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  1. Lisa- I'm so sorry for your loss, and Nana- my thoughts and prayers are with you. as the wife of a cancer survivor, I understand what miracles these brave men are.
  2. I'm so very sorry- my heart hurts for your whole family.
  3. so very sorry- there really are no words- just know my heart is crying a little for your loss.
  4. Thank you! I did have a wonderful day- nothing exciting or out of the ordinary- you know- PERFECT!
  5. well, shoot. between doctor's appointments, guinea pig shows (we missed the last 2 while we were in Houston), a tae kwon do tournament (in Texas this time- not Chattanooga like '08), work, a planned get together with the homestead.org folks (I told Neil he'd have to plan a humdinger to top YOURS, Darlene) and building our house that we want DONE in time for a Halloween Housewarming....don't think it's happening this time besides, after what followed us home after the last time (just checking to see if Trip still reads this stuff... ) , I don't think Ward would take another chance
  6. quick trip home accomplished- and the Grumpy Bear has done an outstanding job of keeping the farm running smoothly. I baked him a loaf of potato bread, and thought the Big Guy was gonna hug the stuffin' outta both Alec and me. 'course, we mighta been huggin' him back just a little bit...
  7. just yesterday, Alec asked me "Mom, what would've we done if Uncle Buck weren't living with us?" I told him the truth- we'd have figured something out, but we're very lucky to have found him. Not sure right now how the whole 'being part of the Dixon Family' thing is working for HIM, tho... Alec said "He's a really good man, isn't he?" yes. yes he is. we're proud to call him Family, and love him truly and deeply. ha. I'm 200 miles away and he can't do anything about this post
  8. Galut did great after surgery. She opted to live outside once she healed, and could boogie up and down the road like she had all 4 legs- with her thick long fur, people had to take double and triple takes to realize she was 3 legged. then Christmas Eve she disappeared. We looked everywhere. our woods, the neighbors' woods, the entire area for a good 1/2 mile all directions (very thickly wooded and she's never been out of sight of 'her' house) She'd been gone 5 days and I'd resigned myself to the probability that she'd gone off to die in a nice sunny spot in the woods- she
  9. Sharon's book "Depletion and Abundance" is also very good. an excellent companion book to these is Barbara Kingsolver's "Animal Vegetable Miracle".
  10. Merry Christmas to my Mrs. S friends- have a wonderful holiday and a blessed new year. we may not be able to control what happens in our lives, but we DO control the grace with which we handle it. ya'll are graceful and strong, and I love ya'll.
  11. Congratulations! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
  12. very pretty- and a Merry Christmas to all my Mrs. S friends
  13. Just wanted to remind ya'll if you were wanting to give either of my books for Christmas gifts, that Blurb suggests ordering before December 1st to assure holiday delivery. and if you haven't voted, please do, and tell everyone you know as well- the competition is getting fierce *~* thanks! we love ya'll http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/839411
  14. hahaha! I saw it was CG8's birthday earlier and thought "we've gotta post something" then got busy... good thing Micki's on the job hope you had a wonderful day!
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