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  1. I found this methodof making veggie broth and I would like to try it, but I don't want to freeze it like the author did. Safe to process?
  2. Everyone I know just plops their opened vanilla beans right in the vodka bottle. Is there a reason it's better to put it in canning jars?
  3. I've watched a few Youtube videos about the Berkey Light and it seems some think it defeats the purpose because it is made of plastic and the plastic leaches harmful things into the water. So they believe the stainless steel Berkey is the only way to go. Then there is yet another camp that says the Berkeys are highly overpriced and one should simply purchase two of the filters from Berkey and use two food grade buckets with holes drilled and a spicket installed and voila you have your own Berkey form less than half the price. Thoughts? Opinions? Which would you do and why - stainless s
  4. I *love* this. It's perfect. I never used any of the cutesy/pretty skins here anyway. I always used a more...serious one, lol. This one is really nice.
  5. Canned pumpkin vs. pie pumpkins ~ which is the better deal? I've always used canned but I've seen so many here on Mrs. S using the pie pumkins. So which do you prefer and why?
  6. Thanks for this recipe. I love stuff like this.
  7. Yes. It's how I feel and exactly what I needed the other day. Luckily, my son is up and moving now and it doesn't seem like there is going to be any long term problems from that fall. The next few days after it he was hurting and couldn't move around much, but now (thank goodness) he's fine. Twelve year old boys bounce back quick, lol.
  8. Ok, I don't know if this is a glitch that anyone else can see or not, but I wrote my post and now it's gone except for the title. So what I was asking was if I should bring the rosemary in as we are going a little bit below freezing tonight. I am on the line between zones 6 & 7. If this is a repeat post because you can see the first one ~ sorry. But for me and my computer, it disappeared...
  9. Well, luckily after I logged back on after business hours started it was all back to normal. But still, not a fun experience.
  10. I just looked my bank account up online. When I looked at it yesterday, everything was fine. Now they have our paycheck from Friday as going in twice, all of bills as coming out twice and EVERYTHING we have ever done from 10-21-10 back as being overdrawn. I don't know who pushed a wrong button, but geez. We would love to not use banks at all. I don't trust them as far as I can throw them because of things just like this. But the majority of our bills are paid online. And the ones I technically could mail in a money order for...I'm always afraid it will get lost in the mail and since
  11. I have a 12 year old boy who won't stop talking. And if he's not talking he's making sound effects. All. The. Time. Some days it doens't bother as much as others, but sometimes I think I will lose my ever loving mind.
  12. Yes, I wanted to come somewhere where people would understand and not think I was whining. I knew this would be the place. Soft place to fall. :-)
  13. I understand. We left that mindset/way of life several years ago. We live in a tiny house that honestly isn't very pretty but we paid for it in cash. We don't go out and do "nice" or "fancy" things. We stay home, eat simple homemade food, take care of the chickens, raise rabbits for food, homeschool the kids...yeah, people think we're wierd. But we don't care. We've been in suburbia, didn't like it and decided to make a different choice. We'll never go back, we're too far gone, lol.
  14. Thanks for all the encouragement ladies. I really appreciate it - sometimes we all need to hear those types of things. I got all the animal chores done this morning, made a nice breakfast, did a few more chores and then we able to go back to bed and take a long 3 1/2 hour nap. It helped some. I hadn't even thought about taking some time "off." Maybe this week I can squeeze in some time to just go out and roam a bit. It's been a while since I've done that.
  15. I am so tired. Exhausted. I have one child who has a long term illness and so often our life feels like one doctor appointment after another...like a merry go round that doesn't stop. I concentrate on the day at hand and the details thereof and don't let myself get too closely acquainted with the fact that her life is, most likely, permanently altered. It's too much. But I do a pretty good job of holding it all together. But last night, my other child hurt himself. He's my healthy-as-a-horse child. We were at church and he fell onto a concrete floor and from another room I heard him
  16. Actually, where I live it is going to make for a milder winter. At least that's what our weather prognosticators are saying. We had a wicked, crazy winter last year that broke every record our state had set for decades. It was awful. This year's predictions are that La Nina will cause us to have a wet winter - which is our normal anyway - and it will keep away a repeat performance of what we had last year. So I'm happy. :-)
  17. Thank you!!! I never would have found that!
  18. Do we still have the "print function" on posts? I can't fine it! If it's not there I'll have to copy and paste to a blank document.
  19. Yeah, I thought you meant *that* kind of late too!
  20. I must be pretty lucky cause after the initial first hours after the change, I haven't gotten any errors at all. It's been working like a charm.
  21. Oh this makes me so, so, so very angry! I've been angry over this issue for a while now. You have to think, it's not just adults that are going to be forced to go through this machine. It's children. Teenagers. Does anyone want their teenage daughter or son going through a machine that will let some adult see them completely naked? I know that this has started in the airport closest to us. So angry. I'm just going to hush now before I get myself all worked up...
  22. I'll bring peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream.
  23. Yes, I definitley want your recipes! Please share! I must admit, that since he agreed to fully participate we have been enjoying ourselves. Making lots of plans and we went out with our son on Sunday to the shooting range. It's nice to have someone to really share all this with.
  24. Oh my. I was just on another forum and the subject of canning meat came up. There were people over there canning meat in a water bath, canning sausage simply by putting it in a hot jar with some grease and turning it upside down, canning milk.... It was like the twilight zone of canning...
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