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  1. Nope, no matter of electric fence will keep a determined bear out. They rob bee trees and pay no attention to the stings, so be warned.
  2. Thank you, I made huckleberry muffins for everyone. Coffee and muffs on the patio this morning.
  3. Hello Dogmom4, It been a rocky, bumpy road for me the past year. I have hubby at home, but he is a stroke survivor and I have little time to surf through my favorite sites. Wishing everyone a bountiful harvest.
  4. If an old gal can add 2 cents worth. DON'T order the canner for her. If she is actually interested, SHE will bring the subject up again. So far, all I can see is your interest and helpfulness pushing her. If her home situation is as it is, step back. She needs to settle the problem between herself and hubby first.
  5. Dear Hazel stone, I pray that you might have a blessed Christmas. In my humble opinion, if I were you, I would create a Christmas peace WITHOUT your hubby or your parents. From what you have written, it comes down to a huge tug of war...with you in the center. This is not what Christmas is about. 1. Although they are your parents, they don't sound particually welcomming or flexable. 2. Ditto with hubby. Stay home and spend time in mass to communicate with your God. If you are interested, spend the time you would in travel, in church.. Be conservative...[read very frugal] with presents, spend time volunteering close to home. Please do not have children. You and hubby do not have a solid base/ concensus/flexability to bring children into your world. Please do not find this harsh and judgemental, I'm a realist.
  6. Congrats on the cow/calf. The best thing to do now is line up a second milking person, in case you are called away in an emergency. Bring then on board now, so she will be used to them in the future. Cows are very funny creatures of habit.
  7. Yes, the above. Hubby's family goes back to Welsh and English kings circa 1200's. Mine,...3 generations back to steerage passage and indentured servitude from Norway. But don't give up!
  8. C4C, GOOD FOR YOU!!!! Now kiss that husband of yours and then get busy with your papers!
  9. Some how, some where, deep inside you, you have to step out of your self and look at your parents as a stranger would. If you were a stranger to them, you would not allow them to use guilt and pressure you into giving them what they want. As irrational and impossible as it sounds, they are not loving you as a daughter, but as a person that helps them satisfy their now childish demands. I have been reading this thread for some time, and am not surprised when you report how cognizant they become when the change of guardianship was announced. I see patterns that help them maintain their 'status quo.' no matter what it takes, or who they hurt in the process to achieve that status. Sometimes our loved ones become people we don't even know. The why, has no satisfactory answer. Your folks are enabling each other, and they see no reason to stop that behavior. You have an upcoming goal in your education that will be a life changing event. Do not let your parents selfishly take that away from you. They should be encouraging you to beat the band, dropping balloons and cheering from the rooftops. As I'm old as your parents, I'm stepping in to say..."GO FOR IT. YOU GO GIRL, YEA FOR C4C, go ripping in there and get that dissertation finished. When you have completed your work, there will be time to revisit all of this, if you wish. Otherwise let the stream take this upset under the bridge and out to sea.
  10. A 57 variety rescue dog that's supposed to be med. sized. HA!
  11. I am doing fine, just busier than the 'one handed wall paper hanger.' Doing the homesteading thing with hubby, grandkids and a puppy that refuses to be trained. Thanks for asking!
  12. Thank you, as I get older I enjoy my birthday more!
  13. Oh, she will be missed. Heaven has a new angel.
  14. I am almost to the point of, if I bring one more thing in the house or barn, I am going to have to hold it in my lap. I have stuffed every available space with 'something' for the upcoming winter. NEVER has my squirrel alarm rang so loud as it has this fall. There are beets, carrots, onions and seed beans still on the vine. Garlic and multplier onions to plant, and then I'm ready. There will always be a 'little bit more' I can do; a little more wood, a bit more cleaning, OR I could clean house, garage, or dry a few more items. Whatever you can do, DO IT!! It may not look like enough, but every bit you put back will help you later. Buy rice and beans. They are filling, a excellent 'fall back'; treasure in your stores. Start eating them now to get your system used to the different sugars and starches. Be pro active. Look for opportunities. Help others. If you have a 'windfall' share. Give thanks for your bounty.
  15. My 89 year old step father fell and broke his hip; then had a left side stroke 4 days later. We, [myself & hubby, brothers [2], do not have the capabilities to care for him at home. He is a difficult, angry, obstinate, uncooperative patient. And those are his good days. It has always been his intention to have his children take care of him. We cannot honor his wishes. He is in the best care center we can afford, he is visited, called and looked after every day to the best of the staff's and our ability. The time is soon coming that he will need to be medicated to control his dementia rages. He simply cannot be a danger to himself, and to the people assisting him. It has been a horrible journey to this point. It is not over. His doctor helped us obtain a guardianship, and he has been declared incompetent. We have a Power of Health, and he did have a Living Will. Life is not always the way a person wants it to be. Everything we do is a decision made by the family with love for him and his condition. So, I guess I am here to say; making decisions for parents is the height of emotional stress.Go through all the possible avenues of care. Document all the decisions, do this yourself. Write it down. We have been told to do this to protect ourselves. I wish this was not necessary. Constantly reassure your parent, that you love him/her them. Somewhere out there, step dad has a daughter. She is an unknown person/problem. Thus the necessary precautions. In North Idaho, step dad's care is $7000 a month. His 'sale of property' money will run out in another 7 months. Huge sigh. We do not have, nor do my brothers have that kind of money. Step fathers care will be changed at that time. That is a bridge t we will cross then. There is much prayer, and much sorrow.
  16. It surely does feel like TSHTF. I have worked so hard in the garden this spring and summer. I have the worst garden in 40 years of gardening. The very late, very wet and cool weather kept the garden from germinating/ and or growing. We have had 2 weeks of warm enough growing weather up to this point. The night temperature was 42 degrees, last night. Big sigh. Realisticly, we have another 3 weeks of growing weather, before the fall rains begin. Triple big sigh. Gotta go soak more beans.
  17. Ohhh, THANK YOU everyone. I had a wonderful day. For some reason when I got up on Monday I was a blushing 16. And then Tuesday morning I was 65. I was astonished that such a thing could happen! Happy Birthday to the people sharing my birth date. Hope you had a great day.
  18. Don't forget beans and rice. Rice cooked and served as a hot cereal. Beans cooked with sausage seasonings, until soft, and then mashed. Form into patties, season again lightly and fry like patty sausage. Good any time of day when you are hungry. Do them with beef and/or chicken seasoning. Cook rice until soft and use the same way. Make patties, fry and them, make gravy. Add veggies, and/or dried reconstituted anything. Hunger will clean up anything gratefully.
  19. Sending hugs and prayers for you and family. Please remember in the grief you feel, rejoice in the Lord and his love. [[[[[[hugs]]]]] Skagit
  20. Kappydell; you know yourself better than anyone else. In the middle of some night, when you wake, start thinking objectively about the points Mother raised. Do the 'good' side and the 'bad' side of every point. If at any time during this introspection you feel a sense of peace come over you, Our Father, is giving you a message. Even if so many things seem right, on the outward appearance of it all, if you feel the relief at the number of 'bad' points, it might be best to pass it by. I have been a widow. I judged myself, by the decisions I had to make under stress. If the majority of them were the 'right' thing to do; then I knew I was capable of making life changing decisions for myself. The land and house seem like a good buy. The amount of land is not overwhelming, but capable of providing you with crops and animals. The condition and money amount of repairs are the big unknown. Good to get your father involved. Don't commit all your money, leave a rainy day fund. Get 3 estimates for any repair, go for it. Having a secure house and land is priceless to your peace of mind.
  21. Go figure! I have "reply" at the bottom of Skagit but when I hit the button there I get your message! I'm tired of this mess!. Pansy

  22. Skagitgal

    The Edge

    Cat, I have been in touch with Pansy, about her Edge problem. In your post #7, she does not have a 'reply" box in the lower right corner. She also cannot access the member list alphabet. We were trying to check her member settings, but neither she or I could click on P and get in. Now Pansy did log in, and was accepted as PansyTwo. I believe she logs in each time she accesses MrsS.; and I just leave myself logged in all the time. She also does not have the acceptance in the lower right bottom that says "you may reply"......her's says 'you may not". Thank for looking this problem over. Skagit...... The internet and computers...
  23. It's been super cloudly today; I can't see Mt. Baker to note if there are steam plumes. This is an almost active volcano. We are 30 miles, 2 mountain ranges and 3 river courses away from Baker. But well within a rock field if it blows. Our swarms have been building for the last 6 months.
  24. With the swarms we are having in the Pacific Northwest, it seems we are living on a restless earth. My volcano, earthquake alarm is ringing A.ND THE BIRDS AND ANIMALS ARE ACTING RESTLESS. This could be an interesting next week.
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