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  1. Steamed Fish , wraped in tinfoil,like that years ago and it wasn't that bad (back in my other Live!) Anybody old enough to remember the very old days when you could travel from state to state- You put your meat (seasoned) in tinfoil and then put on your engin e block and when you got to the camp site Dinner was ready to eat! also put potoes and onions on the same way but had to stop and take them off so they didn't burn? Can't remember how many miles you had to drive? .... ..... .......
  2. Good Morning – just another Saturday for us with a few things going on? Like 2 Auctions! 1 Big Yard Sale! Also Amish Checking up on the way. Yesterday we went to both Auction Houses to get our numbers, claim our seats and check out what was going up for auction. First off today is a Postage Stamp Auction (along with coins but stamps go first) from 9am – 10:30. Fast checkout and we are off to the next Auction 30 miles away that starts at 10 am but as we know the owner he is holding stuff back we want to bit on until we get there at 10:45 (ish). That Auction should be over around 2 pm and then we race over to a big “Storage Garage Type Units” that is having their Annual “you didn’t pay rent” Sale, 25 miles the other way. We love going to these as they aren’t out to make money, just get what the back rent was due. So things go cheap! Some other people that have units there also open up and have mini garage sales that day as well. And seeing we are getting there at the end WE MAKE DEALS! Then head back home but stopping at Amish Farm as some are leaving to go to PA., then the Amish Lady we worked for at the Greenhouse is back for the day visiting and we were invited to Supper (6pm) with her and family. Finally back home to unpack all the treasures we got and put stamps away (Youth Stamp Club starts back up soon). Flea Market stuff must be marked with prices and put in storage, and anything we get for us must find a home. So you see JUST a normal day for us on a slow Saturday with the Amishway Homesteaders! LOL
  3. Still doing it and so far no side effects.........................
  4. WTHJSMALITM = what the heck just send me a letter in the mail!
  5. When we make things "home-made" we KNOW what went into it! and for me anyway nothing tastes better then when you sit down to a meal and look at your plate and say " I made that!" even the stuff from the gardens taste so much better because "I grew that!" Can't tell you how many times people have told us " why make it at home just go buy some and save time and money." then we give them some bread or noodles or whatever we were talking about. Next thing you know they want the recipe! LOL
  6. ............................ there goes Lori's shelving unit in the pantry! LOL
  7. ................. in a pinch your eyeglasses will work to make a fire. or so I have heard but can't remember if I did it that way as a kids? I did LOTS of things as a kid so maybe I did ? LOL
  8. So I went early to Mondays Auction to see what they had and help put the last few things out. (Always fun to get to see what up before the show starts) when as people started coming of few of us always get into a 'fake' bidding war! Larry are you biding on that wagon because I want it? No but Mike said he was interested in it too. "DARN" Hey did you see all the plant stands? Yup I was hoping to get the plaster one cheap for the Museum! Good Luck with that because 3 guys are here just for that stuff they came sell fast in the city ! "DARN" but then.............................. A guy comes over to me and asks what the box is used for? They all think it might be a chamber pot? But it has a weird cover in side it? Can I take a look-? The Auctioneer also comes over to ask what it is? Well guys it NOT a chamber pot but a fireless cooker! Boss wants me to demo it before the Auction starts and I tell him every time you have something that nobody knows what it is the price goes up! Just let me bid and THEN I will demo it. But NO - they talk me into doing it and then as bid come up the said "according to Michael this is what it is and how it works" So I had to outbid a guy who would never have bid but now that it is a 'fireless Cooker"! Wants it! So I had to outbid him for $20.00 but it is MINE! A small square box with wooden lid that you open (just like a commode) but inside is a metal lid and long sleeve you pull up and out. Inside is a cook pot/lid and when you lift that out there is a metal disk that you put into one of the holes on a woodstove to heat up. The box is heavy (and on wheels) so full of vermiculite (like old ice boxes) and the cover that lifts out has a chamber in the top part that is also filled with it to lock in the heat. How Cool is that! Someone over the years has painted it but I will strip it back to the oak wood before using it. Will try and see if I can take a good picture and post it here?
  9. He,He - I like that one and never heard it before. by the way for those to young to remember science class: H20 = water and H2SO4 = Sulphuric acid ! ouch !
  10. Robie from 1 geek to another: 10 If x is >5 print "Hello" 20 if x is < 5 print "Cool" 30 if x is 0 print "thats not right" 40 x = 4 50 end
  11. ............................... and THAT was the short version! LOL
  12. same here but we use AVG I think......................... so what program did you use to clean it up with? a free one I hope?
  13. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!! I STILL have too much to do 'in the summer months' so don't even start talking about September and Fall! Where did all the days go this year? But I know summer is coming to an end when I get up in the morning and it is still dark out and then need a lamp lite at night because it is too dark out to see what we are doing! I do think all the calendars printed in Chine this year only had 9 months printed on them as this year is going by WAY TO FAST!
  14. here's a thought.................................. instead of taking 'real' food and mixing it up so you can make food on a 3D printer- Why not just EAT TE FOOD! DUH!
  15. I want to make it too! was just getting ready to go out to garden to see what's for Supper tonight - now plans have changed seeing I have everything I need to make this great Dish! Like the way of using 'ribbons' of fresh vegetables.
  16. Also some of the 'frre' books are nothing but crap! you read the part listed on the site and think wow that sound great - AND it is Free! download it and then 'TRY' and find anywhere in it the part that made you want it in the first place. but there still sre some great one out there.................................
  17. Wow! you so hit the nail on the head with that one! Some goes for us.
  18. well........................................... it was way tooo salty! It didn't smell like sauerkaut! fold mold on one of the jars! so OUT they all went! might try again with another 'free' cabbage. and thanks for all the feedback.
  19. I know some 'english' people that bath less often - you can smell them coming! and remember where the list is coming from............................ -Michael- from my solar powered Kindle
  20. YES THEY DO take baths AND showers! Most have a plastic tub that is big enought to sit down in with you legs out straigh (like maybe 4 - 5 feet long). Keep them in the washroom - most also have the wringer washers in that room as they need to heat the water up on stove to get hot water. Most if not to dirty take a sponge bath in washroom and Saturdays are bath night (before Sunday Church) THINK the old days when peope did it that was all the time. So (around here - 'most' do have indoor water at sinks from tanks upstairs that get filled from well with gas engine pumps. now we do have a bathroom with tub / shower in it but sometimes it is still fun to taks a sponge bath where you stand by sink and wash using facecloth and soap. Lori just came out from taking shower by candlelight as this is a 'off weekend' for us so we will not be using much electric all weekend. And by the way seeing people are ALWAYS asking YES THEY ALSO PAY TAXES! and THAT includes School Taxes even if they will NEVER go there. And then they have to pay for their own schools and teachers. have a nice weekend all, and thanks..................................
  21. Had them and gave them away to people we didn't like! here's what I do and it works for me..................... Get a 'bunt' pan (think anglefood cake) and sit you butt in a chair, put it (the pan) on your lap then put the ear of corn point down into the hole. now just holh the top of the ear of corn and run the knife down the sides to cut off corn as it falls into the pan. Dump out as needed and the center part helps hold the corn steady so the knife works better.
  22. ..................... so ........................................ so it sounds like it WAS written by a 6 year old? LOL
  23. LED is the way to go ! Saves batteries and is a brighter light. How do I know this....................... I have way too many flashlights! So many Lori tells people I collect them! BUT Honey - I NEED them! I have every size and shape from handheld to lanterns to stand alone to pocket from tiny to way-to-big! Most are the news LED and from 1 tiny bulb to some that have many bulbs - even a pocket one that has 36! Have them in both car and van (dark in winter time around Amish) in every room of the house, workshop and even carry one in every pair of pants I wear. Can’t tell you how many times we are out and someone says: 'If I only had a flashlight to see better with?' and out my little one comes to light up what they are looking at. I do like the ones that use the AA or AAA batteries - they seem to last long and most time the batteries are cheaper. +++HInt+++ If you are storing flashlights for long term take out the batteries and wrap each in a small piece of papertowel then put them all together in a ziploc baggie and keep with flashlight.
  24. Was the garlic in oil ? Did you rinse it first before using it ?
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