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    Well Ladies - you almost had me going out and getting a goat with all this good talk about them. BUT! Ain't no way now that I found out they eat................ 'your favorite pair of black leather pumps!'
  2. Cathyv


    Can you teach a goat to FETCH ?
  3. Well one question would be which one do you use and how can we get in on it? There are tons of sites online but most are just scams to get your money. Years ago I did the fold and stuff for a local place and that was fun and made money but they are no longer around. Also did a parts thing where the company sent me parts (sometimes pen kits or bags of stuff ) and I put them together and sent them back. That was good money and whenever I got done they would send out more. Again no longer around. Years ago the worst one was a place that sent you fabic kits and you made things like dolls or clowns or tissue boxes to make. But every time I would send in like 25 they said most were not up to standard and only got a check for a few ( I know the work was good ) so I got ripped and I bet they sold all I sent in. So if anyone has something that works and no sign up fee or plan let us know.
  4. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what did the people living next door say when they saw them all running(well flopping maybe) around with their heads off?
  5. OK I guess I have to STOP reading these jokes
  6. Cathyv


    Greetings- you might try this? you are signing in as Safety Lady 2 (with spaces) but your old posts have you as SafetyLady (no space)? could that be it? I know that it makes a differance on some places? Good Luck and glad to see you are back with us one way or another. Michael of A/H
  7. WOW! now that is a eye opener! sad to see that some are family members that were taking care of the sick ones. Thanks for the link-
  8. Thanks waiting for this post- this was really cool! Children will just love it and adults too plus our cat Tobie just loved it!!! Too cute!
  9. * * * *Certificate Update ?* * * * Poor Lori could not sleep last night so she tried again to download the file we needed to get the certificate and after 1 1/2 hours time she had it downloaded and then printed out our certificate !
  10. Thank you Darlene ................ and good night! Lots of hard rain and big winds and hail (marble sized at times) here today some flooding -but not us and the hail did some damage to the gardens but we seem to be OK. Heard it was realy bad down south in the lower part of NY too.
  11. it is easy ........... and FUN! Just look for posts in penny pinching - click on the post and then click on the link in the post. It will take you to a site for the free sample or whatever they are giving away. Fill out your name, address and whatever and then look for the part they want you to hit to send it out to them. Then just wait and in a while you will get it in the mail. **warning** watch out for some as they can start to sent you things once you send in the listing - like when you have to choose a 'free packet' to get your free sample or sign up for a 'free' credit check or card. Even if you had signed up to block junk mail and calls by clicking on any of these you give them the OK to start sending you stuff again. Some things are great and FREE - but like they say not all things are free! Enjoy your new hobby and the free samples will be coming to you every few days!
  12. tried it last wek and couldn't get in and then tonight the same thing? Miss you guys!
  13. now THAT is a garden view 'from the air'!
  14. Thanks- It looks much better then in photo. I may go out looking for more fabric or check my stach as this is so easy to sew. Great Christmas Present for a guy ! I may make a few for the nursing home as all the ones we send now are mostly flower or bright colors?
  15. so like they said come- sit- type a while - enjoy!
  16. OK - here we go ...................... All our Amish friends and other all over the land can it and NOBODY DIED!
  17. OK - so we took the course and passed!
  18. well I made westbrooks recipe and did cut back on the lemon juice(2 T)? but it still was very lemony? will wait until it is chilled a bit to taste and see whats up? this may be a place to use the lemon packets we all got free in the mail? anyway thanks for the recipe you guys.
  19. Lori says...Yes mother! And now we can do all our meats in the pressure canner because someone cared enough about us that we have one now... thanks Darlene!
  20. Michael the Quilter is at it again ! *** this time a easy lap robe. *** * Don't know if I ever saw this somewhere or lazy me just made it up? But it was fun and easy to do. Below are the easy directions for making the lap robe or you can use more fabric and make it any size. I used a cutting wheel but you can cut it out by hand. HERE IS THE FINISHED QUILT OK so if you want to make one (*good one for beginners and it will look like you did a lot of cutting but you didn’t) I made photos of the steps for the center part. * You need to find a piece of fabric with wide stripes on a color background Measure the width of one strip from center of the background to the other center of the background with the strip in the middle (sorry don't know how to say this any better?) But if you look you can see what I mean. This is how you get the look of ‘piecing’ as the blue background makes the borders on the blocks. Next you take the measurement of the strip pieces (width) and use that to make your squares (like the dotted strip on top). Now turn every other one so they look like the ones in the photo and you will start to see the pattern (yours may look different) Now all you have to do is sew each piece in a row together and then sew the rows to gather to get the center of the quilt. The borders are just strips cut what ever you think will work. Find a back, some batting, then tie it (I did each corner) and there you go. I thought this color would be good for a man? It took a little over a yard of the striped material. With borders it is 45 inches square. The center is 36 inches square. And each 'block' was 4 1/2 inches on this quilt. As I said above your blocks might be different size to get the pattern to look woven.
  21. We are reading a children's book (In the Middle of the Night by Philippa Pearce) from England we think and there are a few words that have us puzzled. Can anybody translate? Larder (we think frig) In it was a "joint" that they ate. Sou'wester eiderdown Can anyone help us translate? Maybe some members from England or anyone else who might know meanings.
  22. Sounds good ................ if it was not 2:30 in the morning I would make it now !
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