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  1. Arby, I didn't see your post until this morning. I grew up in the LA area but have relatives all over the southern and northern parts of the state. A brother and his family and also cousins, etc. in Southern CA. Another brother and his family in the Sacramento area where my nephew is the Sacramento Co. Sheriff. Then I have a niece with her family in San Francisco and of course, number 1 is our daughter in SF. I moved to Iowa in 1968 (yes I am old) and love it here....except I'm no longer crazy about winter....to be honest, I pretty much hate it! I have made the t
  2. I do! As soon as I saw the title I started humming that darned tune and it will probably be in my mind all day! Have a safe trip!
  3. She's registered so she has a la la name but we'll call her Lucy. We name everything with the letter corresponding with the year and 12 is the letter L. If her calf is a girl we'll call her Lollipop, a boy, I think, will be Lancelot.
  4. DH and I drove 70 miles today to buy a bred Jersey cow. She's to calve on Sept. 15th but we hope NOT to milk her. We're too old to start that again UNLESS things really do get bad and then we'll be glad to have to milk twice a day. I mainly wanted her just in case. What we're planning, if all stays good, is to buy 2 or 3 more calves and let her raise them. Anyway, here's a picture. Isn't she pretty???
  5. I'm headed to CA again in Oct. dogmom4. DD is getting married on the 26th. First we'll go to the L.A. area for my brothers 70th birthday party and then up to Sac. for a couple of days and then on over to S.F. for daughters wedding. I picked our 1st watermelon today. Yum, was it ever good. A little warm though as I brought it in out of the sum and we chomped into it immediately. The rest is cooling for later. NOW it's time to show pictures of what we're pulling out of those gardens after all our hard work this summer. So here is the watermelon. It's just as red and pretty as i
  6. I put them in tossed salads but then I put everything but the kitchen sink in salads.
  7. If food does get scarce in this country, how many of you know anything about foraging? I really don't but I know you can eat cattails, milkweed, etc. which we have lots of with the creek and pond. So, I looked up some recipes on the internet for those 2 things. I don't think I have any interest in it unless I'm hungry and food is scarce but I printed off some recipes "just in case". I know you can eat lily bulbs also but know it has to be certain ones so I need to look that up too. I'm thinking more of winter eating than summer. What else is there we could forage in winter climate
  8. The blurb will give some information about the seed you're looking at and if it's drought resistant it will probably state it. Afterall, they want to tell you all it's good points so you'll buy it!
  9. Great job Jasmine. We've been debt free for over 20 years. It's a wonderful feeling not having bills hanging over our heads anymore and I hope to be able to keep it that way. Keep up the good work.
  10. You will be busy but what fun! Have a great time Mt. Ridger.
  11. Good Morning Everyone Just in from my walk and I was almost chilly. It's 66 but that's 20 degrees cooler than when I've walked for the last couple of weeks. Oh my, is it ever nice though. It's also overcast with a 30% chance of a tenth of an inch of rain. Darn, I should have done a rain dance while I was out there!!! Not a whole lot going on here today. I need to get ready for church before long. I think I'll check on the beets and see if they'll be ready to can tomorrow. DGC will probably be over sometime today. Haven't seen them for a couple of days so one or the other will
  12. 26 packages, 2 in each package, of enchiladas for DH and DS.
  13. Glad you're enjoying your birthday!
  14. I am so sorry Windmom. My prayers and thoughts are with you. ((((Windmom))))
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