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  1. Forecasting the weather

    SO I am reading this book on my kindle (The Farm) and in one chapter they are listening to the TV when the weather man comes on and says that a Bad Snow Storm is headed their way with high winds and sleet and freezing rain, something they have never had to deal with before. So they go out and try to shore up all the animal pens and clear away anything that may blow around when it comes. But, as the wind starts to pick up, one Family member stops and looks at the sky just before it hits and says “What IF we were not listening to the weather today? Could we tell by the sky that this was going to happen, because if not we may have lost some of the animals we were depending on for food?” One of the other members of the growing Family asks “what do you mean?” “Well, he says, when the grid goes down and we don’t have the TV or Radio to warn us how would we know that this was coming?” “We would have our back-up radios and might have them on to hear the warnings.” says one member “But when the grid goes down CAN they still be able to use all the things they need to forecast weather conditions?” and the first guys says “That’s what I was thinking maybe one of us should research how the Farmers in the old days used to tell when bad weather was coming.”

    And so THAT got me thinking……………………………….

    Like most of you that have BOB bags with battery operated weather radios just WHO are we going to be listening to when TSHTF anyway? I can tell most of the time what weather is coming by looking around outside or asking the cats (LOL) but I too am starting to do my homework and looking to find ways of forecasting the weather. I already have a few books on it as I love reading about weather, But I am putting the one (little book-the golden guide) in the BOB bags ASAP.

    * Could you tell what was going to be coming your way without the news telling you?
    * Was that your plan also – just use weather radios to know what was happening?
    *does this get you thinking that maybe you need a better plan of attack?



  2. = = this is NOW getting just plain SILLY! = = = =


    came home from work the othe day to find a note "written" on my roll of totel paper from Lor 'thanking me' for putting up the other holder so we don't have 1 on and 1 on sink. SOOOOOOO of cause I had to write back to her on her roll - "your welcome dear XOX"!

    So now we are leaving notes for each other on the first sheet as we pass in the night! :faint3:


    and THAT is what makes it fun to live here together.....................................


    Wait a minute, there are actually men who know how to install a new roll of toilet paper on the holder?!?


    He didn't say he CHANGES it, just that both now have their own rolls.... :happy0203:



    :24: :24: :24:


    Oh come on . . . . .

    so easy to change- I just look at the paper Lori drew that is taped next to the holder with arrows showing me how to do it and how I have to make sure the round thingy is IN the slots the right way so the next person that pulls doesn't end up with the roll on the floor unrolling as it goes to the other side of the room so you can't reach it to use it!

  4. Lori sandwiches are cut square - mine are ALWAYS on a angle. Make it easy to see who's is who's when on the road and I have chicken salad and Lori has egg salad.

    cotton in summer - flannel in winter . . .no problem NOW who gets the most covers? I ALWAYS lose!

    no TV so no problem there LOL but we sometimes read the same book with 2 bookmarks?


    we will not get into food cooking! because I want to stay here. :laughkick:

  5. What makes a good Marriage you might ask?

    Not fighting over the little things in Life would be high up on that list!

    WELL ,here at the Amishway Homestead after years of having an almost totally happy life I (Michael) am calling an end to fighting over the little things. That right friends I am done with it! NO MORE!

    I have just installed a second toilet paper holder in the Bathroom! :thumbs:
    Now She can have her ‘cottenelle soft’ on HER toilet paper holder ! And I can have my ’ Scott 1000 sheets’ on my toilet paper holder! :woohoo:
    of cause MINE is the top one! :laughkick:

    :bouquet:LIFE IS GOOD AGAIN! :bouquet:

  6. OK, I guess I need more info on what they are doing?

    If it is to see how much you can cook/eat from what you have on hand? Well THAT'S easy!

    We cook that way ALL THE TIME. :thumbs:


    And yes IF they shop before they play that is just like the coupon people. They too 'save' up until the TV people are there then buy tons of food that will go bad long before they can use it all up! DUMB!


    Yes we save where we can and eat 'cheap' with deals that save us money and 'time'

    Yes we use coupons whenever but we will not buy something just because it has a coupon.


    We also can tons of food for everyday use but I will not can something we will not eat! And IF we eat pasta once a week then we only need 52 jars of sauce plus a few extra 'just in case' not 100 jars?


  7. still use and LOVE our wringer washer! bought used 15 years ago from a lady that had it forever so we are happy. It runs on electric now but has the pully to hook up to a motor is needed. Also have a few stand along wringer that I have on stands or washtubs when we are "pioneering it".

    Also have that little guy 'wonder washer' that sits on table - man can that guy wash clothes!


    now if you can't find aset of good wringer look in thrift shops etc. for an old mop bucket with the wringers - Just take the top part off and use them. YES I have one of those too. LOL

  8. What's for Supper?

    when for a walk along vegetable garden paths - some tomatoes, 2 ears of corn, a bunch of string beans, 1 big red onion, 3 stalks celery, and something else (I forogt)? - back inside to skin tomatoes and chop up, cut corn off cob, chop up beans and onion. Throw everything in crockpot adding a bit of water. Come home 3 1/2 hours later to a wonder smell? THICK SOUP for Supper after adding herbs and broth.
    Now THATS fresh!

    It was fun to walk and see what I could add to the basket that would all cook together to make something.
    homemade gralic bread to go with it! (yes home made bread and garlic from garden ). :feedme:


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