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  1. We planted seven rows of corn, with what we planted two weeks ago makes 4lbs. Also started thinning the corn today. Planted a pound of blue lake green beans and texas pink eye purple hulls, both were heirloom. Hope to start saving seeds this year. Planted white velvet okra heirloom, cucumbers, several different colors bell pepper plants. Started hoeing out the onions again, this is the first year at this garden spot so have plent of weeds. It was suppose to storm tonight but it went north so I can finish planting everything tomorrow except sweet potato plants, haven't been able to find any here.
  2. DH and I spent today learning to use the planter. We now have our purple hull peas planted. Something that should have taken 30 minutes took us several hours. Probably could have gotten the corn planted, but we had to figure which plate to use. So if it doesn't rain tomorrow we will have corn,squash, cucumbers, tomato, peppers, and green beans planted. My engish peas are blooming, and my potatoes, onions and cabbage are doing good. We planted a new orchard this year 9 out of the 10 trees have leafed out. We also planted 10 blackberry vines, 4 grape vines, and 12 raspberry vines. There are several of the blackberry vines that are questionable.
  3. Everything looks nice. I am planting carrots, beets, lettuce and green beans tomorrow. I love playing in the soil.
  4. I have been away from the site for over a year, been reading the posts for the past several weeks, Its so nice to hear from people who have the same interest that I do. Store bought fertilizer has doubled in price since last year here in Arkansas. I am starting a new garden site this year, we have moved back to our country property after about 13 years in the city. Have always used commercial fertilizer, this will be my first venture using natural. I had chicken litter spread on the site last fall and DH tilled it in. I am going to start a compost pile (never done this before). We had plenty of old hay that I can use, should I get the man tht delivered my chicken litter bring some more so I can mix as I start my compost pile. Asked DH to keep an ear out for anyone with horses that need a place to put manure when they clean out stalls. I know that I will have to use commercial fertilizer this year but I hope that by next year we can do mostly organics. I am also planning on doing cover crops after I harvest. I like the idea of adding back to soil and also to help keep weeds going to seed. Also planning on have a fall garden, we are at the top of zone 8, think I should be able to grow so veggies year round with the help of the greenhouse. This is the first year that DH has really been gun ho about my garden, he only had to go to the grocery store to see the price increase to decide that gardening year round is a very good idea. We are very lucky that we have a tractor and all the attachments to do our garden. I have my onions, cabbage growing nicely. The potatoes and green peas are coming up. I am going to have to replant my lettuce, beets, carrots, got a 3 inch rain the night after I planted and they are not coming up well. If anyone knows any good books on the subject please feel free to suggest titles. Thanking you for your help. Patty
  5. I have a question. How many jars is everyone setting aside to can the items in your freezers????? I have gotten my supply up to 9 doz each of pints and quarts. I am still worrying that this isn't enough.
  6. 5 doz quart jars 5 doz pint jars DH said he would kill two does for me to can next week 3 doz cans green beans 3 doz can corn 3 doz cans green peas 4 doz can purple hull peas 3 doz cans carrots 1 gallon pancake syrup 6 cans cream of celery soup 20 boxes dehyrated potatoes 6# shortning 75# flour 25# rice 2qts salad dressing 12 cans pineapple 12 cans oranges 2 jars applesauce 12 evaporated milk 2 bottles Bar B Q sauce 4 15oz cheese spread Purchased 24 light LED lantern, suppose to run 20 days C and D batteries another flashlight lamp oil
  7. Nana, congrats on the new greenhouse. I have had one for about 10 years, have spent many hours of enjoyment playing in the soil. You will have a blast.
  8. Just to let everyone know fluwikie.com is having a group buy on canned cheese, butter, mre's and various other items. you order from the sight that suppies the products, pay them direct, and they ship to your home. If interested go to fluwikie and look under thread group buy cheese and butter. Everyone is invited to order and tell friends and family.
  9. Puchased this week 75# flour WM had of $2 25# bag 48 boxes Mac n cheese $.18/box 24 cans tomato sauce 20 boxes dehydrated potatoes 10 boxes pop tarts 1 large cereal 20# rice 12 cans manderin oranges 1 large dishwashing detergent l large dishwasher detergent 8 bars soap
  10. Darlene, better late that never, I have my chicken cooked the stock stained and in the refrigerator so I can skim the fat off in the morning and can my chicken soup. I have enough to do 14 qts which is two canners. I canned 14 qts vegetable beef soup yesterday, and getting ready to can extra HB tonight. I am enjoying your canning lessons, it is so much fun canning with everyone. I don't have any friends that can, so this is my only chance to talk "canning" with friends. Thanks again your hard work is appreciated.
  11. Darlene, just curious, where do purchase your mushrooms and what is the cost if you don't mind telling. The only place a have found are in grocery, and they are very expensive. I luvvvvvvvvvvvv mushrooms.
  12. thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. Was listening to news last night about not letting our boys come home when its time and sending them back earlier. My son says that a large number of his friends that are married are getting a divorce because they are never home. On top of all the other problems that this "police action" is causing, it is so sad that so many homes are being destroyed.
  13. My son is back in the Middle East for this third tour. He is in the Air Force and will be there either 6-8 months. We have talked twice on the telephone since he arrived and several times by email. Everything is going okay for now. I am probably in worse shape than he is. Seems unfair to me that they have to keep going back and back and back. His time will be up a couple of months after he arrives back in the states, he is planning on enrolling in college.
  14. I want to add one thing about splenda. One of the Doc's that I work with told me that splenda can make your joints hurt. Just a FYI, if you are eating splenda and having more aches and pains, cut out the splenda for a couple of weeks.
  15. Purchased 8 boxes dehydrated hash browns 2 #10 cans fruit cocktail 2 #10 cans crushed tomatoes 1/2 gallon hand sanitizer 2 large apple sauce Canned 5 qt pear perserves (have alot more to do) Canned 5 qt dark chicken pieces I have been looking for Mandarin oranges in #10 cans, does anyone know who sells them?????? Our Sams does not.
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