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  1. windmorn got your cutie yesterday thank you
  2. snowmom got your little lovely ornament in today it is darling thank you
  3. mine went out today, have received from snapshotmiki, mommato3boys, and annarchy. love them all
  4. Thank you Annarchy and Darlene for all you do for us and this site
  5. i will get an extra $4.00 on my survivors check lets not spend it all in one place
  6. Mt rider you should be getting it soon it is dropping down from Northern Utah to more central now and heading into Colorado as the night continues hope you are all bundled up and stay warm
  7. received midnightmom's today love it and all the love sprinkles included with it
  8. received mine from mommato3boys today love it
  9. i got the last one i mailed out back it was crushed will send another one out but it is not going to be the same as the others sorry Dawn
  10. received mine from snapshotmiki. Have gotten all but 1 in the mail as of today need to finish that one up hopefully over the weeken and will send it out as soon as done.
  11. i am in as well have missed the last couple due to life being crazy can't wait to start and have no problem sending overseas.
  12. hand sanitizer removes gummy residue at least on everything I have tried it on so far
  13. recieved pixie's,mommato3boys, and catwranglas this week love them all ad all are on the tree as we "speak" Thank you everyone for doing this it is a great highlight to the season for me and my family
  14. got mine from Andrea thanks for the cocoa and tea as well as the ornament
  15. got mine from dogmom and it is hanging in my dd room on her tree until I get mine up
  16. recived mine from luma and Aof5 mine went out today hope they all make it safely to their homes
  17. got mine from snowmom mine will ship today or monday depending on when i finish up and if i can get them into the mail stream before the post office is officially closed for the day
  18. everything is still sitting in the bag here as well I have switched Post Offices and had a million other things going on here hopefully now we are settled at work with who is going to be at which office things will mellow out
  19. sorry I am late to the show would love to join in life ahs been a little crazy here haven't been checking in like i shoud
  20. so sorry you are having to deal with this sending prayers for you and your parents
  21. sending hugs and prayers your way and agreeing with martianchick payoff bills but take time to make large decisions such as a house change if you canafford to stay where you are having walked a similar path as it is never the same for 2 of us take your time and take care of you and your sons and if you need a shoulder give me a holler
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