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  1. I didn't know about it, but I didn't buy gas today. I live about 11 miles from town, but have to drive for work. Wonder if it comes down to a STAY HOME FROM WORK day if the .gov will do something about gas prices?
  2. The next major purchase I think we need is a water filtration system. There are so many out there I am confused as to what to buy. What I need is for 2-6 people, something that can treat water out of the pond. I know I should filter it through coffee filters first, but is there something out there that can treat this kind of water? This is the pond in the horse pasture, so it will have alot of biological contaminants. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Looks like a good site. Thanks for the link!
  4. Merry Christmas everyone! Hubby and I just taking it easy here at home, going to grill steaks for lunch in a while. Saw a good thing on Fox about the birth of Jesus. We can't forget that Jesus is the reason for the season.
  5. Hubby saw that on one of his gun sites, and wants to get back into it. We had Amateur class licenses years ago, but let them lapse. Hopefully so many people won't rush out to get licenses and rigs that it will become another CB type form of communication. I think that is why the oldtime hams are so opposed to this.
  6. I have been gone for awhile, work has been so hectic that when I get home, get my chores done, it is all I can do to stare at the boob tube like a zombie. But the good news is that I am changing jobs soon and should have more time. The job I have now has had my stress level maxed out most of this year.
  7. I think you are right on, Mo7. A dense population with poor hygiene would be an ideal breeding ground for a pandemic. We may miss the bird flu this year, but sooner or later, something will come. And, yes, westie, I think if it is very widespread we will go back to 1880's type living, limited travel from rural communities. SHTF for sure, TEOTWAWKI maybe.
  8. I took the evening primrose when I was pre-menopausal, then switched to the black cohash when the real deal hit. Then whe I thought I was done, I quit, and the hot flashes came back. So got more black cohash, and am doing OK. Mom said she had hot flashes into her 70's (she's 85 now). Gee, that's something to look forward to. (not!)
  9. I agree with misty and Vic303, keep the Kimber.
  10. Wow Darlene! The pic and running commentary are great! I fully intended to do this along with you this weekend, but ran out of time. I do have some questions, how tight do you tighten the screws on the canner lid? and is there a danger of the canner boiling dry when you vent it for 10 before you put the weight on? and do you keep the heat on high for the whole 90 min? Thanks!
  11. The soup thing sounds good to me, I haven't gotten to use that new canner yet. Added the ingredients to my shopping list.
  12. I work for a hospital, so I guess when the tent goes up, I'll be putting in some long hours. I am a physical therapist rather than a nurse, but I'm sure they'd find something for me to do.
  13. The "sheeple" wouldn't like it at all, and I think rioting would start in many inner cities and other area where the .gov is the main provider for the families. Hope it never comes to that here. But that's why we prep, isn't it!
  14. Quote: dee they are cool... the earth stretching... I live 30 feet from the san andres fault... how cool is that! I wish we had more, kind of exciting. compare me to a tornado chaser. weeeee! Never did much tornado chasing, but got chased by one once, turned off the highway, came back later and the area we had just left was pretty torn up. 30 feet from the SanAndreas fault, you are really "living on the edge" westie. Sorry, couldn't let that one "slide".
  15. Same thing here in TX, it only has to be registered if you buy it from a dealer. But it would be an excellent idea as goatherder mentioned to have them checked out.
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