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  1. Thanks everyone for the responses so far. I'm paying attention to each and every one. If anyone else has anything to chime in with, go for it!
  2. Grinding my own wheat is one of the things that I have put on the back shelf and not paid attention to in my own preps. Always thought I'd get around to it, but honestly also thought hubby might complain about food made from fresh ground wheat. (He has some funny food issues.) But now he is very serious about wanting us to get a grinder and start this process. So.....where is a good starting point? Red wheat, white wheat....buying a grinder - where to start? I know he wants a hand powered one. I want to use a wheat that will give us the lightest results with food (not too dense or heavy
  3. A small coffee can of seeds? That would be A LOT of seeds! You save that many seeds? WOW!!!
  4. Dh and I have been prepping for several years. He's never had any objections and has gone along with whatever prepping ideas I've had. But he has been a passive member of this prepping team. Basically, I would learn something and tell him about it. I would make a plan and he would say ok and then I would impliment the plan. He stays very busy with work, so I felt like this is the way it had to be. But at the same time, I've always appreciated that he does not object, goes along with things, and sees the value of it. But recently I knew that things had to change. I needed him to be m
  5. I have some wildflower seeds to plant next year and I must admit the intimidate me. I love the look of a "wild" flower garden but I'm afraid that when I try it myself it will look like one big mess.
  6. Soooooo wonderful!!!!! Best news we've had in a long time.
  7. I gather eggs several times a day and they get oyster shell, etc. The pecking problem had seemed to get a bit better, or at least it's not been every day and it got to the point it didn't bug me quite as much. Until today. Went out there this morning and had an egg that had been completely eaten. Gone. Nothing but a tad of goo left. All the others today have been fine. Sigh.
  8. Well, we actually talked about grain and grinding our own flour, etc. She said that that was something she had been wanting to do but had not yet done it. She was thinking of getting a grinder...
  9. Here's a situation I'd like to bounce off of y'all. We moved to our current home a little over a year ago. A few months after moving here, I met a lady at church and found we had some things in common. She's about my age, married for about as long, they have a daughter. She lives way out in the country, they garden, keep chickens, she's plain and simple - not the foofoora type. So I started talking to her and we have forged a friendship. It's nice to just have someone on your wave length to shoot the breeze with. Well, we might have more in common than I thought. Recently we we
  10. My husband and I were out for dinner tonight and I was talking to him about this get together that you host Darlene. And he said he would really like to go next year. (Happy dance) He said that there are lots of things he would like to learn and we really don't have anyone to teach us things - no family on either side, it's literally just us and the kids trying to figure all this out on our own. So who knows, maybe we'll get to come to the next one! :-)
  11. Link: "Midnight grocery runs capture economic desperation"
  12. I was at my husband's company picnic this weekend and I really didn't expect to meet anyone that I have anything even remotely in common with. There was one couple there who if you were going to draw a picture of "sheeple" they would have been it. Hubby had already told me about her and that she generally has her head in the clouds. She brought her fiance and he looked...well like what would stereotypically be called "metrosexual." Leather jacket, slicked back hair, eyes glued to some electric phone type do-dad. And they live in some uber expensive modern highrise smack dab in the middle o
  13. Well, I can't really speak for myself because I'm just mid-30's. But when we had my dad living with us for several years before he passed, I had no idea what in the world I was going to do if the need arose. He had dementia and was very limited physically. And that was all by his late 60's. Any change in his routine would set him off mentally. There was no way I could bug out with him. No. Way. So I guess this question really needs to be asked not only of those getting older but those taking care of older ones as well.
  14. We have done Kombucha before. Let's just say it is a very acquired taste and my family was never able to acquire it. We really did want to because of all the health benefits...but we just couldn't.
  15. What's for dinner? Do tell ~~
  16. Amateur is right. For heavens sake. That article should have been titled: Bulk buying from a sheeple's point of view.
  17. This week we purchased new hutches to expand our rabbitry. I'm planning on purchasing a new buck and two does next weekend. Other than that, I've done things this week that don't cost any $$. I have had *many* articles/recipes online that I have been meaning to print out forever. So I printed and printed and printed. Added quite a bit to my notebooks. It's nice to have that done. I also took my pressure canner to my county extention office today to have it tested. It tested out fine after several years use and it's ready to go for more. I'm hoping to get potatoes and corn cann
  18. I got it from a friend. If it's not safe for canning, that's fine I can use an alternate recipe. But...a few years ago when I was first learning to can, I asked here at Mrs. S if we could can up those end of the week soups that contain leftover as long as there was not pasta, rice, etc in them. And I was told yes (Westie) that it would be fine. And I've been doing it for years. So everything everyone cans goes by certain regulated recipes?
  19. You know, there are good quality ice chests that will keep food cold for upwards of 7 days. They're not the cheapo ones though. But your freezer itself will stay cold a few days, especially if it's got some frozen 2 liter bottles of water it in and it's covered. Then transfer to the ice chests. Don't get rid of your freezer. And learning to can is a great thing. If it's canned, you don't have to worry about a power outage.
  20. Here's what's in it ~ 20 tomatoes, chopped 5 onions, finely chopped (3 red & 3 white) 8 fresh peaches, pitted, peeled & chopped 6 pears, peeled, cored & chopped 1 green pepper, finely chopped 1 red bell pepper, finely chopped 4 jalepenos finely chopped 3 pablanos finely chopped 4 key limes zested 1 bunch cilantro, finely chopped 3 C. white sugar 1 C. white vinegar 2 Tbls. salt ~ and water bath, right?
  21. I'm looking at the small ones on Amazon. You know, the really small ones. A nice big one won't be in the budget for at least a few years. But I figure it will be better than nothing. I found one on Amazon that has good customer reviews, so I might purchase it some time soon.
  22. My grab bag actually contained 27 packs of seeds instead of the 25 its says and then the one extra they tuck in with your reciept. So I got 28 packs with only 2 duplicates. It contained: 2 packs Minnestoa 13 corn Hidatsa shield pole beans Little fingers carrots Perfection savoy drumhead cabbage Georgia southern collards Sweet meat squash Edisto 47 melon Charentais melon Long green improved cucumber Mammoth melting sugar peas Red romaine lettuce Oregano Fennel Finocchio Romanesco Japanese black trifele tomato Hanky red tomato tomato Pruden's purple tomato
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