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  1. The most recent canner I bought was a Mirro 22 quart. I know it's not the Cadillac of canners but it really works well. I couldn't afford another American but I wanted a large one. It does 7 quarts or 20 pints and I love the size. You DO NOT have to fill it but when you take out 20 pints at a time you really feel like you've accomplished something.
  2. You are now hooked BB. Once you can something with meat in it you realize you can really can!!! You will have such fun!!! You go girl!!!
  3. Living in the country, the first thing we'd do is build an outhouse. Don't like them but that wouldn't matter. I have gobs of soaps on hand, shampoo, dish soap, laundry detergent, bar soap and it would be enough for a long time. While we're using it we'd learn how to make other soaps to use when it's gone. I have it all printed in a notebook but have not tried the process and won't until I must. As to lighting sources I have one Alladin lamp, 2 kerosene lamps and candles. I would imagine that by the time we get what work done that must be done we'd be dead tired and would be in bed by dark most of the time. So, again, I have plenty of oil, kerosene and candles to last for a long time. If the world doesn't return to "normal" in a few months my handy notebook will be used again to learn how to make candles, etc. We live where trees are scarce. They would be gone within a short period of time. However, we do have an abundance of grain we store on farm so we'd learn to burn it somehow. We could NOT survive without heat but we could, if we had to, without air conditioning. We have an artesian well that would provide us with water. There are 2 or 3 more right in our area that I'm aware of so water should be one of our lesser problems, other than the hauling of it. We have guns, DS has guns, friends have guns and all have or still do hunt. Where we live guns are pretty much a necessity. They aren't for defending ourselves from other people but hunting, killing sick animals, protecting our livestock from coyotes, woves, wild dogs, etc. So, we're about as ready as we can be. Of course, when/if it does happen I'm sure we'll realize how unready we really are!
  4. I'm so sorry for the whole family Deblyn. You'll be in my thoughts!
  5. It's overcast here this morning but it's supposed to warm up and the sun come out about 11:00. I love that sun! I've got most of my garden in but still have a few things that I hope to get in today. The grass and weeds are beginning so maybe I'll get started on that too before they get up very far. No internet would really be a big withdrawal. Like you LivinSimple, I could give up TV and not care much BUT the internet....I DON'T THINK SO!!!
  6. I like the idea of “instant” food too Keiko but instead of pressuring it all together I do it separately and then mix what we’re in the mood for. For instance I’ll have vegetables (green beans, corn, beats, peas), meats (pork, beef, chicken), potatoes, tomato juice, salsa, tomato sauce all in my pantry in jars. If I’m really in a hurry I’ll grab a jar of meat add a little ketchup, brown sugar, onion and heat it on the stove. While it’s warming up I also have a jar of potatoes opened and browning in a skilled with a little butter. A jar of green beans opened and warming up too and I can have supper ready in 20 mins. If I have a longer period of time I might make vegetable soup with some of the above ingredients. I buy canned chili beans but if we want chili I use the canned beef and tomato juice or salsa I’ve canned. Doctor it up and voila chili in no time. The canned chicken makes wonderful chicken and noodles. Anyway, just a few ideas of “mixing and matching” instead of canning it all in one jar.
  7. Different places I read made it sound like more than a pantry. It's a room for stocking up and then bringing it up to the pantry as needed. Here's what one page said about it. "During a recent house project, I began to contemplate the costs of my membership at the local big box discounter, the warehouser. As most Americans, I had bought into the concept that these large warehouse format retailers were adding value to my bottom line by getting those nasty prices down. During the house project we added a room specifically for handling the overflow of goods created by large purchasing quantities offered at the warehouse retailers. We dubbed the room the ‘Costco Room’. It consists of an extra refrigerator and lots of shelves. It’s sort of our little basement warehouse that feeds the pantry and main refrigerator, which are the kitchen upstairs. The thought of our house functioning as a warehouse led me to all sorts of conclusions about the effects that these warehouse companies supply chains are having on us and in particular our pocketbook" I found it here; Costco Room There's a little more to the article if you want to read it.
  8. When my sister was here from San Francisco last year I brought up the subject of prepping. She had nothing extra on hand. No more than just the little she gets at the grocery store every week or two. I said to her, "Heavens to Betsy woman, the way this world is today and living in earthquake country like you do, you should have at least a months worth of food on hand." She looked at me like I'd grown horns. So when I read your post about Dateline being on Deanne I turned it on. It was the perfect time to bring the subject up again since she's here for a visit. I asked the same question about prepping and her reply was exactly this...."I took your advice and prepped for a month, well, maybe just 2 weeks BUT I have 20 cans of soup and 3 gallons of water." THIS is for she and her husband and grown daughter (if she were to return home). So, we watched Dateline! We discussed it the first few mins. and then she became very quiet. I thought, ok, just keep your mouth shut and let them show her what the possibilities are. When it was over I said to her, "So, that's a frightening scenario isn't it? What do you think now?" Her words exactly??? "Oh dear, I fell asleep, it was so boring." My words to you??? I'm so glad I'm in North Dakota and she's in San Francisco. If the I won't have to either take care of her or watch her starve to death. It's rather tough saying those words but good grief this sister is almost 60 years old and like me, she was taught to think. Where did her powers of thinking go???
  9. Perfection takes time LivinSimple and perfection it will be so just be patient.
  10. I'm so sorry for your loss unikemom.
  11. Good morning everyone. It's a stormy, windy morning here but should straighten up this afternoon. I hope so as the little ones will want to get out and look for eggs. I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee before getting ready for the day. Hope you all have a blessed one.
  12. Happy Easter to everyone at Mrs. S.
  13. Mine is also an upright. I've had 2 other uprights, both frost free and had problems keeping ice cream and softer items frozen. Now, although it's not nearly so convenient, I'll only have ones I have to defrost. With the one I have now it seemed like I really had to make an effort to make sure the door was closed. Finally, as I was defrosting it once I realized there were levelers to adjust. Putting the ones up so it sat a tad lower in back than front the door will slowly close by itself now. Voila, no more problems.
  14. Oh no!!! I would flush myself right down!!!
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