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  1. grab the door for me please i've got the fresf whole wheat, rye and sourdough bread out here and some taco soup,and corn chowder and clam chowder they all sounded so good i made them all as i watched the storm start out the kitchen window hope one of you saved me a piece of cheesecake.
  2. i got a food saver/sealer on sale as well as 20 4pks tp,20lbs each chicken, hamburger,pork, will be canning some elk and venison that was given to us by a neighbor ,and put 40 2 liter bottles of water into storage since christmas
  3. i use my gas stove when doing canning in the house and use the camp chef 2 burner camp stove for outside canning i have an extra propane tank that fits on it and i fill it the week i plan on canning then set up on back porch so that any mess is hoseable and all the heat is outside not in my tiny kitchen i know it is not recommended by alot of people and companies to can on ouside burners but i have not had any problems keeping my heat regulated so that pressure stays up or simmer stays steady while canning this way
  4. pixie when you get the chance i would love a siggy , anything you can come up with is fine thanks
  5. welcome back look forward to seein more posts by you
  6. i want to enlarge my gardens get in fruit trees/bushes and better organize my preps and storage so i can find what is needed in a faster time frame and know what i need to add in and what i have excess of
  7. how much snow you got with your cold H.A. and which school are you losing #3 to ?
  8. the kids all got new sleeping bags that go to -15 to a small 72 hr kit in the semi if we help him keep it stocked so she gave it to him for his gift
  9. north or south end of the "big" town up there or farther north toward erda area ?? anything is bigger then we are as i head north i think we are up to 500 now out here
  10. guess i ought to post an intro i've been reading and learning from you all since march i am a mom to 3 dd14 ds12 dd2 we homeschool which has been interesting since we started 3 yrs ago, wife to a long haul trucker we live in a small town in utah i enjoy quilting,canning ,reading.
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