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  1. Wow Cat! That's great! I'm sure that's going to be a lot of work. It is so nice of you to go to so much effort for such a great cause! Thanks! Missie
  2. Thanks! I'm bookmarking these sites! Missie
  3. Where are these on-line cookbooks? Or the link? Missie
  4. How do you do this? What does the chart look like? Is it a chart or a list? Do you use a ledger? A notebook? How is it divided? I have so many questions!!
  5. I am seeing more and more stories like these. It seems to me that if the Bird Flu ever hits us most of the action in coping with it will be done on a local level. I think this is very encouraging. I think after Katrina people see that they need to rally together to take care of themselves instead of looking to the federal government to bail them out. Maryland: http://news.mywebpal.com/news_tool_v2.cf...ws&om=1 Alaska: http://www.homernews.com/stories/053106/news_13a001.shtml Missie
  6. Prayers and good luck wishes! Missie
  7. Welcome! I'm fairly new myself. I think you will be quite happy here! Missie
  8. Rant alert! Rant alert! Unbelievable! A few days ago I posted an article here about a Columbus, Ohio neighborhood making plans to deal with bird flu if it hit their area. Today at work I saw that one of my coworkers had hung that article up on the bulletin board in the break room. I was curious as to who the person was who hung it so I thought I would ask around. The first person I asked was my boss. I asked if he put up the bird flu article. He said, "what's that?". I asked him if he meant to tell me he had never heard of the bird flu and he said, "no, why? what is it?" I was just floored!
  9. FURRY


    This is me: Worried! Missie
  10. I agree, Cat. That is why even if I think I have enough (as if that could happen
  11. Wow! You do a fast edit!! Missie
  12. Where's the link? Missie
  13. It's surprising to me how many people don't keep any extra food in their homes. I'm aware of at least three that I know. One is an elderly man. He always eats away from home. I casually asked him once if he didn't have any food at home. He said he has several jugs of ice water in his refrigerator and 4 small cans of peas. That's it! Since then he has given me one of his cans of peas because, he said he only got them because they were on sale and 4 cans was too much. I was exasperated. I tried to get him to keep it. I tried to tell him he needed to keep food at home in case he were to become ill and not be able to get out. I made no headway. Very frustrating! Also, I might add, he is a bachelor with no family nearby. Missie
  14. I have said a prayer for your Mom. I know that even if I don't know you or your mother personally that God is listening and knows who I am praying for. The more prayers the better! Missie (formerly from the middle of the mitten)
  15. I thought the flag idea was interesting. Missie
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