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  1. if you have welders gloves you can move the dutch oven lids and full pans without much hassle and no spillage mt rider how many 12's would you like i have about 10 12's some are deep some are regular also have several 8's, 10', 14', and 3 22 quart babies that are heavy empty and do not get moved when full i have been told that if there is an emergency i am in charge of the cooking utensils for the town as i have such a large collection of outdoor ovens and then about the same for inside my little brother has told me he will never help me move again as it was a full load of cast iron in the
  2. cat i think it will work as when we had to replace dh phone we put the original sim into the new phone no problem
  3. sounds wonderful i would love to do it will have to shake the finance tree and see if there is a way to get the money to drive down with my 3 monkey's and take a mini vacation on the way.
  4. right now name brands are about $ 6.15 -6.25 so with the new tax they will go up to about $ 7.15-7.25 or so sorry I had to go to town and check the prices out to respond and I can say I am so glad I don't smoke at those prices
  5. have gotten in 4 grape plants, 1 ea of the following peach,apple, cherry,trees all three are supposed to self pollinate but will be working on getting at least 1 more of each as a back up have garden area tilled and ready now to get the weather to cooperate so we can plant these seeds,
  6. my box arrived here from an unknown partner lots of fabric, yarn, crochet cotton, 3 books, some cds, 2 ty beanies, candle, candle holder, magnets, and lots of other items Thank you partner
  7. my box is on it's way officially now had to find a second box as the first one was too small so then i just had to add a couple of more items into the new box to help fill it up
  8. ok mine is all gathered and ready for the box i just need to stopat the post office tomorrow after school to grab it and then get it on it's way to it's new home
  9. have started filling my box to send out will be aiming for some time next week to finish it up
  10. ok i am in again will send info in a bit for you snowmom
  11. mine are in the mail left town today so hopefully will be there at their new homes within the next few days
  12. nytehunter your snowflake has arrived and been put on the tree with all the others thank you
  13. shirley my angel arrived today she is cute as can be
  14. ok ol'momma i hear you and am glad that you have a way to use it i fought and fought with the socks this year and had to get something else done with that fabric as it just screamed ornament swap to me
  15. today was a good day 3 came in becca-anne, indy-gal, and pscathy and they are all great rusticokie i am with you and hoping that my simple ones are ok and measure up for you all as i keep getting these nice ones in the fear increases that mine are not as good as they should be
  16. it is indeed in one piece and is wonderful i have it and all the others sitting on my coffee table awaiting black friday so i can put up my tree while listening to the stores commercials trying to get me into their mad houses to shop
  17. ol momma got yours and love it wish i could do the work that you did on it
  18. Sk, Leah and hippiedad i got yours todaythey are great mine went out today hope they travel safely and quickly to their new homes
  19. snowmom and snapshotmiki i received your ornaments today thank you they are cool and will go on tree as soon as i put it up
  20. mine are cut out waiting for me to sew but i need to be a bit calmer then i have been the last couple of days to sew and have them turn out i feel like i am on a roller coaster that isn't stopping and is no longer fun alot lately
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