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  1. I have trouble makeing friends.... Finding like minded people is really tough for me. What I mean by Friends are Guys my own age that share my values I only have one friend right know and he is a guy who if it ever even went to the point where he could not get his fast food he would roll over and die!!! Hes a good guy otherwise. My wife??? ummmm lets just say we are working on some issues and she thinks I am wasting money on this stuff.< how cooking at home over eating out is wasting money I will never know.> I am also coming to belive that if the poo does the cha cha cha. Then I am gonna need friend that know what I dont...... sad to say wood and woodcrafting is my weak weak weak points so is my greenthumb. would help this broken down tanker get up and running again!!!!!!!
  2. I Know how you feel my Dad it in rough shape as well. I wish you and yours the best. Hopefully she will get better. My Dad got really really bad once started asking people if he could die. It took a long time but he recovered some so he does not want to go anymore. But it was scary. HOPE your Mom gets better.
  3. Cant find much news on this. I dont have cable. One one story I read was they are planning to shoot more off. Has anyone heard anything more on this seems like it never happend!!!!!! only this Thread is only one I could find!!!! Any new news would be most weekend!!!
  4. I own a 1998 chevy blazer 4x4 that I bought for about $2500 dollars. It runs well I upkeep it very well and it is now got about 200,000 miles on it and show no signs of slowing down. I have converted the back of the truck in to a kind of last ditch last second go get my kids with 10 different routes plan in advance plus 2 sets of clothes for me the three boys and wife. Clothes are a little bit big and are winter Two 5 gal gas cans one 5 gal can of water. and food. $50 dollars in ones hidden in my special area. my gas tank NEVER goes below 3/4 of a tank. plus spare maps, blankets think of getting a extra spare. Tool box. Bowie Knife. matches flashlight batterys. plus my spare rifle a ww2 russian bolt action rifle in a locked hard shell case unloaded. and 100 rounds in a locked container under spare tire. also rifle bolt action is locked in glove compartment. So I feel pretty Ok that is safe. It would take all three to use. and they would have to know exactly where all items are and would have to break three locks and know how to put together my old ww2 rusky rifle. You can buy one at any gun show for 95 bucks and they are very accurate and ammo is super cheap.
  5. Water Storage???? Do you use bleach if so how much???? DO you date water???? HOW often do you rotate?????? I plan on useing two liter bottles and what is best way to clean them or would you just rinse???? In my mind water will be the most important. Also look in to buy a emergancy radio... any ideas.. way way way behind had a little problem to deal with and IT depleted most if not all of my reserves. Mental and resouces. SO rolling up my sleeves...............
  6. She is back in the house. It going slowly and I dont really know what i want. but I do know that I love her and I love my little boy. I am now REALLY REALLY messed up on my plans. I had about $500 saved up and know it is gone. Radiator blew up on my truck. So I right now I need a plan. I have only two weeks of food now. NO water. and I have a very very shaky future ahead. I cant tell what it means to me what all of you have said. I hope that someday I can repay you all. Just a funny side note. I bumped into the guy I cold cocked at walmart last night. We just kind of looked at each other and he took off running. I cant help but laugh even though I wish I had not hit him that night. Guy really doent not know how lucky he is. and HOW luck I am. I am really more at peace I guess life will go on and what does not kill you only makes you stronger. I will not go quietly into the night. I will not surrender with out a fight. and thank you all for holding me up when I could not stand. Rebuilding at ground Zero....... My I be there to help rebuild yours. Nothing else I can say but thank you seems soo little. bye Luke
  7. I want to thank everyone for there kind words. I am very sorry to have put a dark cloud on anyones day. I don't deal very well with this sort of thing. I wish I could have controlled my temper and not hit that man. It scares me that I could have killed him. I dont know what to do now. Prepareing for anythings seems pointless and useless. I just want to fix it. I guess that just what guys do. Thanks to Darlene who I asked to delete this post. I am ashamed of what I posted and would have missed all of your very kind words. Your prayers are very very welcome and needed. I am just Tired. There is a lot more history about my childhood I left out. My mom left me and my Dad when I was six. My older sister has cheated on all three of her husbands. I mean I know guys cheat all the freaking time too. Just seems I have had more than my fair share. Great! Now I am crying in my soup too..... Hoo boooooooy....... Lets end this on a high note.... you gals are great and you are a blessing to those whos lives you touch so thank you all for touching mine. God bless. Dadof3 But what is the deal with women these days.
  8. Well heck dont know why I am even posting this. I guess I just need to vent. Discovered my wife was having an affair last night. She has been doing this for about 3 weeks. I am sick. My first wife cheated on me and then ran off. I raise our two boys until they were about 9 and 11 then they wanted to go live with there mother. We were 19 and 21 when we wed. I was 19. She left when the boys were 2 and 4. Ran off with a guy she worked with. She was up and down for years then she calmed down met someone and got married and was stable for about four year then my boys decided to live with her. I can understand but I must say it hurt very bad. I went without and did the best I could and wam bam they go. My current wife and i have one boy who is three getting ready to turn four. I never wanted this for him or my other two I even talked and talked to my current wife before we got married that I did not want to do that to my kids again it is they who lose. I guess it must be me. I just dont know I am 35 and feel like my world is just gone again. I just wanna go in to a dark room and cry. caught her talking on her cell phone making a booking for a room at a hotel before she left to go out for a girls night out. I waited about a hour called my dad and had him watch my son and went to the hotel and waited sure enough i guessed right and there she was. I got out walk right up behind them. I punched the guy in the back of his neck and then started screaming. I dont even know what i was yelling about. I went home and started packing. about a half hour later my wife called and was crying and saying she was sorry and she wanted to talk and save our marrage and she wanted to come home but wanted to know if I was "safe" to be around. I said the guy deserved what he got and he is lucky I did not really hurt him. I also to her not to come back yet I need to get my things. She started crying and yelling and saying she was sorry. I just kept asking her why?? I called work took the day off and called my dad asked him if my son could spend the night as he did not need to be involved in the right at the moment. I packed a bag and realized I had no where to go. I could go to where i planned to bug out but that is a cabin and it is on land her dad is letting us have. plus i could not get to work or see my son. just about that time she came pulling up and in started screaming what have i done with her son. I told her calmly that he was at my dads just for tonight and this not the place for him. She go insane and Demands i take him to her moms or she is calling the cops on me!!! I told her she could go get him once she calls down and if she spent the night at her moms. So I call my dad telling him to take the boy over to her moms so we wont have any trouble. and we talk she want to work this out I dont know what to do. Right know she and my boy are at her mom while i try to get myself togeher.. HELP HELP anyvice please. sorry about the grammer and spelling and jummbled thought just upset and lost.
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