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  1. You and your family are in my prayers. I can only imagine the pain you are feeling. Know that THE LORD JESUS CHRIST knows your pain and helps those who cry out in his name.
  2. George Riley Johnson was an assemblyman to the New York State assembly from Neversink Township New York. He married Lucellia Jane Lamont. They moved to Kellettville in Forest County Pa. in the 1890's where he built what was at one time the largest tannery on the East Coast. He was my great-great grandfather. That's all the further back I have gotten. Family legacy says that he was part Native American. I have not been able to verify that and have not been able to find out anything further back than George Riley. Since he is listed in the who is who of the 23rd Judical district of Pa. you would think I would be able to find more information! Of course I did not know him but his grandson was my grandfather. He was a gentle, very dignified, hard working man with a great sense of humor and I adored him. I would like to find out more about his roots.
  3. I'm looking for: Bundy Coder Emmert Blank Johnson Lamont/Lemont
  4. Dear Father God Yahweh. In the Lord Jesus Christ's name I ask that you be with each and every person on this board during the coming hard times. I plead the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ over our health and our walk with you. I ask that you heal each one of us that has health issues and give us strenght both spiritually and physically as we face what I believe will be heart wrenching,unbearable circumstances. You are our Creator and our Father and our God. We have no one to turn to but YOU and your only begotten son The LORD JESUS CHRIST. Please guide us and lead us through every thought we think, every move we make and every prayer we pray. Please send Your Holy Spirit to minister to us and guide us. Without you we are nothing. Thank you for the privelage of praying to you. As you tell us to in your word, I ask that we be counted worthy to stand before THE SON of Man and that we be counted worthy to escape the things that are coming upon the Earth. In the LORD JESUS CHRIST's name I ask these things. Amen Just for the record, I will not be posting the results of the solar heater I wanted to make. I had a third heart attack and am a little under the weather.
  5. Thank you all for the suggestions. Using homemade solar would help even if just a little. My mom will be eighty in Dec. and I wouldn't want her to have to do anything too strenuous. She had a heart attack about ten months ago but her recovery has been amazing. And of course the aunt I already mentioned needs help also. I can't help much financially but I take them produce from the gardens and help them freeze it if need be and I take them eggs from our chickens. Every little bit helps. Our primary source of heat is wood and we push the heat around the rest of the house with fans. We have a thirty plus year old fisher stove in the family room (paid a dollar a pound for it new). Something equivalent to it would cost a fortune today. I keep a large stockpot full of water on it in the winter but need something for next spring and summer. I also cook on it quite frequently in the winter. Food cooked in a cast iron dutch oven on a wood stove has a special flavor all it own. I grew up in logging camps and most of our meals were cooked on a wood stove. Another reason I wanted to experiment with solar is that there may be times I do not want smoke billowing from the chimney. Thanks again, you people are great.
  6. I wasn't sure whether to place this here or in preps. I decided to put it here since I'm concerned about this winter. If it needs moved, please move it. Maybe these subjects have already been covered and tried. I purchased two outdoors solar lights. They have the prism type globes and cast too many shadows to really be useful. I will purchase ones with the regular smooth glass globes. The bright white outdoor solar lights give off quite a bit more light than the older models did. I intend on bringing them in at night when needed and placing them in pre-mounted brackets. I have kerosene lamps to use when the power is out for one reason or another but kerosene is getting expensive. I had solar outdoor lights several years ago and they gave off light at night even in winter as long as the snow was cleared from the little (solar ?)panel. I have searched the internet and found instructions for making a solar heater out of pop cans. Pop cans, aluminum foil, two by fours, an old door for the bottom and some flat black paint and a sheet of glass (old windows) are the type of experiment I can afford. I have a seventy seven year old aunt who lives in my grandparents house that has already received a letter from the gas company that her gas bill on the budget will be over two hundred dollars a month. If I cold make this work, it sure would help her. I have found instructions for solar cookers and ovens. Have any of you tried making and using them? If so what are your sugestions and comments? I have also found instrctions for making a solar water heater. Have any of you tried or thought of and decided against making one? If these homemade devices could be used even part time it would help with the cost of utilities. These are just ideas I am churning around in my head while waiting for the canners to get done. I would like to try some when the harvest season is over. Any ideas or previous experience suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, gimmeaminute
  7. while we're on the subject of canning beans, has anyone tried canning baked beans with turkey bacon? I've been wanting to and just haven't worked up the nerve.
  8. Your absolutely right, those jars of canned food are beautiful. I admire mine a lot. Those jars mean my husband, children, in-law-children and grandbabies and elderly mother will eat even if food prices get so high we can't afford to buy it.
  9. I can two kinds of meat balls, regular meatballs for spaghetti or whatever and large spicy meatballs. I use the spicy meatballs for meatball subs and for slicing as a topping for pizza. I also can meatball stew and beef stew. I like to thicken the beef stew with gravy and use it for filling in baked acorn squash topped with cheese when the squash is done. Canned chicken soup is good served over baking powder biscuits or baked over the biscuits and topped with a thin layer of cheese.
  10. I use canned turkey and/or chicken to make "chicken salad" for sandwiches by adding chopped onion, celery and relish and mayo. When i make the sandwiches I lay lettuce leaves on the bread or toast. We like hot chicken sandwiches with mashed potatoes and lots of gravy. The same for beef. I make a sauce to serve over noodles by combining a can of cr. of celery soup and a can of cr. of chicken soup, a little onion, a little garlic, salt and pepper and a pint of canned beef with a can of water and simmering for an hour or to taste.
  11. Hi All, I'm back. I was really sorry to read of all that happened in my absence. I'm adding my prayers to all of yours for our family members. I've been through the mill the last month and a half. Four times in the hospital, almost a foot of flexible stents in my right leg (the main artery had collapsed), a stent in my abdomen, stress test, heart cath, echo cardiogram, on and on, but I'm doing much better. I'm walking more slowly but I'm walking and almost free of pain. That sure feels good. We had a low hatch rate on the chicks this time. Only fourteen but they are the cutest little things. Our oldest son and his buddy spent Sunday a few weeks ago putting the garden in for us. I've gotta tell you, that made my weekend. Those two energetic young guys rototilled and planted the whole thing in just an afternoon. I couldn't have done it this year. The garden is doing fine. Love to you all and thanks again for the prayers.
  12. Hi, I'm scheduled for surgery on May 16. I don't know if they will do both legs or one at another time. The Dr. gave me a perscription for pain pills and they are taking the edge off the pain enough that I can handle it. Amazing how lazy I have become. I just went through this last fall. On the brighter side, I'm still here, I have been blessed with a great husband and children and in-law-children and grandchildren and my beloved mother and mother-in-law are both still alive (80) and Father God has everything under control. It doesn't get much better. Thanks, guys, for the prayers.
  13. Thank you all for your prayers and concern. The soonest I could get an appointment with the surgeon is May first. I will find out (hopefully) then what will happen. None too soon for me. My feet are so swelled from lack of oxygen I can't wear shoes and I'm getting big sore cracks on the heels and sides of my feet. Oh well enough of the symptoms. Since I can't walk any distance at all I can't leave the house to do anythig and I hate myself when I get to feeling sorry for myself so I try to keep busy. So I've been canning. I had an Italian turkey sausage spice packet in the cupboard and the local Quality had ground turkey on sale. So I bought 12 pounds of turkey to use with the Italian turkey sausage mix, made meatballs and canned them in watered down tomato soup. Believe it or not they are good. One thing nice about canning, I can plop my body in a chair a good share of the time and don't have to be constantly on my feet. I also bought ten pounds of hamburg and diced celery and onions up and mixed it with the browned hamburg and canned 14 pints of hamburg. I also canned five pints of regular beef meatballs flavored with onion soup mix. I can't be outside working like I want but I can still do something useful. GOD is good. He gave us bodies that can still function through ALMOST anything and some (a few maybe in my case) brains uptop. Believe me I didn't do all that at one time or in one day. It's not really all that much but it kept me busy. Thanks again for the prayers and concern and I'm praying for all of you too, especially Darlene she needs our prayers for protection.
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