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  1. my packages are on their way to their home hope they make it safely there is a box and a large envelope as i forgot the item in the envelope and saw it after taping the box shut so there is the envelope to get it all to my partner
  2. found box and now need to fill it up only got 1 thing in it so far and it needs some filling
  3. michael go to a corner and behave your not being nice to snowmom
  4. snowmom it's ok we all have those days when we make oopsies that everyone sees and wonders about mommato3boys yep already sent my info to as this is one of the swaps i love to do love finding fun things that say warmer weather is coming
  5. *************************************************************** If you are interested, please sign up here by the time I check in on February 23, 2010. As you sign up, please send your name and address, along with the list that will follow, this is of your likes, hobbies, favorite colors, things you collect, and other interests, to me here at Mrs. S. by a PM. Just copy and paste to the PM. After I have gotten the lists from everyone, I will then send each of you ONE name, with the information, and you will send a package to only one, (1), person. I will try to get PM's to you by Feb
  6. alright if I didn't miss sign up I would love to do this again this year it is always a fun thing for me to do and to see what I can get to send to my partner
  7. adding my prayers for both of you
  8. adding my prayers and thoughts to all the others headed your way
  9. Michael and Lori love the cabin pictures and Thank You for sharing them you have made some really neat pieces to put in there to make it look just right
  10. Mark, there is also log cabin ones that would look cool done up as a scene from the Civil War or as a western frontier one have fun with it and show us pictures when you get done please. Michael pictures please
  11. Snowmom's and Trudy's arrived today love them can't wait to get my tree up and put them all on it
  12. mine from SK is here and waiting for my tree to go up in a week or so sent mine out this morning so they will be getting to their new homes soon hope you like them
  13. got mine from momm and momma fitz mine are waiting for envelopes and will be in the mail monday
  14. enjoy working with the scale stuff for both of us as right now i don't have room for me to be able to do it and i am working on playscale (1/6) and 18" size items for a 6 yr. old
  15. my three would be a house on acreage (paid for please) a cow and chickens for said property and a great garden area so that me and the kids would be able to take care of ourselves
  16. for printable's for your new hobby check out http://www.printmini.com/printables for kits to buy to add to it check out http://www.miniatures.com/hbs/global/index2.asp and http://www.dollhousefurniturekits.com or go to the library and get the following books : Dollhouse magic by P.K.Roche scholastic publishing All about dollhouses by Barbara L. Farlie ISBN # 0-672-51976-3 Making dollhouse interiors by Carol and Nigel Lodder ISBN# 0-7153-0615-4 The most wonderful dollhouse book by Millie Hines ISBN 0-88421-076-6
  17. Welcome back glad to see you again hope you get to stick around and visit more often now, sorry to hear about the life issues
  18. " my dh passed away in August and I think I have just been too busy to slow down enough to grieve. Perhaps getting away from it all made me face it when I returned home. " Lisa I can totally understand this and am glad you are talking to a counselor but am offering a shoulder of someone who has been there and done that in the last year if you want to talk pm me i am more then willing to listen ~Pauline
  19. Welcome back Pauline look forward to seeing many posts from you and getting to know you better ~pauline
  20. adding my prayers and love to all that has been sent and is still being sent your way
  21. ((((((((((Stacey)))))))))) I am so sorry for your loss
  22. some one take pictures and post notes for those of us who can't make it please i had thought i had it all planned out but am not going to make it due to unexpected bills coming in
  23. mt rider i think i need to buy a 4 wheeled mule and start storing fuel etc for it to haul even a couple of pans with me and the BOB's for the five of us here if i need to haul butt out for any reason i would prefer to shelter in place due to health concerns with my mom and kids but will do whatever it takes when the time comes
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