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  1. How long will heirloom seeds stay viable if stored properly?
  2. Did a big pantry stock up trip at Sam's. Bought more berry bushes for the property. Bought more canning jars. Got our building cleaned out and ready for the brooder for the influx of 25 meat birds we will be getting in a few days.
  3. Good golly that is a good price! I would have cleaned them out. I really hate how bean prices in my area have gone up.
  4. That is a really good question...Are nut allergies specific to only one kind of nut or are people with peanut allergies also allergic to almonds and walnuts? It depends on the person. It's not all one way for everyone who has a nut allergy. My son is allergic to nuts. If he ingests a regular peanut or peanut butter, he'll break out in hives, turn hot pink, and itch all over. But if he injests a cashew, he'll stop breathing. There are as many different combinations of nut allergies as there are people who have them.
  5. I know you can can beans, but what about refried beans? A friend asked me and I'm thinking it would be best to just can the beans whole and then turn them into refried beans when she opens the jar? Yes/No?
  6. Placed my order for meat chickens today. Also taking all the cooked down veggies used in the most recent batch of veggie broth and will run them through my food processor to puree them all. Then I'll divy that out into small baggies and freeze to add to soups and stews to thincken them up.
  7. Count me in too. I'm trying to thin out household expenses as much as possible while still stocking up. It's a challenge, but a necessary one in these times. We've gotten rid of many of the extras in the food budget - much to my teenagers chagrin. I'm canning and dehydrating more than ever. We have rabbits for meat and will soon have a meat flock as well. I already have an egg laying flock and they definitely earned their keep this winter. Never missed a beat even when the cold and dark set in. We're try to conserve gas as much as we can, though sometimes it can't be avoided.
  8. Thanks for that info! I'm now looking at the white rocks and the bbq special.
  9. I'm actually doing the opposite. I'm getting more birds. A decent sized chicken at the grocery store is about $7 and some change here. I have my flock of egg layers, but I'm fixing to order the frying pan special from McMurray Hatchery. We'll butcher them when they are 8 weeks old so my feed on them will be limited. Other things we are doing? We've cut back on what items are allowed on the grocery list. A lot of the "fun" stuff that everyone wants as far as snacks and drinks is gone. I'm dehydrating and canning a lot more. I'm trying to fit in a case of something from Honeyville ea
  10. I'm wanting to make a 3 sided covered structure to hold meat chickens. Underneath will have places to roost. It will be inside an enclosed run. For the "roof" I was thinking of using that green, wavy plastic awning stuff. But I can't find any! I've checked craigslist and Lowe's website. I've been looking for "plastic awning" but I don't know if it goes by another name. I really need to do this in a cost effective manner. It will be counter productive to raise my own chickens for meat if I spend through the nose for the structure. Does anyone know where I can find that green awning?
  11. I got my seed potatoes and onion sets today. Along with tires (for free from our local tire shop) to plant the potatoes in. Another flat of canning jars. A case each of tomato paste, corn, & mixed veggies. 2 canned hams and 16 cans of tuna. 4 more pound of beans. 4 more lbs. of carrots to can, 5 more bunches of celery and 2 bags of onions for the dehydrator. Some leeks to go in the veggie broth I'm making from all the ends, bits, and bobs of all the veggies being canned & dehydrated. Veggie broth will be canned, hopefully tomorrow or Sunday. 12 lbs of pasta.
  12. Yes, I see it & I feel it too. There is just such a palpable sense of time running out before something big happens.
  13. I buy the old fashioned pop corn and it used to be sold in 5 lb. backs too. It's 4 lbs. now. In my area, sugar went from 5 to 4 lbs a long time ago...like maybe 2 or 3 years ago? Packages here have been shrinking for a while.
  14. Yep, it all sealed up nice and pretty. I think it's fine. So nice to have it done. Now, need to do more...
  15. I'm curious about other's thoughts on what constitutes a bug out situation. Because when you think of it, it is a very big decision with very big consequences. If your bug out location is far from home and assuming the grid is up and you still have a job, it will most likely mean leaving your job. But even if that is not a concern, taking what you need will be at the forefront of your mind. But it also means leaving behind family heirlooms, etc that you can't manage to take with you. If you bug out and leave your home, even securing it as well as you can, when/if you come back there is no
  16. Canned carrots in quart jars today. One of them, if I look underneath the carrots where they're floating, I see little bubbles. Does that mean I didn't get all the air bubbles out of that one? None of the others have it.
  17. 6 quarts of carrots, 4 bunches of celery dehydrated
  18. I've had the dehydrator and canner humming today. Celery dehydrating and carrots in the canner. We're making plans to expand our chicken flock by adding meat birds. I'm fixing to start breeding our meat rabbits hot and heavy too. We're planning on getting our seed potatoes this weekend and I'll start seeds of other things too. We have an out building that already has electricity to it and shelving. We're planning on insulating it, put in a window unit a/c, and use it for our food room. Also have plans to put in two metal trash can root cellars. It's going to be a busy couple of weeks.
  19. I really don't know. I have a hard time gauging it because my few close friends are relatively close-minded and live basically the same way my family does. So I don't really know what my acquaintances are doing. But I highly suspect that they are not preparing. Most of the people who I know at church and other places don't seem concerned about what is coming. They are still spending every weekend shopping at the mall and going to ballgames and just playing like the world is always going to stay the same.
  20. Yes, but I was just curious if it would work. I thought I could put the towel on the bottom and then the rack on top of the jars so I can fit a second layer in.
  21. Oh, cool. I have a recipe for English Muffin Bread. It tastes the same and has the same texture as an english muffin, it's just in bread loaf form. Sooooo good!
  22. I've used a towel in a water bath and know it works out fine, but is there anything wrong with doing it in a pressure canner? I don't think there would be any difference, but figured it doesn't hurt to ask.
  23. Oh my gosh yes!!! I'll never forget that line of the movie, lol.
  24. Gosh, it's been forever since I've joined a chat here on Mrs.S. At least 3 years I think! Is there a topic or is it just meet'n'chat?
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