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    friends and family, chatting on the phone/ on skype! healthy eating.

    please excuse my typing, I use a voice recognition program (unless I am typing a short message?) it is a great help, but it is not 100% accurate!
  1. Hi! Thanks so much for getting back in touch... I'm British... sorry, I dont always get the lingo (language)! e.g. Prepper... I guess that's a person who is prepared... (for survival)? I haven't come across a prepper shop in U.K. but they may have a different name.. nor a Dollarama, I guess that's American?! :-D (we do have Poundland though!) SleepySnail
  2. Wow! thank you so much for all the replies and the welcomes. I was surprised is to have so many, on such mundane subject! and very pleased. sorry I forgot to post the photos , of the Peg's image which I had found on the Internet. ... just tried to but msg. came up_I'm not allowed to! I still don't know why. clicking on an image of Peg took me to this site but I'm glad it did! I can't find the same link again! Cheers! :-)
  3. I found streams in the desert for February the first really encouraging. I would post it here if I could, although a friend did e-mail it to me, he was in a format , which I could not copy and paste!I I was given the book by another friend, about four years ago.
  4. pegs (I think you call them pins in the States?: I need some new pegs hanging up clothes on my washing line, as I live in windy area! and I need strong ones, I have 1 plastic one which seems to be good.. I looked on Google images, I found a Peg, which looked like mine. I clicked on the picture, underneath was a link to Mrs survival. when I looked at this web site , I found it very interesti. It seems s be just up my street! So I have joined . I’m still looking for strong plastic pegs! I’m in the UK, does anyone know where I can find some pegs (strong plastic ones ?)please??thank you. from sleepy snail .
  5. Wow thank you for the really warm welcome. I feel that I like this group already.
  6. happy birthday from a shy new be! from sleepy snail!
  7. so pleased to have stumbled across this forum/website. I'll tell you how I got here , next time. When I found it I found quite a few of discussions one thing is the interest me so looking forward to getting to know you and reading some more of the discussions. from a sleepy Snail in Norfolk, UK
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