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  1. Don't throw it out! take it back to the store, or send the lid into the company. I've got 15 6lb tubs going back to Sam's this weekend.
  2. sometimes my small mouth sealer won't work on Ball jars. sealing with 2 lids works sometimes. The biggest thing that helps is making sure the lids are really hot and soft.
  3. Quote: Possibly re-finance and get lower payments now with the plan to double up so you'll always be ahead? Do you mean pay more each month with your normal payment? If so, I don't think that would work to keep you ahead. With our mortage at least, it doesn't matter how much we paid last month (even if it was a double payment), this month we still owe $1100. They don't take into account that last month we made an extra payment, this months payment is still due.
  4. nice here, gonna be warm all weekend, might hit 70 on monday. Very strange for January
  5. I'd say just about forever. It might go to sugar, but heating it up will save it. I've just been storing extra white sugar and maple flavoring instead, takes up less room that way, the sugar goes in buckets and the little bottles of maple flavoring can be stuck in small spots in the pantry.
  6. it sounds to me like your burning just the wick since the light level is going down so dramatically so quickly. Could you need to soak the wick in the fuel first before lighting? We just burn kerosene in our lamps, so I don't know much about the oils.
  7. Found this the other day. It's basically, an early life story of the web page owners father. Be prepared to sit for awhile and read, read, read.. http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/2107/dadfarm.html
  8. We were baking this weekend for gifts for Christmas, and I stumbled over this recipe on the net. I've never been able to make Oatmeal Cookies, usually they spread out and just sit on the pan. These were so good I had to make 2 more batches to have enough to send out. The dough is really crumby, and the cookies are really ugly. The reason they are ugly is cause you have to pick up a handfull of dough and smash it into some semblance of a ball and then get it on the cookie sheet before it crumbles away. UGLY OATMEAL COOKIES 3/4 c. firmly packed brown sugar 1/2 c. granulated sugar
  9. I make this for Christmas. The kids and I call it peanutbutter candy. But my dad said they useta call it potato candy, cause instead of starting with milk, they started with a half a boiled potato. I put about 4lbs of powdered sugar in a big bowl. Then in a cup or small bowl I put 2 tsp of vanilla and about 4 tbls of milk. I dump that in the middle of the powdered sugar and mix, then add milk slowly till it's all wet, but manageable, like, sugar cookie dough. Then I roll it out on wax paper sprinkled with more powdered sugar till about 1/8 to a 1/4 thick. Spread a layer of peanutbutt
  10. We would pick up transmissions on our baby monitor also. And our van has a seperate speaker system for a tv/vcr and it will pick up CB talk on it sometimes too.
  11. Yup I need to add stuff for Aunt Flo for my 14 DD. I am on the BC shot and don't see Aunt Flo anymore. And thankfully (knock on wood) no one here takes meds everyday.
  12. I've been working on this lately too. I'll post my lists. Daddy 6 protein bars 6 granola bars 3 packs raisins 3 small meals of rice and burger 1 pack of 4 instant oatmeals 2 pairs underwear 2 pairs socks 1 pair pants 1 t-shirt 1 warmer shirt 1 stocking cap Gloves Toilet paper 3 trash bags Flashlight Extra batteries Matches Lighter Mag. fire starter 5 fire starter packs 1 can sterno Hatchet? Ax? Shovel Knife Tarp Handgun Ammo Pot stand for sterno Emerc. Blanket 1 spoon 1 whistle small deck cards Momma 6 protein bars
  13. Christmas eve we'll have before dinner chips and dip for the kids and crab dip and crackers for hubby and I Dinner Baked ham greenbean cassorole corn cassorole mashed potatoes deviled eggs pretzel salad and biscuits I'll make a pudding pie for the kiddos and a pecan pie for hubby and I. Christmas, I'll make pancakes for breakfast after presents, and after that we will just graze on leftovers all day.
  14. Even covering it back and front with packing tape, making sure to cover over the edges, would help.
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