Stockton at 5p.m. today.
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