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  1. more ! we want to see more! What else can you do......................................
  2. What can you do when the temperature gets close to 120 degrees outside? * Making breakfast: put a fry pan on roof of your car then break eggs into pan and fry for 2 minutes. Turn over eggs and cook for 2 minutes more. Add bacon to pan with eggs if you like. *Bake potatoes: Wrap in tinfoil and place on windowsill. After 2 hours they are done! You can turn them after 1 hour if you want but be careful as they will be hot. *Doing Laundry: after washing clothes take them outside and hang on clothes line. Start at one end and when you reach the other end of the clothesline go back to the start and take them down; they will be dry and ready for folding. * Washing Hair : After washing your hair “towel dry” and then just go for a walk around your house. When you get back inside your hair will be dry BUT you may have to take a shower again. *Drying Herbs: Go out into your Herb Garden and pick some stems of the plants you want to dry. Hold them in your hand like a bouquet and by the time your get back inside they will all be dry and ready to use.
  3. You are also helping your Guests you have as whenever I get done 'listening' to your radio show I have to go and order and books written by them or ones their talk about! every summer the Local Libraries have a read program and Lyons has one for Adults too. You read a book a week (or more like me) and go in and report it (fill out a sheet) and you get another small prize (pens, reading lights, computer brush, etc.) and also get to sign up and enter the big drawing. This year ALL my books will be prepper books! LOL
  4. Finally have the time to spread out some straw on Garden Paths and here and there under vegetables so off I went to feed store to see what they had (without seed). I could get all I want from Amish but it is full of seed and seeing I am using it to cut down on weeds - not the best deal this year. Anyhoo when I got there they said they were out of barley Straw and not planning on getting any soon. Then as I was leaving they asked if I wanted some NOT baled up but loose from in the trailer they store it in? YES but how much ($) ? Well the guy said IF you help clean it out (the trailer) you can take all you want for FREE! So I went home , got Lori, and back we went with hay folks and big black bags! Filled six 80 gallon bags full of half busted open bales and lots of loose straw and headed home. Took less than 1/2 hour to clean it out so now when they get more it will all fit in. Not a bad Bartering Deal seeing they are now getting $5.00 a bale and we got way over 6 bales worth! Now IF it stops raining we can get out to gardens and spread it around.
  5. There are four wheels and eight men on a fire engine. Four and eight makes 12. There are 12 inches in a ruler. Queen Elizabeth is a ruler. The Queen Elizabeth was a ship. Ships sail in the sea. The sea has fish. Fish have fins. The Finns are always fighting the Russians. Russians are known as "red". Fire engines are always rushin', and that's why they're red. . . . 'nough said :-)
  6. "When everyone on earth was dead and waiting to enter Paradise. God appeared and said. "I want the men to form two lines. One line is for the men who were true heads of their households and the other for the men who feel they were hen pecked and dominated by their women. All ladies are to report to St. Peter." When the women departed, there were two lines of men. The line for the men dominated by their wives was over 100 miles long. Only one man stood in the line of the men who were the heads of their households. God addressed them. "You men should be ashamed of yourselves. I created you to be the heads of your household. You have disobeyed me and not carried out your role of leadership. Out of all you, only one man obeyed. Learn from him!" Then God turned to the one man and asked, "How did you manage to be the only one who got it right and now stand in this line?" The man replied, "My wife told me to stand here!" . . . .Y E S D E A R !
  7. OOOPS! forgot I was doing this? Been doing it every since I said I was going to start and the pain is gone so I forgot about it! LOL still doing it 1 time each day with breakfest (was 2 times for first part) and it's not that bad after first few times - just put into small water glass (water first) and down it goes. Then I drink something else or have a piece of fruit. Hands feel much better and I forgot all about the knee pain I was having before starting? Is it working or am I just getting better anyway? Don't know for sure but I am not stooping seeing this is a cheap, safe and simple way of dealing with pain. Plus with all this soap in my mouth I can swear up a storm! LOL
  8. eatting early vegetables like lettuce, snow peas and radish for a bit now but had first vine ripe tomato the other day in our chicken 'on a stick' stir fry!
  9. She not Rat Terrier ? She TILLER and you just her in the wrong field! Move her to garden area and plant in every hole she digs.
  10. cool! thanks for the update. I missed it this morning as I had to go get ready for school tours at the Local Museum but now I can still hear it when I have time.
  11. hint If you have a problem call them up on the phone. Better then e-mails or nasty letters. AND If you stay calm and tell them what you found and ask if it a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of thing that miss quilty control or something you will get beeter results then yelling into the phone at them. we have gotten muty coupons that way to keep us loyal custemes. Hint If you have a problem call them up on the phone. Better than e-mails or nasty letters. AND If you stay calm and tell them what you found and ask if it a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of thing that miss quality control or something you will get better results then yelling into the phone at them. Just like you would want if you were selling something and 1 in a 100 had a problem you didn't know about. We have gotten multi coupons that way to keep us loyal customers.
  12. OK, so THAT is what it was ? I got that too and spend some time trying to clear it up - but things are fine. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. now that is a longggggggggggggggg list! thanks
  14. so is there another one on wed. morning? same link as before?
  15. guinea pig #2 here - started Sunday doing it and so far I am still here! on the good side.............................. I grew up in the days of washing out your month with soap when someone said bad things like swearing. So far I am able to say 4 swear works without having to do that! %$#&^%! - crap now I only have 3 freebies!
  16. well I saw in the link where it said : earthclin . . . . dies so I had to go look? LOL so where on the list is the part we want to see? it just goes to the main page.
  17. Yes, sorry to say but maybe they DIDN"T have a plan and it took longer to find what they wanted to take with them Or they were both running around grabing this and that and not what was really needed. So that and other things got me thinking. Lives could have been saved?
  18. Here is a site with very good breakdown on why and how it works as well as how much to take: http://www.health-science-spirit.com/borax.htm My one main concern is that I have Diabetes 2 and it is basically a salt? So I am wondering how that plays out? I do maintain it without pills or shots - just good living and the right foods and snacks. (don't ask for the list - it is too long) LOL
  19. ............ I think I need to look into this as I too have aches and pains and hate taking "pills" for it so I just remind myself that I am 62 (bet you) and very busy so that is how it is. Yes, some mornings it is hard to get going so I may start doing this - so how do I tell my mind it is NOT soap? could I put it into caplets to take?
  20. After hearing about all the fires and how people had no time to pack stuff before heading out and what they took and what got left behind in the houses to get destroyed by the fire. So I got thinking about this early this morning……………………………….. What is our exit plan and who is to get what if we had a very short time to bug-out? Mainly thinking where all the stuff is that we will need to get and who will get what? I know that everything is NOT in one place so if we both go get the safe box and then both go get the bob bags will there time to go and get the food and water before we run out of time? So now I am making up a list of what we need to get, where it is and WHO gets what. Then, like the old fire drills, where are we meeting to load up or head out. Do you have a plan or any ideas on this topic?
  21. so...................... did you know or wait to be surprised?
  22. .................... and the same goes for us (what everyone else said) born on the 13th but not a friday LOL
  23. years ago I did a big (outside ) Clown job at a campground (we also camped there that weekend) and after a few hours out in the sun (fully dressed and covered in make-up) even stopping during shows to drink water it still got me again! So after we got back to the site I knew I had to do something so we went swimming in the pool to try and cool off. After eating I Still felt bad so I went swimming again and then back at site tried to lie down and rest but Lori knew I was bad so we went back into the pool. I got so bad during the night we had to leave camp and drive home 50+ miles. BUT I had to do the drinking as it was a stick shift 'clown car' and Lori can't drive stick. So I was me driving (well trying) and her saying go left. . . . go right . . . .stop sign! slow down . . . go faster . . . .right! ALL THE WAY home - I never know how we made it and I have never remembered the drive. Turns out when I thought I was helping myself by swimming I was blocking my sweat glades with the chorrine and without washing it off between swims I was just making things worse! I almost died from it as it took day and days to rehydrate my body again! I did learn as I hate IV needles and will NEVER do that again. IF I had only taken a shower instead – who knew?
  24. ............................... and if you ever had a heat stroke ( I have ) you are more likely to get it again so be very careful! I can NOT take the heat any more like I used too and I also make sure I have things along - just in case. If you know you will be outside in the heat taking something before will help and/or have something ready for when you get back. when I am out in the sun (gardening or working on jobsite or Farmers Market, or flea market, etc.) I drink LOTS of water and also have my gater-aid or other drink / juice ready just in case.
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