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  1. There is also one called Edwardian Farm. Has the same folks as Wartime Farm and Victorian Farm. I really really like those - the 'actors' are actually educated historians (I can't really think of the right word, so historian will have to do), not 'reality' actors.
  2. Grrr - just typed out a long post and the computer ate it! Thanks, CoM for the link - I'll show it to Dh tonight. We went to a trade show yesterday - LOTS of RFID type stuff, kinda weirded me out, even though I understand why some ranchers need it to track their cattle. Not many people there, if you don't count the vendors and college kids.
  3. I have really missed this thread, so I decided to bump it. Let's see.... recently I ... 1) Found out no one in our company (nation-wide) will be getting a raise because AZ's state version of Medicaid is broke (OK, that's oversimplified, but the truth). I wasn't expecting a raise, but it is annoying to find out THAT is the reason. 2) Had to wait almost a month to have Mylar bags shipped, due to demand from the manufacturer. 3) DH is getting hinky feelings and pushing me to buy food, especially anything I will need for canning this coming summer. He would like for me to have 2 years of stock to fall back on. 4) I have been feeling hinky - - probably due to a couple of incidents where we have had trespassers on our property come to the back door before I was aware they are there. I am seriously considering keeping a pistol on me when in the garden this spring/summer.
  4. I grew some Wapasinach (sp) peach tomatoes this year. I really like the flavor of 'Lemon Boy' variety better, but they were OK. Have a peach smell to them and they are a little fuzzy, but a nice sweet tomato. Mine were pretty small,too
  5. thankfully we got about 20% more than we were expecting for the calves. I am canning and dehydrating up a storm, though. Food prices are just scary!! The meat locker here is really busy, too - they are taking appointments now for lste December (although the long wait might be due to deer season).
  6. Please pray for those of us that raise cattle. With the price of feed shooting throught the roof, the market may be flooded with cattle people can't afford to feed. You know what that does for the price. The sale of calves is about the only way we make money from the ranch. They sell today. I'm so thankful that both DH and I have other better-paying jobs, but I shudder to think what this will do for family farms on the edge of financial make-it-or-break-it.
  7. I just cleaned out my Lowes!! Spent quite a bit, but bought enough flats and rings to last a LOONNNNGGG time! I listed prices in my "red flags for an arrived crisis" post. Gonna hit another one tomorrow - I still have cabbage, carrots, pumpkins, and meat to do ... oh, yeah, and green beans, and crabapple jelly and apricot butter and .... sigh.
  8. Had to go to one of the local 'big cities' for training today. While there, I wanted to check out the outlet stores for an upcoming trip with DD. Most were closed. This is a MAJOR outlet area, with a lot of extra construction (turn lanes,etc) dedicated to it. Another strip type mall had MANY empty store fronts. It makes me sad for the taxpayers that are paying for it. On the other hand, thanks to (I think) AmishHomesteader's post, I stopped at Lowe's and cleaned out most of their canning supplies. I spent $170, but I have enough flats and rings for the rest of my life!! I also found PickleCrisp, which I had been looking for since last year and not been able to find. I paid 81c a dozen for standard flats, and 98c (standard) and 1.47 (wide mouth) for ring/flats dozen. That's cheaper than what I usually pay just for flats!!
  9. It's been a long day. I canned 21 quarts of kraut today, then started another 25 # of cabbage fermenting, as well as popping some melon in the dehydrator (it turned out... let's just say I won't do it again); and stacking a pickup-bed load of wood in the garage. We heat with wood, so it's nice to have at least a little in case it gets much chillier. Then off to work for a short 4 hour shift. Tomorrow is a 12 hour shift at the hospital - but I like it so much more than the nursing home that it will go quick. The movie sounds like a blast. Wish it was me!!
  10. Busy, busy... I've juiced a bunch of crabapples for jelly, but am just freezing the juice for now. The dehydrator is filled with peaches, pears, and plums I brought back from my trip to MILs yesterday. I took her up a bunch of produce, and she sent me back with a carload of stuff.... crocks, a hammock, lanterns, and coal shuttles. it is a 4 hour drive, one way, up into the mountains, so it made for a long day. Today, I have another 1.5 hour (one-way) trip to watch the girls' volleyball game. It's close to Cabelas, so I'm hitting there as well (DH left a list!). I need to get working on finishing up the garden as well, just so much to do and so little time! Got the newest issue of Backwoods Home, so I'm taking that for a little light reading at the game. Well, off to hang up some laundry before I head out. The new job is going great, and I am so glad God gave it to me. DH is also interviewing for a new job (same place, just a different job and a move up) on next Wednesday. Lots of changes going on... It never ceases to amaze me how God likes to really work in our lives.
  11. DH is helping the neighbors today (along with DD #2) with chopping corn. Their chopper broke, so they've had to hire a custom crew or risk losing most of their feed for the winter. Custom crews here are quite expensive, so we're trying to help out. I made lunch for about 20 (or 10 regular guys!) of stew and cornbread. The crew really appreciated it - it's pretty cool here today. A couple of the guys said that their mom had packed them lunch (they look so young... like maybe HS, and driving that hugh machinery). Now I'm back at home with DD#3 and trying to work on the garden.... cabbage again - kraut and canned slaw... DD is picking crabapples so I can hopefully make juice tonight and jelly tomorrow. Time is flying by, and still so much work to do. My new job is going great - I start actually working on Monday. Full-time is three 12 hour shifts a week. I'm really excited about it, because I think it will give me more time on the ranch. Once I get back into the swing of things, I may even try to get a milk goat... we'll see. Hope all of you are going well. I'm sure you're crazy busy as well.
  12. Hello, all I am heading off to my second day on the new job. I really think I'm going to like it a lot. Funny, but I think one of the reasons God gave me this job is to help me 'hide' my preps. I think that at my last job I was a little too open, and now I have a fresh start in many ways. Yesterday went well, and was not near as overwhelming as I thought it was going to be. BIL is coming tonight to pick up garden stuff for his family and MIL. Then I can finally start just clear cutting in the garden to finish up. Thiere is still just so much to do: cabbage to turn in to slaw and kraut (and can plain); carrots, beets to make into jelly if there are any left, pumpkins to deal with, melons.... I think the peppers and tomatoes are pretty much done, but I still need to mulch the strawberries and asparagus, plant bulbs, and bring in wood (gotta cut it first - but DH does that) before the snow flies. Last year, I was planting bulbs while it was sleeting! There is still a lot I want to get done before the election as well. Even DH is starting to have his 'hink-o-meter' go off some - and that's really unusual.
  13. Friday when I got home from work, I took the ATV out to all four corners of the ranch and annointed them with tea tree oil and prayed. Tea tree was just the first thing I picked up, and thought it was appropriate for a cleansing. I also realize the oil is symbolic - that there is no special 'magic' in what the land is annointed with, but WHO it is dedicated to. I just prayed what was in my heart. God knows our spirit and inner thoughts - He knew what I meant and desired for my family and property. Since then, things have been more peaceful. Not perfect, since 4 imperfect people live here... but peaceful. Thank all of you for your prayers.
  14. moldy

    Dreary Sunday

    Wow, it's been a busy weekend! Friday, when i got home from work, I took oil and annointed and prayed over all four corners of the ranch. I have felt so much better since. Hard to describe, but there is more peace here. Yesterday, we sorted about half the cows and separated them from the calves. It's time to wean to get ready to send them to the sale barn (which I want to have done before the election). This morning, we did the other half. Which means I'll be listening to bellering cows and crying calves for the next few nights! BIL and SIL visited yesterday and we harvested a gob of sunflowers. The ceiling of my garage is covered with bunches of drying flowers, yarrow, marshmallow, and horehound. I still need to harvest sage, but right now, I don't have a place to put it! I canned 16 quarts of cabbage yesterday, and today I need to finish up some firecracker carrots, watermelon rind pickles, slaw, and more cabbage. Oh, and do something with the tomatoes and peppers I found hiding in the green bushes that are plants yesterday. DH is hauling hay today - it will take about 6 hours or more. I'm also trying to come down with something - wouldnt you know it - since I start my new job on Wednesday!
  15. moldy

    Toe Tapping Tuesday

    Worked day shift. Before leaving home, I saw Mom and Dad off that have been visiting for a week. We filled their car with goodies for everyone back 'home'. Later Dh and I moved wome of our 'eggs'. We try not to leave all our 'eggs' in one 'basket'. One thing that drove the idea home for me was reading "The 900 Days'. It's an old book, hard to find, and pretty boring. It is about the siege of Leningrad during WWII and is very preparedness-minded. These folks had stored most of their flour and sugar in warehouses on the shoreline. It was one of the first areas bombed by the Germans. Later, they dug burnt sugar out of the soil and ate it as candy. Thousands died from starvation, but the story is hard to find, as the Soviet government didn't really want it publicized. Finished the day by canning some tomato sauce and heading to bed early for a 12 hour shift Wednesday starting at 4 am.
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