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  1. mamacat


    Little break here for a week then back at it until I complete my class on Nov 14th. Relaxing with coffee and kitties this morning and had to check in and say hello!
  2. Excellent thread... need more preps for my fur babies for certain, I'd be sharing my food with them, not good, it should be the other way around if desperation hits!
  3. mamacat


    Back active soon... have too many classes and dance ops going on right now. Be safe and well all, I've been lurking.
  4. Super stuff for helping offset menopausal symptoms naturally. In addition to the Omega 3's it flax seed contains plant estrogrens.
  5. hence the pillow cases. I have put a seizing cat in a pillow case and tied it down tight, and been able to carry it to the vet without it injuring itself like it would in a cage. Inexpensive ones are more loosely woven and make for better breathing. RIP my beloved Odo... my epileptic cat who stole my heart but died from his frailty... he seizured reguarly and it got to be more than his poor body could stand (years have passed).
  6. Sending healing energy, concern and waves of love.
  7. How many miles do I get for teaching belly dance 6 hours a week?
  8. I make tomato juice in my Champion with very similar results. I also throw cukes in sometimes. Stir some of the pulp back in if you want thicker (like a tomato smoothie).
  9. I have three 5-gallon buckets for BOBs for the cats (one each), Since they can only go with me if I'm on wheels, buckets make sense. Each contains food, bottled water, collapsible bowls, vet wrap (this can also be used to subdue so I have plenty), a pillow case (again, to subdue and carry as needed), twine, activated charcoal, Bach calming remedy for animals, , treats, toys and in the very top of each a cat sized body harness and leash.
  10. That was beautiful. What a tragic death and terrible loss for you. I'm sending you healing energy and wishing you some solace... although, I understand how hard that is to come by in situations like this.
  11. Contrast sights on my G19. Ramen was on sale at Wal-Mart for a few hours for., ..99 cents a TWELVE pack, snagged a bunch of them before they realized the pricing mistake. I don't feel bad about taking advantage of wally world, sorry. Found a large bag of nice worn sheets at a yard sale for a dollar. Stowed away for bandages.
  12. I'm probably fixing to stir up debate here, but deer hunting with a shotgun... man, that's a tough task. Even with a sabbath choke on a 12 gauge, you won't have near the range or kill power of a decent rifle. If you aren't a darn good marksman, all you're going to likely do is hurt your animal, have to chase it down for the kill... and if you haven't ever had adrenalin stressed venison, let me tell you - its nasty.
  13. What Stephanie said. I would encourage you to find someone (they do have classes) to learn to dress your own kills. It'd be more with spending $200 on a class for that then to pay someone to process a single deer, once.
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