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  1. So, have you looked into moving costs yet or do you need another minute?
  2. Our second quote for painting came in even higher 4,118.75🤑 My, my,my, we are so out of touch with prices. We were however in prepper paradise for the last little while, we have been picking Saskatoon berries. And they are FREE! I bagged them up in four cup quantities and have about thirty bags in the freezer. We were out looking at condos in the city, that move would save us a lot of money but neither of us are ready to leave the farm yet. We think we will just stay with the plan to declutter and downsize our STUFF. That way we will be more prepared to move on when we are ready (or not, given our ages and medical issues). It is hard to think about a move when you are enjoying the summer time yard. Not so hard when you are dreading the winter time work, and cold.
  3. Jeepers Grandma, diaper duty and teething, you have to take the good with the bad! 💩😷🤑. So thrilled to hear your wonderful news and surely hope you get lots of time for lovin on him. I think the puppies are going to feel neglected.
  4. My medical bills will be lower than that if we struggle to paint it ourselves!
  5. It sucks to be old! We just had a lady give us an estimate on painting the inside of our home. We supply the paint and move the furniture away from the walls. 😳😳😳😳😳 Are you ready.... I wasn't. $ 3750.00😥😥😥😥 Now what?
  6. Jeepers, cook your bacon in the oven on a cookie sheet. Self cleaning ovens work miracles on bacon residue. I layer serving sizes between wax paper in a Rubbermaid container and drop it in the freezer. If I don't do it this way, dh will cook and EAT the whole pound. There was a time when we had family at home, I would cook up a 25 lb case of bacon.
  7. Yum. Freshly picked is soooooo good. I don't grow them and have to wait until the farmers market on summer Saturday's.
  8. Daelith, the jam sounds so good, and I have some frozen blueberries that need to be used up to make way for fresh. Would you mind sharing your recipe?
  9. Mrssurvival is my "go to" place. Where else would I learn about cellulite shrinking MRIs, coon fishing, reclining 'cause....old, lambs quarter, (I need to google that, wondering if we have it here etc.) book writing, dear pets, fantastic gardens, complete with hard work, great bartering skills......... I am so grateful to share in your lives through MrsS. Thank you. The lawn mower and paint brushes are cutting in to my reading time. A few days left in June for driving the school bus, a visit to my son's, and an anticipated visit from friends, a street sale day in town, wedding, fair day and a couple of rodeos, and garden work may compromise it even more. Stay well friends
  10. I'm next in line for a taste of those lovely berries. We2, I love seeing your pictures; the cherries were drool worthy too.
  11. The exodus was so great, people were driving south in the north bound highway to get away. Of course there were empty gas tanks every where. No power, and the shell plant had exploded. It is so gratifying to see the help given by strangers.
  12. There is also a picture of a young woman taking/riding her horses past the fire. They are safe.
  13. The people coming south now are those that went north earlier in the week. It is an extra hit for them and they are exhausted. Still praying for no lives lost and grateful for the new fire "babies" that have been born.
  14. Mt. R. Our friend's son in law works in Fort McMurray and for awhile my nephew did also. Both are safe at home but Jason has been told to stay home until he is called back to work. The " not knowing" is so emotionally painful for him. I can't imagine the trauma those that have lost everything must be going through. So happy to report there haven't been any lives lost. 80,000 people and the city wiped out. We are currently fighting 10 uncontrolled fires in Saskatchewan and most areas are under "no fire" bans. It is incredibly dry here and it hurts to know that wild life are going to have a rough time. All the sloughs and dug outs are drying up. Praying for rain and relief for the evacuees.
  15. Found out that one of my hens likes attention and will allow you to pet her and pick her up without a fuss. It is a good thing because we have been putting her in a small dog kennel and dragging her around the yard to coax the rooster in. The silly thing seems to enjoy the ride. She just stands in there looking around or contentedly picks away at treats. We have a busy week end coming up. Graduation at our small town school, another exotic sale, dance recital, some lilies and more garden to plant, and maybe I will get to go out for a Mother's Day brunch.
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